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40 year old women disguise as post-90s to cheat 6 million people

Everyone knows that online love has risks! But is love in real life reliable? Facts have proved that in reality, the probability of being cheated is not small. Recently, Li Xiaoqing (a pseudonym) in Pingshan, Shenzhen, faced the young and beautiful girl like this. He completely lost his vigilance and was cheated 6 million yuan.

Recently, Pingshan police station of Pingshan Public Security Bureau cracked this huge fraud case. On March 22, 2018, Li Daqing went to Pingshan police station to report to the police, saying that his younger brother Li Xiaoqing, who was born in 1988, and Wang Sanjie, who was born in 1990 in a foot bath center in Longgang, became a boyfriend and girlfriend. Why did my brother come to report when he fell in love?

It turned out that Li Daqing found that a large amount of money in his family business was missing. After inquiring about Li Xiaoqing, the younger brother in charge of the accounts, she found that her girlfriend lied that she wanted Li Xiaoqing to transfer money one after another on the grounds of high return on investment. Later, she even moved out the reasons why her mother was hospitalized for cerebral hemorrhage and her family members were detained for gambling in Macao. From 2016 to the end of 2017, Li Xiaoqing has transferred more than 150 times to Wang Sanjie, with a total amount of more than 7 million yuan. According to Li Xiaoqing, Wang Sanjie occasionally transfers money to her in the name of 'dividend', but there is still a difference of more than 6 million. The more Li Daqing thinks about it, the more he thinks that Li Xiaoqing has met a liar. But Li Xiaoqing firmly believes that he deserves to pay for his love. Even if the money doesn't come back, he is not the third sister Wang who won't marry him. Seeing that Li Xiaoqing was deeply in love, Li Daqing, who was worried about the growing hole, chose to report the case.

Through obtaining relevant transaction records and account opening information, the police quickly determined that Wang Sanjie was suspected of committing a major crime. But when the police gave the photos on Wang Sanjie's ID card to Li Daqing's family, who had seen this person for many times, no one dared to say that they knew each other. Li Daqing said that every time she saw them, she wore heavy makeup, which was quite different from the middle-aged woman on her ID card. At the same time, the police also found that the photo of Wang Sanjie's certificate and the photo of Wang Sanjie in the circle of friends provided by Li Daqing were very different. Can a person have two faces? Is it a big change before and after makeup or a return from Korea? The task force went after it. Wang Sanjie registered address information in Buji, but the police arrived at the registered address only to find that there was no such person. After a period of time in the area of Buji, the police finally arrested the suspect Wang Sanjie in a rental house in Buji street at about 13:00 on April 3, 2018.

What makes people scratching their heads is that in the process of arrest, even the police almost didn't recognize Wang Sanjie. 'if I hadn't studied her for such a long time, I might not have recognized her at first sight. She is just three people in plain, light and heavy makeup. In fact, according to our intelligence, we used to check a subway entrance in Buji for more than an hour, but we found nothing. After we caught her, we found out that she really drifted past us. 'said the police. According to Wang Sanjie, born in Huanggang, Hubei Province in 1976, she met Li Xiaoqing by accident when she was a massage technician in Longgang foot bath center in 2015. While chatting, she lied that she was born in 1990.

Because she was good at dressing up, Li Xiaoqing quickly fell in love with third sister Wang. What he didn't know was that third sister Wang was addicted to gambling. She soon found out that the Li family had a lot of wealth and that Li Xiaoqing was easy to use money. As a result, third sister Wang made up all kinds of lies to defraud money, and then used them to gamble and squander. In the first half of 2017 alone, third sister Wang once lost 3 million Hong Kong dollars in Macao casinos in half a month, and then stayed in Macao casinos for two and a half months in the second half of 2017. She spent all her time in casinos except sleeping, and finally lost more than 6 million Hong Kong dollars. At present, Wang Sanjie has been under criminal detention, and the case is under further investigation and trial. Police tips, keep rational in the process of making friends, don't be carried away by sweet words, don't be hoodwinked by the appearance of swindlers, involving money transactions should be careful! If cheated, call the police immediately!