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Dragon Boat Festival Blessing SMS: Happy Dragon Boat Festival, fortune and auspiciousness

Dragon Boat Festival Blessing SMS: Happy Dragon Boat Festival, fortune and auspiciousness Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings incense, blessings should be in pairs; Ankang Fu is transported and collected upon receipt; If you send it as you like, the collection is auspicious. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. May your life be sweet and beautiful and your career be smooth! What to eat at the Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi, hang your stomach before eating, eat delicious, and lack your stomach after eating. What do you play in the Dragon Boat Festival? Send text messages. Be excited before sending, be happy during sending, and be not upset after sending. May you enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival! Where the wind passes, there is a faint fragrance of zongzi; The rain comes, washing away the melancholy in my heart; May day, the mood is as clear as the sky; I sincerely wish you a bundle of affection and zongzi. The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. May happiness be infatuated with you, troubles hide from you, good luck meet you, health hug you, take care of you safely, beauty pet you, happiness please you, and everything goes well! The Dragon Boat rippling, swinging out a section of eternal history; Wormwood hanging high, hanging out today, good luck; The Acorus calamus shakes gently, shaking out a piece of prosperity; Zongzi fragrance, floating into thousands of festivals to share; A taste of good wine gives you a feeling of high spirits; Convey greetings and realize your beautiful dream. Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you a family reunion, happiness and health! The Dragon Boat Festival has arrived, so I'd like to give you a zongzi. The light Zongye fragrance is wrapped with rice, healthy beans and sweet dates. Finally, tie it tightly with a happiness rope. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Let me bring a wisp of Zong Xiang to warm the corner of your life; Let me send a miss to shine on the garden of your heart; Let me build a dragon boat, full of wishful sails; Let me send a blessing to moisten your kind heart. I wish you happiness during the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon Boat Festival SMS When the Dragon Boat Festival comes, read your friends and send text messages to bless you. The dragon boat is fast and the rice dumplings are fragrant. Life is more happy and less sad. Clothes and clothes are beautiful, everything is smooth and strong! Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Rice and rice stick together, happy and warm company; Leaves are stacked with leaves, and banknotes are stacked continuously; Thread and thread winding, good luck can't run; Zong and Zong tie together, blessing does not stop. On the Dragon Boat Festival, I give you my best wishes. I wish you always achieve your wish and happy every day! A company sent zongzi to every foreign employee during the Dragon Boat Festival. The next day, a foreigner said gratefully: the snacks you sent were delicious, thank you, but the lettuce outside was a little hard. Happy Dragon Boat Festival! The Dragon Boat Festival is the silhouette of the distant mountains in the sunset. You still stop in my canvas; But I'm afraid that I'll drive by today and come by tomorrow, and all the details of yesterday have long been fragmented & hellip& hellip; The Dragon Boat Festival is happy, and fortune and fortune are intertwined with each other. Intertwined with each other, wormwood is safe, and calamus prays. The realgar wine cup is warm, and the dragon boat race is affectionate. Affectionate, SMS blessing, affectionate: I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Dragon Boat Festival Blessing SMS When the Dragon Boat Festival arrives, you can taste the fragrance of zongzi, taste the beauty of life, remember Qu Yuan, feel the history and civilization, race dragon boats, experience the joy of the festival, send messages and send blessings. On the Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you peace, health and happiness! The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. I make a big zongzi for you with happy rice, fortune dates, pistachios, beautiful beans, meimanren, healthy sugar and worry free water. May your day be as sweet as it. Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Dragon Boat Festival greeting card blessing On the Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you: dumplings are fragrant and delicious; Zongzi is sticky and Fulu is complete; Zong'er is long and has a wide range of friends; Zongzi son full, good financial resources; Zongzi son is full, life is warm; Zong'er is sweet and affectionate. On the fifth day of May, when the Dragon Boat Festival arrives, thousands of miles of blessings will arrive immediately. I send you zongzi with my heart: I wish you a happy mood, a smooth promotion to work, a rolling wealth, a sweet friendship and love, and a beautiful and happy life. As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches baihuaxiang, a message carries six incense: one incense gives you a cash cow, two incense gives you noble help, three incense gives you good work, four incense gives you no trouble, five incense gives you everyone's love, and six incense gives you eternal health. Happy Dragon Boat Festival. Zongzi sticky, sweet zongzi, Dragon Boat Festival to eat Zongzi to satisfy their cravings; Zongzi is fragrant and soft. My blessing is the most romantic; I hope to see you every day and send SMS to express my thoughts; Health, mood can, Dragon Boat Festival happiness to accompany, happy and happy uninterrupted! The Dragon Boat Festival is a rainy day. You should take care of your body, remember to reward yourself and eat more zongzi; The Dragon Boat Festival is also a special day. I want to tell you that I miss you very much this Dragon Boat Festival. SMS ride the 'Dragon' boat, bring the greetings of the Dragon Boat Festival. May you be blessed with the dragon gate for the first time The Dragon leaped and the tiger leaped early; Yuyue 'Dragon' gate has a wide range of wealth; Phoenix bone 'Dragon' posture has vitality. Wish: Happy Dragon Boat Festival! You and I are glad to buy and taste the fragrance of Zongye on the Dragon Boat Festival. The red line is as expensive as silver, good luck and good mood. The blue line is tied with a sea of blessings, and a good family is round and round. The green line is tied to a mountain of longevity, full of vitality and good health. The sound of boat drums shook the universe. Wormwood and Acorus calamus waited for thousands of families. The realgar wine on the Dragon Boat Festival was fragrant and overflowing lips. Mountains and rivers still recalled their old friends for a hundred years. The blue waves over the centuries were difficult to solve. Their hearts were floating and sinking. Fragrant zongzi offered sacrifices to patriotic heroes. The water of Miluo River looked forward to changing with each passing day. I wish the blessed ancestral country Changchun forever! ( More Dragon Boat Festival messages)