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Christmas greetings for students

Christmas greetings to my classmates: this Christmas Eve, I don't want grand dinner, colorful dishes, bright stars, gorgeous clothes, romantic candlelight, as long as you are safe. Dear friend, I wish you a peaceful and healthy life. Helpless, always think of your eyes, gentle and firm, like the lake in spring. When tired, always think of your shoulder, generous and warm, like the harbor of berthing a boat. You are the attachment of my life, your peace is my greatest wish. Christmas Eve candle light is full of warmth, Christmas Eve bells ring auspicious, Christmas Eve carols are particularly beautiful, Christmas Eve prayer is the most sincere. Christmas Eve is coming. On a happy night, I send my blessing to you. I wish you peace and happiness, happiness! Candlelight flickering happiness, bright moon falling peace, auspicious snow brings good luck, bell brings good luck, SMS gives you blessing, greetings warm your heart. Christmas Eve, I wish you happiness and peace, enjoy a happy life! Have you not received the gift yet? Then go to bed! Your belching scares Santa. Love is snow, love is flower, turn into snowflake float your home, bell ring, deer run, bring my heart to you, Christmas Eve, carnival night, you have me to be wonderful! Jingle bells, a big box of good luck, Santa Claus to send peace, happiness to go everywhere. When the bell rings, I'm your... Don't be wrong, it's not the wedding bell, it's the Christmas bell, and I'm the one you owe the gift! Christmas Eve! Countless stars light up, write down your name in the sky, when the snowflakes fall, I can send you my missing and blessing! Why are you still here.. Do you know how important you are? Without you, who's pulling Santa to give presents to everyone! Ha ha, Merry Christmas! Sunlight flows from your fingers and snowflakes fall with the bell. Christmas bells ring, blessing thoughts float far away & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; cherish all you have. Stars across the night, leaving a wonderful moment, candlelight to illuminate the night, store a happy moment, blessing is on this night, release happiness unlimited, Christmas Eve, hands together, pray for you, may peace accompany you, wish you around. Make a letter with white snowflakes, write down sincere thoughts, paste happy stamps, put them into the envelope of good luck, seal with success, please send them to you on Christmas Eve, wish you good luck, peace and success! Snowflakes flutter, happy shake, happy time auspicious come; fireworks, stars brilliant, wonderful life infinite; SMS, wish you good luck, health and safety. Christmas Eve, happiness in the heart, blessing in the fingertips, luck often accompanied by warm SMS! Shh, don't make a sound. Santa is in your room. You should send all the gifts. This message is a gift list. There are happiness, health, happiness and auspiciousness. Please prepare a big sock to hang on the wall. I hope you can harvest sticks. Love is snow, love is flower, turn into snowflake float your home, bell ring, deer run, bring my heart to you, Christmas Eve, carnival night, you have me to be wonderful! Christmas night warm atmosphere: halo, bells, lights and my little blessing; convey the festival's message: holy, harmonious, safe, happy! Christmas Eve, bless you! My friend, Wen Qing Ping An! Happy, I share with you; unhappy, I share with you! I want to put my hand in your hand, let you lead me into the Church of Christmas, the two of us Christmas. Because there is a rose, there is a beautiful love, because there is a blue sky, there is a human dream, because you make me waste a dime of information fee, Merry Christmas. With the arrival of Christmas The air is filled with joy. Just like my mood, let me sing a hymn tonight and pray that tomorrow will be better. Special recommendation: (a complete collection of friends' greetings)