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Thanksgiving Day can best express the best wishes for parents: father's love is like a mountain

Thanksgiving Day is the best time to express your feelings to your parents. All the blessings have been collected: father's love is as lofty as a mountain

1. You can't send a dress to warm your chest in the severe cold, and you can't stew a pot of chicken soup to make your body strong, just because the child is far away and can't accompany you; During Thanksgiving, I wish my parents well and say thank you to express my heart. Thank you, my closest and favorite person.

2. Thank my parents for giving me life, giving me hands and feet with blood thicker than water, giving me a lonely but mature childhood, and giving me the opportunity to study all the time.

3. Children need to be respected by their parents; Success is inseparable from the teacher's teaching; I used to be a child and look forward to success, so I want to say to the selfless elders today: Thank you, happy Thanksgiving!

4. Maternal love is as gentle as water; Father's love is as lofty as a mountain. Maternal love is like the wind, whispering care; Father's love is like a sea, broad and meaningful. Maternal love is meticulous and meticulous; Father's love is broad, deep and firm. Bless my loving parents! Happy Thanksgiving!

5. I often feel that I am a lucky person. No matter when and where, there are always people who give me help and care. I have repeatedly experienced and convinced that everyone has formed every bit of my life with love and tolerance. I sincerely thank you!

6. Every sunny day will make me grateful! In this Thanksgiving, I sincerely thank you, so that I can fight the heat, cold, wind, rain and lightning with a strong will and meaningless spirit without feeling tired and lonely.

7. Although your eyes are stern, (liuxue86. Com), they are more warm and respectful. Although you are not good at revealing, I know you are always concerned about me. Thank you, father! Happy Thanksgiving!

8. Thank God for creating a Thanksgiving festival. Let me have the opportunity to give you my most sincere blessing: happy father and mother forever!

9. A short greeting can't thank your parents for decades of teaching; A simple greeting can't thank your parents for their decades of upbringing; A sincere blessing, just want to comfort your parents, happy Thanksgiving!

10. I don't understand the truth of life without you; Without you, I don't understand the true meaning of life; Without you, I don't know the meaning of life; Without you, there would be no performance today. Thanksgiving I want to say, thank you, my parents!

11. Love you so long, never say it. On this special day of Thanksgiving, I want to loudly announce my love for the old man to the world: I love you! dad.

12. I use one point of enthusiasm, two points of sincerity, three points of romance, four points of sweetness, five points of satisfaction, six points of wishful thinking, seven points of peace, eight points of wealth and nine points of enthusiasm. Thank you very much. I cook a turkey carefully. I wish my parents a happy Thanksgiving!

13. When I was a child, I thought you were very great; When I was young, I was always indifferent to you; Now, I feel that your thinking is always so comprehensive. Dad, before Thanksgiving, I wish you happy every day!

14. Although your eyes are stern, they are more warm and respectful. Although you are not idle, I know you are always concerned about me. Thank you, father! Happy Thanksgiving!

15. Your blood flows in my pulse, your mark is deeply branded on my character, and your wisdom is inherited in my mind. I will never forget all this. My dear father, happy Thanksgiving!

16. The wild goose has no trace, and the leaves fall silently. Beauty is something concrete and real, waiting for you everywhere. Appreciate the charm of the world, your existence and our acquaintance. Happy Thanksgiving!

17. I would like to be a migratory bird, flying with you on the road of migration; I would like to be an eagle to encourage you on the way of climbing; I would like to be a turkey, tasted by you on Thanksgiving! Hehe, such a friend is righteous enough! Happy Thanksgiving!

18. Americans thank God for his care at Thanksgiving so that they have plenty of food. I also want to thank God for your company, which makes me rich, comfortable and fat. Then -- please spend Thanksgiving with me!

19. You are the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen, let my forest wither for you; You are like a melody that makes my life more harmonious. I can only say thank you in a small voice, so small that only you can understand! Happy Thanksgiving!

20. Until one day, when I found that we were all getting old, I realized that the most precious thing in the world was the friendship between friends! Friends, thank you for having you on the way of life. Happy Thanksgiving!

21. Your bright smile lights up my simple life. Your sincere care makes me understand the true meaning of love. Your warm help makes me understand the meaning of life. Thank you, my friend.

22. If I am a poet, I will express my gratitude to you in the most beautiful language. If I am a singer, I will bless you with the most passionate melody. Happy Thanksgiving, my best friend.

23. Thanksgiving is coming. Thank you for your taste in life, status in the Jianghu, care in place and never offside. I decided to throw away all the fancy things and invite you to eat a turkey. Of course, I would also like to thank you for paying the bill.

24. Gold and silver are not as precious as father's love; Snow, moon, wind and flowers, affectionate, not as good as his father's white hair; Standing on the wall, it is not as deep as my father's wrinkles; I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a happy day!

25. No matter how far away, no matter how the years change, Dad, you are still my eternal concern in my heart. It is blood that connects us closely. Thanksgiving is coming, I wish my dear Dad: happy every day! take care! Happy everyday!

26. I am a ship far away, and your missing is a sail; I left my back, and you encouraged me to move forward; You take care of my purple pain with transparent love; Mother, I can't repay your kindness in my life! Happy Thanksgiving, I love you!

