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College students are owed 10000 yuan by training loan, but training institutions reply like this

Not limited to professional, no work experience requirements, as long as you participate in training can be introduced to work, get a high salary. Is it true that pie falls from the sky like this? It's another graduation season. Li Yi, a 21-year-old junior in Chengdu, joined the tide of job hunting ahead of time. I didn't want to find a job, but I muddled through the training loan and owed ten thousand yuan. It's not easy to terminate the loan.

In fact, such a situation is not unique. The lawyer pointed out that this kind of behavior of allowing job seekers to apply for loans to pay training fees on the basis of recruitment is deceptive to some extent. It also reminds college students to pay attention to prevention in the process of job hunting to avoid being cheated.

College students who mistakenly enter training institutions for job hunting owe 10000 yuan loan

Li Yi receives interview notice

Li Yi is currently a junior, studying engineering cost. He is not satisfied with his current major, but wants to be a programmer. In April this year, he published his resume online, and soon received a call from an information technology company in Chengdu.

'I've never been in touch with technology development before. The interviewer said that as long as I'm interested, I can learn zero basics. 'Li Yi told reporters that he did not send a resume to the company, but he received a call for a job. With the mentality of having a try, he went to the company for an interview on April 20.

The interviewer first inquired about Li Yi's basic information about his graduate school and told him that as long as he passed the interview and received 3-4 months of training, the company could recommend him to work in relevant enterprises and get at least 4000-5000 yuan a month. During this period, 18800 yuan training fee is required.

'the training fee is paid by the company in advance, and the trainees will start to repay it half a year later, for a total of 18 months. Three months before the training, the company also provided the trainees with 4000 yuan living security. 'Li Yi hesitated at the beginning. What if he could not find a job after finishing his studies. But he couldn't help persuading the other party. A few days later, he successfully passed the re examination and signed a contract with the company.

Then, under the guidance of the staff, Li Yi downloaded the mobile app "learn from me" and entered his personal identity information. 'at that time, I just said that I would use this software for repayment in the future. I didn't know that I had handled the online loan until I received the repayment information. '

After more than ten days of training, Li Yi didn't want to continue studying in the company for various reasons, but the staff told him that he had to wait 15 days to apply for a refund, and at the same time he had to pay a certain amount of liquidated damages. After repeated communication failed, Li Yi's family also found the company to ask for an explanation, and finally paid a total of 3000 yuan in training fees and liquidated damages before the loan was released.

Institutions say: students are informed in advance, loans are not forced to deal with

The reporter inquired in a recruitment website that the company released dozens of recruitment information, recruiting apprentices for game development and web page production, and offering salaries ranging from 3000 to 6000 yuan. Then the reporter came to the company in Chenghua District and walked down the corridor through the front desk. Four or five 'training classrooms' were full of people.

According to a staff member, even if they have no relevant work experience, they can also participate in training and recommend work. They don't need to pay training fees in the early stage, and they will start to repay from the seventh month after work. The company will assist in handling an installment loan of more than 1100 yuan per month and repay the loan in 18 months. There is interest on the loan, about 2000 yuan in total.

In an interview with reporters, Mr. Wang, the person in charge of the company, said that the company's business is mainly technology research and development and training. During the training period, students will be allowed to participate in the actual research and development projects. After the training, jobs will be recommended, and the position and salary will depend on personal conditions. Generally, the minimum monthly salary is 3000 yuan. At present, the recommended employees can generally get about 4000 yuan.

At the same time, he also denied that it is necessary to apply for installment loans to pay training fees. 'you can pay the training fee at one time, or you can borrow money. We also stressed to our employees that we should not induce job seekers, which will be stated in the contract. '

But Li Yi told reporters that he didn't get the contract, and it's hard to remember whether these contents were written in the contract. 'the company said that the contract would be signed by the headquarters and would be given to us in a week, but we didn't see it until the end of the training. '

In fact, this is not a case in point. The reporter found that in an online forum, a netizen mentioned that he had been training Java for two years, and in the two months when he was looking for a job in Chengdu, most of the interview calls received were from training institutions, and listed dozens of training institutions and companies that had been interviewed. Mr. Wang also admitted that it is not only in Chengdu, but also in the whole country.

Lawyer said: recruitment training loan model is deceptive

Chen Fengfeng, a lawyer of Sichuan Yingji law firm, believes that this kind of behavior of letting job seekers pay high training fees on the grounds of recruitment and recommending high paid jobs as bait is deceptive to some extent, while letting job seekers pay training fees by installment loan is actually in the form of recruitment and the purpose of defrauding training fees and charging related fees for lending business, which has certain social significance harmfulness. If the amount involved is large and the harmful consequences are serious, it may constitute fraud and other illegal acts.

'Many college students who are about to graduate are not familiar with the world and do not fully understand the actual situation of the recruitment units. Once they are cheated, they can not repay the loan, and their personal credit and future will be affected. Lawyer Chen said that this kind of serial deception is harmful to society, and relevant departments should also strengthen supervision. If college students encounter similar situations, they can choose to call the police or report to relevant departments.

Now the graduation season is approaching, many college students are facing the problem of looking for a job. At the same time, he also reminded that in the process of job hunting, college students must pay attention to verifying the qualifications of recruitment agencies, judging whether the recruitment form is in line with the law. If they have doubts, they should consult the relevant labor departments in time to avoid being deceived.