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The highest wire walking performance

Swiss warrior breaks the 30-year steel wire walking record

Freddy nock, a wire walker from Switzerland, has successfully crossed the top of two peaks from the steel wire, once again setting the Guinness world record for "the highest wire walking performance".

The 50 year old stunt performer set out from Switzerland and eventually reached the summit of the eastern Alps. Freddy nock walked 347 meters in 39 minutes, using only 18 mm wire diameter. In the absence of any protective measures, Freddy nock completed a height difference of 50m during walking.

As early as August 1978, Philippe Petit from France walked between two towers of the world trade center in New York by steel wire, setting a record of 411 meters of high-altitude steel wire walking. Freddy nock has broken the record that hasn't been broken in 30 years, becoming a memorable feat in the history of steel wire walking.

For Freddy nock, it's just one of the many world records he has won. He has also set many extraordinary world records: the fastest steel wire walking between hot air balls, the longest walking time on cable, and the longest performing "wheel of death".