27. What can't be said is the mother's advice, the mother's sincere concern, the mother's endless instructions, and the mother's deep kindness. Facing the mother, we can only be grateful every day!

28. The mother in the candlelight is kind, the mother in the moonlight is gentle, the mother in the starlight is fraternal, and the mother in the sunshine is great. Appreciate life, appreciate maternal love, thank you my mother & hellip;

29. Through twists and turns, you have experienced hardships; Wearing wind and frost, suffering, but singing and dancing; If the father's love is like a mountain and the mother's love is like a spring, support life with softness and witness purity with grace. Thank mother, let us understand, love speechless!

30. Pregnancy and childbirth are so tired that it is difficult to get the insurance for children in place first. Repay my mother no matter how innocent she is, wash her feet and wipe her back again and again. Don't wait for no mother to cry and no tears. My mother is ashamed at the end of her kindness. I'm glad to take this message to Bo Niang. Thank you, mother. Happy holidays!

31. Cloud thanks heaven for giving space to fly; Fish thanks the water for giving the source of life; The eagle thanked the mountain for giving her proud eyes; I thank you for the warmth of friendship.

32. As the saying goes, 'the kindness of a drop of water should be rewarded by a spring'! Dear friends, this year's May Day is Thanksgiving. It's time to repay your kindness! I've invited you to drink water and eat. Please line up to repay your kindness! Make an appointment!

33. In the vast sea of people, it is the tenderness of your moment of looking back and smiling, like the shame of willows by the river, which makes my dusty heart bloom! Thank God for letting me meet you. I send you Thanksgiving blessings with a grateful heart

34. Those who know how to thank are the most beautiful people, those who know how to pay are the most generous people, and those who know how to care are the most respectable people. Thank your best friend. Happy Thanksgiving.

35. Thanksgiving message: thank my friends for bringing me a lot of tears and laughter in my growth, giving me a lot of self-confidence and training in my study, giving me a lot of help in my life, and providing me with opportunities to give help.

36. I've always heard that foreigners like a festival called Thanksgiving. Today is Thanksgiving again. I'll join in the fun. After thinking about it, only you are the most grateful person. Thank you, my good friend.

37. The wind is dust-free, the snow is traceless, moistens all things, and is silent; The heart is clean, the feeling is traceless, a thank you is silent. Sincerely thank you for your concern for me. My friend, Thanksgiving is coming. I just want to deeply bless you: happiness!

38. With a grateful heart and a feeling of gratitude, there is no need for heroic words. Just a simple blessing message will quietly come to your mobile phone in this warm Festival. I sincerely wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

39. I want to thank you very much and I want to thank you very much. Many years ago, you lent me a dime. Today, I'll repay it with this message. Happy Thanksgiving!

40. I'm grateful this year. I don't give gifts. I'll send you a short message. The warm current goes straight to the bottom of your heart; I wish you good luck and good luck. Happy Thanksgiving!

41. I cooked a turkey for you with great enthusiasm, nine happiness, eight romance, seven sweetness, six satisfaction, five wishful thinking, four happiness, three happiness, two sincerity and one blessing. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

42. Borrow holy water from the Dragon King to moisten you; Borrow a jade decree from the Jade Emperor to reward you, and borrow moonlight from yueniang to warm you; Borrow sunshine from father-in-law sun and light up blessings: I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a bright future!

43. The three most important things in life are: treat the world and life with a tolerant heart; Create the world and change life with a happy heart; Feel the world and life with a grateful heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

44. There is a concern that comes uninvited; There is a tacit understanding that cannot be replaced; There is a kind of missing because you exist; There is a loneliness called waiting; There is a kind of silence, not forgetting; I have a feeling that I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

45. The three most important things in life are: treat the world and life with a tolerant heart; Create the world and change life with a happy heart; Feel the world and life with a grateful heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

46. I don't understand the truth of life without you; Without you, I don't understand the true meaning of life; Without you, I don't know the meaning of life; Without you, there would be no performance today. Thank you, my teacher. May you accept my sincere thanks on Thanksgiving.

47. I can't forget your gentle words, cleaning up the dust and mud in my heart; I can't forget your advice like the mighty east wind and summon up my courage to move forward. Teacher, I appreciate you all my life!

48. If I could fight the blue sky, you gave me wings to take off; If I am a brave man who beats the waves, you gave me the power to make the tide; If I were an immortal torch, you gave me the light of youth!

49. There is a rainbow that doesn't appear after the rain or in the sky. It often appears in my heart and urges me to be a man upright - to my mentor who cares for me all the time!

50. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are not your dedication! Poems, songs and Fu, praise endless respect for you! You use the dew of knowledge to open our ideal flowers; You use the spring of your soul to moisten the beautiful fruit of our sentiment. Today is Thanksgiving Day. On this unusual day, we offer our deep blessings!

51. Thanksgiving, send you a couplet: couplet: know you, make friends, know you, fate. Second line: help me care about me and understand me. Thank you. Banner: Happy Thanksgiving! Friends, thank heaven and earth for having you all your life!

52. Your bright smile is always in my heart, your kind words are always around me, your enthusiasm inspires me to move forward, and your sincere help warms my heart. This Thanksgiving is coming