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Chocolate is not as sweet as our love - sweet little love words between lovers

chocolate is not as sweet as our love - sweet little love words between lovers Chocolate is not as sweet as our love; Flowers are not as fragrant as our love; Diamond rings do not represent our love; I don't need commitment, just a lifetime together, plain and true! Thank you for your love, let me have the feeling of home! Thank you for your care, let me warm in my arms from now on! Thank you for your consideration and warmth! At this moment, I want to say to you: dear, thank you! You are my harbor. When I am tired, I can snuggle up in your arms and have a worry free rest; You are my pistachio, when I am bored, you will bring sweet laughter; You are my lucky general. All bad luck sneaks away from you. Baby misses you. The love is deep, the rain is heavy, and the husband and wife love and respect the world. Wine is beautiful, sugar is fragrant, and relatives and friends are busy. Handsome clothes, beautiful makeup, talented women, really fashionable. The sun is red, the family is prosperous, and the dragon and Phoenix twins are looking forward to it. Southerners love northern food, northern men and southern women love it. The same love in different regions will stay together forever, and love will be sweet forever. Friends, do not have to wait, do not have to linger, dare to love if you dare to think, do not care about its regional restrictions, because time waits for no man, and speak out love bravely. Love is the hand in hand of two lovers, the kiss of each other, the heart of true love, the lifelong partner of accompanying life, and a red line that ties the love between me and you, so that love can be accompanied, love can be together, and true love can always exist. Fall in love with you at first sight, pursue you without saying a word, go on dates again and again, visit you everywhere, five blessings, six or six Dashun invite friends, seven up and eight down into a family, eight stars shine, I love you, nine to one forever, perfect and sweet honey! Love is like a journey on a hot and stuffy day. After a long time of waiting, love leaves you when it is about to reach the end. I hope you can cherish the people in front of you and cherish the hard won love. The highest state of love is that you can hear her heartbeat, her breathing when she misses you, her muttering when she talks about you, and her scolding when she is thousands of miles away; Puppy & rsquo; Your angry thoughts! I shot you with Cupid's arrow and hit you with a sweet stone; Cut you with the knife of love and chew you with the mouth of Acacia; Scratch you with warm claws and harass you with blessing messages. Ha ha, be happy, come on, I'll wait for you! Sweet talk SMS Don't take a cold look at the ups and downs of the world and give each other the energy of happiness and happiness. You are the handsome Lang in my old dream. The waves of love push the waves ahead. After many years, the love is still lingering today! When I think of you, I will become stupid, clumsy and weak & hellip& hellip; I carefully scrutinized my lines and weighed every possibility. Do you still have me in your heart? If so, will you hurt as soon as you touch & hellip& hellip; There is occasional sadness in life. It's no big deal. With your sweet smile, your troubles will disintegrate in an instant and your depression will disappear in the blink of an eye. You are my pistachio. I want to treasure you. I want you to know: I love you more! I keep you in my heart every minute and think whether you are all right now? May your smile hang on your face and your mood embrace the sunshine all the time. Happiness will be as long as time. As long as you want, I will be by your side! I am willing to leave all the cold in winter to myself and the warmth to you; I am willing to leave all the sadness in my life to myself and happiness to you. Because I love you, so I will! The four seasons will rotate in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the time of sunrise and sunset will change, all trivial things are always changing, and only one heart will never change; Distance is not a problem. The heart that loves you has been waiting for you. Honey, I miss you! Love is like a moth flying to put out a fire, which makes people learn to be brave. Love is like the sea, which accommodates all rivers, which makes people learn to be tolerant. Love is like a fish, which helps people learn to share. Love is like rain moistening things silently, which makes people learn to give. I wish you a rich life in love! True love is like a bus. The one you wait for never comes, but the one you don't wait for always comes one after another; True love is like sneezing, always inadvertently, deliberately, but always can't. True love can be met, true love is hard to find, please follow the fate! Love is like ice cream, eat too fast, can not enjoy the taste of sweet; If you eat too slowly, it will melt naturally. People who love each other should grasp the scale, hold the other's hand and love each other forever! In the world, love leads, road meets by chance, heart is connected, love follows you, be brave, read persistence, love remains the same, care more, heart should be special, love does not move, it is you, God is doomed, good marriage, work hard, and you will be happy. Words are few, reason is not reduced, remember, love is accompanied. Liang Zhu turns into a butterfly to stay with Hou, the Cowherd and weaver girl have a permanent love, the seven fairies love the world, and Dong Yong has a deep love until he is old. The love story is worthy of envy, the good marriage is sincerely sought, the fate comes with heart, the love heart laughs hand in hand, and friends sincerely wish you a happy and long-term love as soon as possible!