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Do you know why your hair is not good? Have a look at these bad habits of shampoo

Many younger sister papers always complain about the poor quality of their hair, and they wash their hair very diligently every day. Why can't they make it better? In fact, you have done a lot of little details wrong, so the more you wash your hair, the worse it will be. Do you know what details should be paid attention to when you wash your hair? Come and have a look with the little editor!

First of all, you can't put shampoo on your hair as soon as it's wet. A lot of people use shampoo immediately after their hair gets wet, but they can't clean their hair. The correct way is to wash the shampoo with warm water for more than one minute before removing some dirt, and then use the shampoo. Also can't wash directly without combing, scalp is very important for hair. Before shampooing, first use a wet comb to make the dirt and dust attached to the scalp float on the surface, so as to wash the scalp and hair at the same time. To avoid injury to the scalp, it is recommended to use a comb with wide teeth seam and round hair.

A good shampoo habit will help you develop beautiful hair

Don't scratch your scalp with your nails when washing your hair. Nails are a place where your body hides a lot of bacteria, but many people like to keep long nails for use when washing your hair. It's easy to scratch your scalp and cause infection. When washing hair, it's best to use the method of traditional Chinese medicine massage. Slowly washing your hair can keep you healthy. If you often scratch your scalp with your fingernails, it will damage your fragile hair follicles and cause serious hair loss, even baldness!

Wrong use of conditioner will damage the scalp

Many hairdressers will tell you not to apply conditioner to the root of the hair for a reason. Because the hair follicle is opened during shampoo and conditioner is applied on the hair root, the chemicals in it are easy to penetrate and block the hair follicle, which is easy to cause hair loss. It is recommended to straighten the hair first, smear the hair tip along the ear to the hair tip, and make sure that the conditioner does not touch the scalp. Many people are concerned about hair care. Some people mistakenly think that leaving some conditioner on the hair may protect the hair. In fact, the residual conditioner is easy to mix with dust to adhere to the scalp, block hair follicles and cause inflammation. So the shampoo on the head must be cleaned.

Sleeping with wet hair is harmful to hair health!

Do you think that after taking a bath at night and going to bed, your hair will become messy the next morning? This is because you can't go to bed just after washing your hair! Can't you go to sleep after washing your hair? In fact, at this time, the hair scales are open, so the hair is delicate and can't bear friction. If you sleep with your hair half wet and half dry, it will thin the cuticle and make your hair dry. So it's better to wash your hair when you get up in the morning, so the effect will be better.

You know what? Hair also needs sun protection!

Try not to go out immediately after washing your head, and protect your hair from the sun. Some studies have shown that the UV damage to your hair is more than twice as serious as that on your face! UV will make your hair scales thinner and peeled off. When you go out immediately after washing your head, it will easily lead to hair breakage and bifurcation. If you go out, you'd better hold an umbrella or wear a hat to prevent ultraviolet rays. Now there are hair sunscreen products on the market. If you want to go out after washing your head and are afraid of damage to your hair, you can choose to put on sunscreen and go out again!