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What kind of traditional national festival is mikuoqin festival in the eyes of Ewenki people

among the traditional festivals of ethnic minorities, many festivals are necessarily related to agriculture, such as the new rice Festival. There is also a traditional festival related to animal husbandry among the traditional festivals of Ewenki ethnic minority. In this festival, Ewenki ethnic minority people have to calculate how many livestock they want to add. What kind of traditional festival is this? Let's see!

Mikuoqin festival of Ewenki people

In late May every year, Ewenki people in pastoral areas celebrate the 'mikoqin' Festival.

On mikuoqin day, people wear bright and beautiful clothes, and relatives from far and near come together to castrate and brand livestock. The girls wore lamb skin skirts and were busy grasping the lamb with both hands. The boys rode the best 'bar horse', waved the harness and chased the fierce horse. Who is wearing a fierce horse, who wants to jump on the horse's back, or hold the horse's ears, instantly throw the horse to the ground, and cut off the horse's mane and tail.

This festival is also a day for the Ewenki people to calculate the increase of livestock in a year.

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