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Choose one of the following blessings to give to your friends. Which one would you choose?

Blessings to friends as long as the expression of affection, do not stress any form! The following blessings are most suitable for friends! Let's take a look: reads the best wishes for friends! You pick whatever you want!

1. I'm lucky to be your friend. Without a word, I will go through fire and water for you. Invariance is the friendship between us. I am grateful. I wish you happiness and happiness on Thanksgiving Day!

2. With a grateful heart and a feeling of gratitude, there is no need for heroic words. Just a simple blessing message will quietly come to your mobile phone in this warm Festival. I sincerely wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

3. True friendship is not tied by money. True friends are not shaken by status. We are pure natural friendship away from money and status. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

4. The weather is getting colder and colder. I don't have many friends! Lenin left and Reagan left. Putin was too busy to get in touch with the lights. Old SA was hurt by Bush. You are the only one who worries me. Take care of yourself and don't catch a cold! Happy Thanksgiving!

5. Call Turkey, call Turkey, where are you? Thanksgiving is coming soon. Don't hide any more. Contact me quickly. Let's come to this festival with gratitude!

6. The turkey brothers decided to have a Thanksgiving party, which turned into a bloody fight. The policeman asked: why do you want to kill each other? The two brothers scolded each other: because he didn't want to be the main course!

7. Turkey and pumpkin pie are essential today. You must prepare them in advance and wait for me to help you eat them! happythanksgivingday! Happy Thanksgiving!

8. I want to be a flower to send my greetings with fragrance. I want to be a grass and take my encouragement with strength. I want to make a short message to send my blessing in words. I wish you happy Thanksgiving.

9. There are three words that have been kept in my heart for a long time & hellip; Meet and say, no courage! Write and say, it's too late! Call, it's hard to speak! Let's talk about it. It's insincere! So I decided to text say?? thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

10. More than twenty years ago, you called me walnut peel, but I was determined to make a full walnut. Twenty years later, you took the walnuts away again. I'm still walnut peel, thanks to my grandparents.

11. The little fish thanks the running water, so he keeps it in his heart every day. The birds thank the blue sky, so they sing for it every day. I want to thank you for oweing me a meal. It always makes me think, happy Thanksgiving.

12. The times are always making progress, so don't think I'm handsome and worship me blindly. Don't think I'm cool and deliberately lonely. One day you will surpass me and become a real pig Bajie. Happy Thanksgiving.

13. Time leaves memory, footsteps leave experience, eating leaves saliva, and texting leaves evidence. According to the number of messages you answered when you went to the bathroom in the past, you are constipated and happy Thanksgiving.

14. In the cold winter, we can freeze our hands, but we can't freeze our deep friendship. We are busy on weekdays and have no time to care about our friends. When the festival comes, I take a message to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

15. Always be grateful. Thank heaven and earth for giving me aura, rain and dew for giving me vitality, mountains and rivers for strengthening me, and friends for giving me warmth. Happy Thanksgiving!

16. Not too tired all year round, not too many greetings, not too expensive text messages, not too sour blessings, not too annoying to care about all the time, not too long friends for life. Happy Thanksgiving!

17. Until one day, when I found that we were all getting old, I realized that the most precious thing in the world was the friendship between friends! Friends, thank you for having you on the way of life. Happy Thanksgiving!

18. Today is Thanksgiving! Although I don't believe in Christ, I agree with gratitude. I really thank God for letting us know each other. I hope we can become good friends all our life! Bless you and me, dear friends, wish to spend this happy festival together.

19. There is a concern that comes uninvited; There is a tacit understanding that cannot be replaced; There is a kind of missing because you exist; There is a loneliness called waiting; There is a kind of silence, not forgetting; A blessing is to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

20. The three most important things in life are: treat the world and life with a tolerant heart; Create the world and change life with a happy heart; Feel the world and life with a grateful heart! Happy Thanksgiving!

21. Until one day, when I found that we were all getting old, I realized that the most precious thing in the world was the friendship between friends! Friends, thank you for having you on the way of life. Happy Thanksgiving!

22. Thank the teacher for his knowledge. Thank you for it! Thank you for your company. Thank you for it! Thank my colleagues for their care. Thank you for it! Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for it!

23. Unforgettable is your pure friendship with me! Precious is the eternal truth! Nice to meet you! My favorite roast turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.

24. Recall the past, when you were lonely, (liuxue86. Com) when you were lonely, when you were depressed, and when you were helpless; In the Ming Dynasty, when you are happy, when you celebrate, when you are happy, when you harvest, I love you with my heart.

25. Today is Thanksgiving. Thank you to all the friends who have helped me and my love. Thank you for coming into my life and making it complete and meaningful. I wish to bring you infinite happiness with my life!

26. No matter how far away the future is, no matter how the world will change, you are always the person I am always grateful to in my heart. On this Thanksgiving Day, let me bring you the most sincere greetings. How are you, friend?

