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Blessing for teachers on Mid Autumn Festival

blessing words for the teacher on the Mid Autumn Festival: the 15th moon is full, the mid autumn osmanthus is fragrant, and the wanderer away from home is homesick; Chang'e regrets running to the moon, the rabbit is busy making medicine, and the thoughts of reading home are like spring river; the greeting words are short, the blessing voice is long, and the person away from home is willing to be happy and healthy! The rising of the moon is my concern, the falling of the moon is my concern, the surplus of the moon is my concern, the loss of the moon is my missing, the bud of the moon is my sincerity, the bend of the moon is my smile, and the full moon is my deep blessing. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Message board blessing message for Mid Autumn Festival: on August 15, with this message, you can get one moon cake for free at Guanghan fairy palace in Jiutian. The quantity is limited. You can get it quickly. Note: the round trip expenses shall be settled by yourself and shall not be reimbursed. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The moon is getting more and more round, the Mid Autumn Festival is getting closer and closer, the holidays are more and more expected, and the work is getting slower and slower. Go to work before mid autumn festival, suffering as overtime, about to break through the darkness before dawn, I wish you success in advance! The Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and a moon cake is presented. Ingredients: five grams of happy dates, a handful of caring rice, three coins of friendship water, tied with humor, delivered by mobile phone; shelf life: before August 15 of the lunar calendar, the mid autumn moon is round, and the moon cake is sweet and sweet. Safe stuffing, happy skin, RMB box, platinum rope. Give blessing as express delivery, with a business card is reunion. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! When does your wife have it? Ask Qingtian about the wine. I don't know when the moon will grow old. I want to be a bachelor, but I'm afraid my mother will blame my father. Who passed on the fragrance and fire, dancing to make clear the shadow? How could it be in the world? It's a romantic event. The moon of the Mid Autumn Festival hangs quietly outside the window. I look at it as if it is a mirror, you and I are looking at each other. When is the moon? Ask Qingtian about the cake. I don't know what's in the cake. Today is lotus seed. If you taste it, you will be full of happiness! National Day blessing language: the moon is round, the moon is bright, raise your head to look at the moon and think of your hometown. The autumn leaves are yellow, the autumn wind is cool, and the earth is fragrant with autumn fruits. Strong love, fragrance, a warm greetings. The moon cake is sweet, fragrant, round and auspicious. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! When the Mid Autumn Festival comes, good luck shines. Osmanthus fragrance, bright moon. Happy flowers and a happy moon. About dusk, the moon hanging willow. Beautiful autumn, good luck. One message, please keep it. Happy holidays, step up! A trace of sincerity is better than a thousand liang of gold. A trace of warmth can reach thousands of miles of frost. A warm and sweet message can send me all kinds of feelings. The weather has become so fast that the cold wind comes quietly. At night, the blanket should be covered. Don't freeze your feet. Don't talk about your bones. That can supplement calcium. Don't scold me for being bad. Have a happy mid autumn festival. When the pleasant bell rings again, I realize that the warm season of autumn has arrived. At this moment, anything can be forgotten, but what can't be forgotten is to say to friends: you are happy, I am happy! A full moon in Mid Autumn Festival is accompanied by a family reunion! When the moon is shining all over the earth, it's my wish. No matter where I stand at the moment, I deeply wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and family reunion! Mid autumn full moon people round! I wish you and your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters a happy family, eat well, eat well, like Wuxi Dafu! Bringing the moon in the sky, round Mid Autumn Festival. The pulse of stars and rivers is sparse, and the style meets the good season. Each moon cake is fragrant, and each piece of Osmanthus is fragrant. According to miss to, far away blessing sentence: sweet day beauty, thick happiness with. Friends, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The bright moon is 15 yuan in the sky. I think of my family in Hailun. Mid Autumn Festival reunion, people in the ocean oil production busy. The two places worship the moon and pray for the well-being of their relatives. Until the next round of the moon, back to the land to get together more beautiful. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and a round trip home. The mid autumn moon is round, and I sincerely wish you a 'round': the moon cake is round and sweet, and your heart is sweet; the good luck 'round' comes, and your life is more wonderful; the life is blessed 'fate', and the days are sweet; the people are reunited twice a month, and the moon is full of happiness; the happiness' round 'spring is often accompanied, and the family is safe, and the beautiful mood every day. Look at the moon in the sky, the full moon dream is not round. The end of the earth is full of love and tears. The Mid Autumn Festival has no good season, and they complain about it. Hearing the sound and remembering the memory of one's family, thousands of miles lead one's love. Jade rabbit, Chang'e, osmanthus; whitening, beautiful, fragrant. Moon, breeze, 15; Acacia, reunion, wish. The tide of the autumn river is even with the sea, and the moon and the moon are in full bloom. We wish you a happy reunion. Wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and a beautiful life! In the Mid Autumn Festival, the flowers are more fragrant and the moon is more beautiful; the whole country celebrates the festival with a blessing; every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year, every year. I wish you good health! Sweet cakes, sweet cakes, wish you a sweeter heart, a beautiful night, a beautiful smile, a happy month, family reunion, a happy life, good luck with everything, friends, Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you a happy and sweet life! Family is the sun, friends are the moon. Bask in the 'sun', live a healthy life, look at the 'moon', feel comfortable. Mid Autumn Festival, enjoy the warmth of 'sunshine version', taste the warmth of 'moonlight version'. Wish my dearest 'moon' Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Chinese Valentine's Day message wind, autumn equinox, send blessings, send care. It's said that when the Mid Autumn Festival comes, forward the first message greeting you to more than ten people. Your future will be perfect. Let's have a try, friend? I'll give you a mooncake soon. The first level of consideration! Second level care! Romance on the third level! The middle layer is sweet! Wish you like it! Every time you think about your family during the holidays, you will show your love to your post. At this time, I am filial to my elders. The Ministry of health has issued a notice that those who still have mooncakes at home will turn them over to the state treasury, and those who do not turn them over to the State Treasury will turn them over to my home. Those who violate the order will not be allowed to bask in the moon in the future!