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Attention! Don't let bad eye liner damage your electric eye.

Do you know that many sister paper can't cause eye infections because they can't use eyeliner products. In fact, eyeliner is not difficult to draw, but the important thing is skill and eye protection consciousness. You look in the mirror, do you have a dark mark on your eyelids? Is your eye white more and more cloudy? This is the pigmentation that has been painted for long time without clear and clean.

If you want Eyeliner products to protect your eyes, you should first choose a good eye makeup product. Poor quality Eyeliner products usually exceed the standard of heavy metals. Long-term use will not only cause eye skin poisoning, but also cause eyelashes to fall, which will cause great harm. You can rest assured that you can choose the big brand products with guaranteed quality, because the big brands have strict quality supervision, so you don't need to worry about the eye irritation caused by too many chemicals.

Proper preservation is also important

Eyeliner or eyeliner has a lid. Remember not to expose the tip of the pen to the air. If it is eye liner, every time after use, the eyeliner brush should be cleaned. The dirty eye liner paste is easy to breed bacteria on the brush head. Try Shu Mu Su Qing brush cleaner or Make Up For Ever brush cleaner. It can disinfect, protect and nurse the brush, and make it softer and smoother after use. It is not suitable for wet bathrooms to place eyeliner, so put them in a waterproof cosmetic bag or living room dresser.

Be careful of rough Eyeliner friction to hurt the cornea!

The rough lines of the eyeliner are indeed soft and suitable for making smoky eye makeup. But if the refill is about to retract into the wooden pen, don't be lazy any more. It may also cause allergies and rub against your cornea and eyelids. Sharpen the eyeliner, then gently rub the tip of the pen on the paper towel to make the pen tip rounded. If you accidentally rub the eyelids, also remember not to directly rub the eyes with your hands, wash your hands and then contact the eyes, be careful of bacterial infection!

Avoid applying make-up products on inner eyelid mucosa

Do not draw Eyeliner on the mucous membrane of the inner eyelid. Many eye makeup tutorials, especially the Japanese eye makeup tutorial, require people to lift their upper eyelids and depict coarse black inner eyelids near the mucosa to achieve the effect of natural big eyes. Such a painting is very violent. First, do not say that it is very unhealthy and dangerous to use the eyeliner to pick up the eyeball. How can you draw a good eye liner without tears? It's really irresponsible for your eyes. In fact, the inner Eyeliner should be in the root of eyelash, and there is still a little distance from the inner eyelid, so long as it does not exceed the range of the eyelash.