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What is the traditional festival for Dongxiang People to pray for bumper grain in that year?

for the festivals of ethnic minorities, religious festivals are the highlights of their respective nationalities. What are the traditional festivals of Dongxiang nationality with religious meaning? The complete collection of Chinese traditional festivals on reading channel is for you to share: the traditional religious festival of Dongxiang People, the food festival!

The traditional religious festival of Dongxiang Nationality: grain Festival

Food Festival is a traditional religious festival of Dongxiang nationality. Food Festival is the Ashura festival of Islam, which is held on March 11 of the lunar calendar every year. Ashura festival of Dongxiang nationality is a festival for women and children. At that time, housewives will preside over it in turn. According to the old rules, men walked away after a simple prayer ceremony. During the festival, we eat a kind of meat porridge called 'Luobo weak' in Dongxiang language, which contains the wish of abundant grain in that year.

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