27. Your bright smile lights up my simple life. Your sincere care makes me understand the true meaning of love. Your warm help makes me understand the meaning of life. Thank you, my friend.

28. Because of the sun, everything on the earth grows freely; Because of the moon, the night is no longer dim; Because of the stars, the sky is no longer vast and empty; Because of you, I become happy! Happy Thanksgiving!

29. I write my thoughts in the sky. He was taken away by the wind. I write my greetings on the beach. He was taken away by the waves. I hide my gratitude in my heart. No one can take it away. Thank you, my friend.

30. Life has become meaningful because of you and wonderful because of you in struggle. I thank you with all my efforts and thank you for your care for me.

31. In the vast sea of people, the tenderness of your moment of looking back and smiling is like the shame of willows by the river, which makes my dusty heart bloom! Thank God for letting me meet you. I send you Thanksgiving blessings with a grateful heart!

32. Americans thank God for his care and abundant food at Thanksgiving. I also want to thank God for your company, which makes me rich, comfortable and fat. Then -- please spend Thanksgiving with me!

33. The spring rain dyed the world green, but he silently disappeared into the soil. Teacher, you are the spring rain that moistens our hearts. We will always thank you.

34. You dyed the color of my youth with all the love in your heart; With your persistent faith, you have forged my unyielding character & hellip& hellip; Teacher, you are shining in the spark of my life!

35. When the bird encounters wind and rain, it hides in its nest; There is wind and rain in my heart. I always hide in your arms -- my teacher, you are my umbrella and wind wall. How can I not thank you!

36. Gave me the soul, tenderness, and motherly love & hellip& hellip; Teacher, you only know to give and never want to receive. How can I not show my sincere respect to you?

37. I admire great people and celebrities, but I am more eager to dedicate my respect and praise to an ordinary person - my teacher you. Happy Thanksgiving, thank you!

38. When I was lonely and sad, you gave me comfort and warmth silently, which moved me. I will regard all this as the most valuable gift and the most precious wealth!

39. Dear parents: Thank you for your hard cultivation over the years. I will study harder and repay you with excellent results.

40. Dear mom, today is Thanksgiving. You are the one I need to thank most. Thank you for giving me life and educating me to grow.

41. Dear parents: Thank you for your meticulous care for me over the years. I will study hard and repay you for your upbringing.

42. Mom and Dad: since I was born, you have been the closest to me. Your love for me is so selfless. Although I can't report to you now as a daughter, I will study hard and win glory for you.

43. Mom, how much care have you given me? I won't forget! I will study hard and make progress every day. I will repay you with good grades! I won't forget your meticulous care for me, mom, I love you!

44. It's a long way to march alone. I'm lucky to be on the way together with me. We walk together on the road of life and experience hardships with each other. Thank you for sharing the wind and rain for many years. The wind and rain see our sincerity again!

45. I am not an angel, but I have heaven. I'm not a dolphin, but I fly in the ocean. I have no wings, but I look down at the sun. I don't have clover, but I have hope in my hand. Because I have you, my friend! Happy Thanksgiving!

46. No matter what happens, at this time, let us praise more, feel the infinite beauty of life, believe in others, believe in ourselves, and let our life be full of sunshine. Happy Thanksgiving!

47. Do you know what kind of people are happiest? Grateful and happy people. So I am happy. Thank God for letting me have a good friend like you! No matter how cold winter is, thinking of you will let me see the warm sunshine! Happy Thanksgiving!

48. Combine thousands of words into a song called gratitude, and compile thousands of thanks into a poem called blessing. Thank your old friends for their care for many years and wish you happiness forever.

49. Thank you for accompanying me every minute, because with you, I no longer feel lonely; Thank you for listening to my complaints, because with you, I can get rid of all my unhappiness. You can't be less in my life.

50. Love is like flowing water, which is engraved in my heart. Adults talk a lot on the road, years are long, white hair is floating. Thanksgiving is coming. Snowflakes are flying. I send my mother a duck down jacket. Wish mom warm and happy!

51. Your bright smile is always in my heart. Your kind words are always in my ears. Your sincere encouragement encourages me to move forward. Your sincere help warms my heart. Thanksgiving is coming. Sincerely say: Thank you.

52. Thanksgiving is coming. We are brought up by a sense of kindness. Ergan Shien guides us to become adults. Three senses of friendship and kindness, never give up. Four feelings well, this life to help each other. Hold hands with each other, and your kindness will last forever.

53. Your life and body come from your parents, your joys and sorrows come from society and nature, your life comes from the people who care about and help you, and I still love you! Let's bless them on Thanksgiving!

54. Birds thank the blue sky, which helps birds fly; Flowers and plants thank the sun, which makes them fragrant; The ship thanks the sails and oars. It is the sails and oars that make it sail. And I should thank you, mom and Dad, you let me grow up healthily!

55. Thank my parents for giving me flesh and blood, and thank life for letting me know that life is difficult,