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How was the winter solstice in history? What are the old customs of the folk Winter Solstice Festiva

how was the winter solstice in history? What are the folk customs? Sihaiwang reading reveals to you: How did you spend the winter solstice in the past? What custom did the folk winter solstice have in the past?

How was the winter solstice in history?

Chinese people have always attached great importance to the winter solstice. Most people want to improve their food on this day. There is a popular saying in Beijing: 'winter solstice dumpling Laba porridge.' The shape of dumplings is like Yuanbao. Eating dumplings has the auspicious meaning of attracting money and treasure. It is also said that 'winter solstice wonton Laba porridge'. It is said that eating meat wonton can keep its vitality and resist the cold. In alpine areas, it is popular to eat meat on the winter solstice. There is a saying that "don't eat meat on the winter solstice, freeze your toes". Therefore, no matter poor or rich families, they should cook meat and give meat to relatives and friends on this day, which is also for keeping out the cold and keeping in good health. Therefore, the winter solstice has become a festival expected by adults and children.

What are the old customs of the folk Winter Solstice Festival in history?

1. During the Zhijie Festival, people used to give shoes, which originated from ancient times《 The ancient and modern notes of China said: "in the Han Dynasty, there were embroidered mandarin duck shoes, and Emperor Zhao ordered his aunt to go on the winter solstice." Cao Zhi's "winter solstice socks and shoes table" also has the sentence "Asian year old welcomes the sample, and the shoes are long enough to celebrate". Later, the custom of giving shoes to my aunt gradually became that my aunt gave shoes and hats to my nephew. Mainly reflected in children. In the past, it was mainly hand embroidery. As gifts for men, hats are mostly made in the shape of tigers and dogs, and animals are embroidered on shoes. As gifts for girls, hats are mostly made of Phoenix shape, and shoes are embroidered with flowers and birds. Now, most of them are purchased from coins, and the form closely follows the trend of the times. On festivals, adults always like to hold children to visit the door and boast about the shoes and hats given by their aunt.

2. On the winter solstice, boys in northern Shanxi are used to playing Gang games. Hold a square stone piece with the size of the palm of your hand, one side stands up, and the other side throws and hits in turn according to the specified set of actions. When you knock down the post set by the other party, continue to move on. After failure, they exchange throws with each other. Whoever completes all the procedures first wins. Girls are used to kicking shuttlecock in various forms. People often have to join in the fun.

3. On the winter solstice, the old customs should also be led by the school board to entertain the teachers. Mr. Wang should lead the students to worship the memorial tablet of Confucius. Then the school board will lead the students to worship Mr. Bai. There is a folk proverb in Shanxi that teaches on the winter solstice, which says this custom of respecting teachers. There is still a custom of inviting teachers to dinner on the winter solstice. Northwest Shanxi is used to entertaining teachers with stewed mutton.

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