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What kind of Mid Autumn Festival blessing to foreign brothers and sisters? Ten blessings to convey M

My brother and sister-in-law are far away in a foreign land. The day after the Mid Autumn Festival, what kind of Mid Autumn Festival blessings are given to my brother and sister-in-law in a foreign land? Come on, the blessings in let you send the blessings of the Mid Autumn Festival to your brother and sister-in-law far away!

I looked up and stared. It seemed that there was your shadow in the moonlight. I don't know if you saw me in the bright moonlight at this time!

2. The sky is full, the earth is half a month, the moon is full to half a month, the end of today, the beginning of tomorrow, and the end of each year.

3. Mid Autumn Festival, the full moon is the time for blessing. I wish you happiness forever, no trouble, happiness forever, only a smile!

4. The mid autumn festival full moon festival Miss relatives far away from the ends of the world, raise your eyes to have relatives and wishes to achieve your wish. I wish you happiness!

5. The moon cakes are round and sweet. I wish you and your family happiness at this best moment!

6. Look up at the bright moon in the sky. Does it look like my smiling round face? Hee hee!! Wish you a happy holiday! good health!

7. From September to Mid Autumn Festival, I miss you very much. Do you see the round moon? Which is I want you to read you care about your heart! Love you kiss you! good night!

8. The Mid Autumn Festival came again one year. Far away from home, I had only one belief in my heart - I wish my family members happiness and health forever!

9. The moon is full in the Mid Autumn Festival in August. You can see that Chang'e is also silently wishing you a sweeter life than honey!

10. Red and green, day and night every year. At dusk and dusk, the flounder is always dry. Endless thoughts, I hope your life is as perfect as the moon!