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Why is it so far away that Xiao Xiao is accidentally pregnant? Profile of Xiaoxiao Milu

Why does Xiao Xiao Xiao like Lu Yuanfeng after having a one night stand with Xiao Xiao in the middle of Xiaomo? Does Xiao Xiao like Lu Yuanfeng? Is the baby born?

Why is Xiaoxiao pregnant in the trailer of episode 25: after Xiaoxiao and luyuanfeng rolled the sheets, their relationship gradually improved. Later, Xiaoxiao found out that she was pregnant and wanted to have a baby in the hospital. As Xiaoxiao's feeling towards luyuanfeng changed slowly, Xiaoxiao knew that she liked luyuanfeng, and they would get pregnant if they rolled the sheets accidentally after getting drunk What kind of effect does the emotional road add?

Milo profile:

Chinese Name: Milu

Foreign name: Viola

Nationality: China

Nationality: Han nationality

Birthplace: Cangzhou, Hebei

Date of birth: July 21, 1989

Occupation: actor, model

Graduated from Beijing Institute of fashion

Brokerage company: TV production center of Shandong film and Television Group

Representative works: Runaway sweetheart, my unruly youth, mini Dad

Main achievements: the 8th CCTV model competition champion

China Poverty Alleviation propagandist

Top ten new models of 2007 in China

Top 10 most influential new faces in 2007

Dior in 2008

Top 10 professional models of 2008

Height: 176cm

Weight: 50kg

Blood type: B