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India's "master Hugger" Cheng wanghong once hugged 40000 people without stopping

Kanye & middot; West, a famous American rapper, recently succeeded in making an Indian 'hugging master' with magical power an Internet celebrity. On the 21st, West tweeted about the Indian 'Mata mother' who is said to have hugged 32 million people, and said 'sometimes we all need hugs'. The tweet was praised more than 20000 times and forwarded more than 3000 times.

According to media reports, 'mother Mata' was born in Kerala, southern India, in 1953. Her embrace is said to have 'healing power'. For more than 30 years, she has held a variety of hugging activities. In addition to India, she has also traveled to Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka to carry out "hugging tours". In Penang, Malaysia, 'mother Mata' was warmly welcomed by local people, and a large number of people lined up for her embrace. As a result, she hugged 40000 people at one go for 20 hours. She said that the reason why she has so much endurance and insists on embracing is that she can "connect with the energy source of the universe.".

In 2012, when carrying out the "embrace Tour" in Australia, Mata told the BBC: "I send a message of peace, love and sympathy to the world, which is as universal as honey. People who have hugged 'mother Mata' say that she exudes' great love ', and many people who have hugged her shed tears with excitement. "I feel like my heart is open and some bad things seem to have faded away," said one person who hugged Mata in the United States. '