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New couple's wedding banquet "running single " boss: never seen running single phenomenon in 20 y

I'm sure you've heard of mixed eating and drinking and free eating. But it's rare for a couple to get married and hold a wedding banquet. When they're finished, they don't pay the bill. A great joy in life, who would make fun of it. Chongqing citizen Mr. Xu really met. A couple held a wedding banquet to entertain their relatives and friends. At the end of the bill, the bride and groom ran away!

Mr. Xu runs a leisure villa in Nanshan. On May 1, the villa hosted a wedding banquet for a couple. Monitoring shows that on the same day, relatives and friends laughed and the bride and groom toasted at the table, and the scene was jubilant. What Mr. Xu and his staff didn't expect was that after the banquet, the guests dispersed, and the bride and groom went clean, so far no one has settled. More wonderful news: Please click on the next page

Mr. Xu said that he has been doing catering for more than ten or twenty years, and has never encountered the phenomenon of "running single". Let alone how angry he is.

Mr. Xu said that on April 18, the bridegroom Li and the bride Wang paid a deposit of 500 yuan to the villa, reserved 8 standard rooms and 12 wedding tables on May 1. From checking in on the afternoon of April 30 to leaving on May 2, there are two breakfast, one lunch, wedding banquet and two dinners, plus the accommodation, totaling more than 13000 yuan. Now, not only all the expenses have not been settled, but also some self provided drinks and melon seed snacks for the wedding banquet of that day have been left. More wonderful news: Please click on the next page

After the wedding banquet, the couple and their elders stayed in the villa until the morning of May 2. Mr. Xu said that there were no disputes and contradictions in the whole process, and the laughter was in a mess. Surveillance shows that on the morning of May 2, the bride and groom and their parents left first.

The bridegroom said that he would send a group of elders to go first, then come back to pick up his father, pull drinks, and check out. At more than 9 a.m., the bridegroom's father finally quietly left the villa, and the bridegroom Li did not return to the villa to check out as scheduled. More wonderful news: Please click on the next page

Seeing that the host and the guests had already left, and the bill for the banquet had not been settled, all the employees were silly. More than a week later, Mr. Xu contacted the bridegroom Li and bride Wang many times, but no one came forward to settle the bill.

On May 3, Mr. Xu called the police. The police then contacted Li and Wang. The other party once replied to the text message that he would return to the villa in a few days to settle all the expenses for holding the wedding banquet. But then, they couldn't get in touch by phone. More wonderful news: Please click on the next page

During the interview, the reporter changed several mobile phones and dialed the bridegroom and bride's phone several times, but the other party was in the state of no answer or busy. More wonderful news: Please click on the next page

Mr. Xu's mood is very complicated. He is angry and funny. From the monitoring screen of the day, the wedding banquet was very enjoyable, and the new couple also received a lot of gifts. The bill of more than 10000 yuan is not expensive. Mr. Xu didn't understand. Why did the couple have a "running away"?

Mr. Xu said that if the other party doesn't settle the bill again, he will safeguard his legitimate rights and interests through legal means.