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SMS to girlfriend and lover at Christmas

SMS to my girlfriend and lover at Christmas: it's so beautiful to think of you. It's so beautiful to stuff Xinjiang's roast lamb leg. Miss you, although fat, but in my heart has weight. Happy Christmas! It was late at night, the birds were asleep, and the mosquitoes came out and moved. Miss you, hope you, tonight doomed to insomnia. Dream lost, soul led, you steal the heart to Christmas, how do you not return it? Christmas Eve, peace, if tonight's peaceful melody flows through your dream, it's my dream to cross the mountains again & hellip; have a good dream tonight, in the dream, let me accompany you to spend a happy Christmas. Send you a Christmas tree full of gifts, the biggest and brightest on the top is my heart, the bottom is my infatuation, and the ribbon is wrapped with my unchanging heart. Merry Christmas! In this white season, full of my short blessings. With a purple belt of luck to meet the future of a better day. King Lin's smile in the earth's peace and kindness sky. Like a happy angel left in the sky. On this special day, may happiness, happiness, happiness, flowers and all the best wishes be with you. Merry Christmas! I will shoot into your heart with a little arrow of love at Christmas, and you will become my prisoner. I have decided to sentence you to life imprisonment and keep it in my heart forever without bail. Every Christmas with me. I am a little vulgar, a little strange, a little boring and lovely! A little lazy, a little bad, a little clever and rogue! If you say that you are a rascal, you will fall in love! If you want to love me, love me at Christmas. Perhaps years will fade the past, perhaps space will be isolated from each other. But what is worth cherishing is still intimate friendship. I want to say to you again: happy Christmas. If Santa Claus asked me to only ask for a gift, I would say to him: 'a person who is reading this short message will be my gift and accompany me from generation to generation.' ". Confucius said: throw it into the backyard. Since then, Westerners believe that the saint's egg comes from the sky, and it is called Christmas. This day is called Christmas. No matter where, thousands of miles or thousands of miles, no matter when, 10 years or 100 years, I miss you deeply and love you. Although I deny the existence of all gods, I will always believe in you, the new God! So I'm the first to wish you a happy Christmas! If Santa Claus gives me a chance, I will say to you: Merry Christmas! We must add a time limit to the happiness. I hope it is: 10000 years! Do you know where Santa Claus is? He stole my heart. Is it for you? If it is, you should keep it well, it is true. Sunlight flows through the fingers and snowflakes fall with the bell. Christmas bell rings, blessing heart like beating candlelight, melting every bit of snow falling on you, let friendship warm this cold Christmas! People should do three things every day: the first is to laugh (^_ ^); the second is a smile (^ o ^); the third is a laugh (^ o ^); I believe you will have a happy day * ^ o ^ * Merry Christmas! Happy every day! I want to become a tree, a Christmas tree only for you, the biggest and brightest star on the top is my heart, below is my love, wrapped in the ribbon is my infatuation. One day I polished Aladdin's lamp, and the God of the lamp said: I will satisfy you with a wish. I said: Please wish those who are reading SMS a happy Christmas! After a year of wind and rain, we welcome this Christmas night again. This moment is a time to share happiness; a time to miss your friends; a time to wish and care; a time to hope and dream come true & hellip; merry Christmas! According to the CIA, there is a pair of dull eyes in the direction of 12 o'clock on the mobile phone & hellip; … Hey! Pig head! You are under my gaze! Please add more clothes in this cold day! I wish you a merry Christmas! Listen, this Christmas, I plant a Christmas tree in your heart ahead of time. The seed is safe, the bud is hope, the trunk is healthy, the leaves are happy, the branches are auspicious. I wish you good air every day and wear them It is pure cotton silk, eating and drinking are pure green, life is close to nature. Don't forget, I wish you a merry Christmas!