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Selected blessings of the Dragon Boat Festival

selected blessings of the Dragon Boat Festival The blessings are continuous, the true feelings are continuous, the dumplings are round, sticky in the mouth, the taste is always salty and sweet in the heart. I wish you a sweet Dragon Boat Festival! ' Zong 'want to tell you how strong my thoughts are;' Zong 'wants to tell you how romantic my blessing is. On the annual Dragon Boat Festival, text messages are heard. Ah! I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival. Happy Dragon Boat Festival! The road of missing is endless; Rainbow after rain, beautiful moment; The clouds in the air float with the wind, and the boat in the heart takes love as its sail; I miss you when I don't see you! I'm a stranger in a foreign land alone. I miss my relatives during the festival. Remote know brothers climb high, thousands of rivers and mountains' Zong 'is love. Dragon Boat Festival, to eat 'zongzi', I wish you 'zongzi' across the world, 'zongzi' is lucky! Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Send you a zongzi, representing the missing of your life; Send you a bottle of realgar wine, representing the blessing of your life; The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Although the gift is light, it is my lifelong wish. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Blessing words Thousands of rivers and mountains' zongzi 'is love. Can you do without zongzi? The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. It's impossible without zongzi. Jujube paste, bean paste and pineapple filling are sweet and delicious. Egg yolk meat floss meat stuffing, happy life companion. The willow silk in summer, along with the holiday, let the breeze blow boundless cool, mixed with the breath of blessing, slowly fall beside you. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. I wish you a happy and warm little long holiday. Light misty rain, light sorrow, light moon, go up the West building, light fish in the middle of the water, light butterfly falling Hydrangea, light rouge, light wine, light wine to solve light sorrow, light missing to friends, I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival! When the Dragon Boat Festival comes, I'll give you a zongzi. Content: 100% pure care: Ingredients: sweetness + happiness + happiness + tolerance + loyalty = happiness; Shelf life: a lifetime, preservation method: cherish. Happy Dragon Boat Festival. Thanksgiving blessing SMS How high the sky is, how deep the sea is, how hard the steel is, how strong the wind is, how long the foot is, how wide the river is, how strong the wine is, how cold the ice is, and how hot the fire is & hellip& hellip; I just want to tell you that none of this is your business! Wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival! A sweet zongzi, with fragrant blessing as the leaf, generous tolerance as the rice, gentle advice as the filling, and then wrapped with the silk thread of friendship, may you taste the beauty of life and the spring of May. The fifth day of May is the Dragon Boat Festival. I wish you happiness, smile, joy, good luck, success, happiness and beauty. I use: a healthy mung bean, a happy peanut, a beautiful red bean, a happy seasoning, wrapped into a happy zongzi for you. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance! I bought zongzi for you and sent you a short message, but the thief took your mobile phone. Honey, let's jump into the river together! Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of May; Realgar liquor, Acorus calamus sword; The triangle palm seed is wrapped with glutinous rice, and various color sachets are hung on the chest. Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Workers are beautiful. When you contribute to the society with diligence, reward yourself and eat more zongzi. Turn off your mobile phone, slowly close your eyes, think about me, think about zongzi, you will find that I am as lovely as zongzi. A long time ago, after being laid off, Mr. Qu Yuan invented zongzi, but not only the sales volume was poor, but also exploited by local ruffians. Frustrated, he finally ran to Guangdong and jumped into the sea The red flag was held high and flew out of the deep willows. The drums beat the spring thunder, breaking the smoke and returning far away. The joy shook the earth and frightened back the fighting spirit of thousands of people. Jinbi louxi won the first prize. Mom: you used to force me to eat zongzi. Now, the child is not around his mother. Weave a virtual zongzi for you with a text message, and pray for the peace of the old father and mother in the world! Notice: on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, users whose first two digits of the mobile phone number are 13 can get zongzi free of charge at the street stall. Remember to apply scald cream in advance to prevent being splashed by the stall owner's boiling water! A plain greeting into the water, very light; A blessing as usual as paper, very true; Pick a piece of fragrant rice dumpling leaves and wrap a sweet rice dumpling. Put it in the true information and give it to you: Happy Dragon Boat Festival. The dumplings of the Dragon Boat Festival include: a healthy mung bean, a happy peanut, a beautiful red bean and a happy seasoning. Wrap them into a happy zongzi for you. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance! Love - the word has sweet and bitter, love - the word has thought and love, think - the word has traction and hanging, fate - the word has you and me, you - will always be my good friend! Wish my friends a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Wrap a healthy mung bean, a happy peanut, a beautiful red bean and a happy seasoning into a happy zongzi for you. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival. A smile sad run, two smile trouble disappear, three smile in a good mood, four smile unchanged old, five smile high interest, six smile happiness, seven smile happy, eight smile good income, nine smile step by step, perfect, happy and carefree, happy Dragon Boat Festival!