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Shenzhen's top ten restaurants with the most unique environment are absolutely amazing to you every

1 Guanhai Road

On the coast of the South China Sea, on the microwave mountain, it is known as the only peak restaurant in Shenzhen - No.1 Guanhai road. Sitting in the mountains and embracing the sea, surrounded by green trees, far away from the noise of downtown. The walls of the shop are covered with old photos from the early days of Shekou port construction. The magnificent sea view outside the landing window creates an excellent private space with luxury and taste. You can also sit in the open air, enjoy the breeze and overlook the scenery of Shekou. The main products are Cantonese cuisine. The most famous one is the private chicken on the top of the mountain. It's very tender and delicious. Although the price is not cheap, it is still worth recommending.

Per capita: 150-220 yuan

Signboard: private chicken, Haihuang vermicelli and spicy shrimp


Captain's restaurant is the first special restaurant with the theme of navigation in Shenzhen. Walking into the old captain, the first thing you see is the legendary old ship. The roads leading to the restaurant are surrounded by gardens and open-air seats are scattered among them. Inside, the restaurant is decorated with dark color and large red wine. The waiter wears water clothes and the private rooms are named after famous waters. The environment is elegant. The restaurant produces a variety of products, mainly fine Cantonese cuisine, but also Thai cuisine, sashimi, steak and so on, suitable for business banquets or friends gathering.

Per capita: 150-225 yuan

Signature: Captain curry crab and grapefruit sauce baked Australian oyster, fried and baked fish

The fragrance of fish and rice

A small village in a big city. Pavilion courtyard, deep bamboo forest, winding path In fact, Xiaobian likes this feeling very much. She even smelled the rural flavor in Shenzhen, which is in a restaurant called Yumi Zhixiang. The restaurant is really super large. There are tables inside and outside the room, and there are many people. There are also different pavilions, glass rooms and bamboo garden rooms. A lot of people like to sit outside. It's really cool at night, but mosquitoes and insects come to join in the fun.

Per capita: 60-100 yuan

Signboard: roast goose and mutton chops, black pepper, butterfly bone, iron dish, durian crisp

Village kitchen Qiaocheng store

This is Suzhou garden in southern China: small bridges, flowing water, pavilions, rockeries, waterfalls, and three or five ducks playing in the pond. The dining tables are distributed by the pond, under the rockery, among the bamboo groves, and even in the rain corridor, with double seats, which has a unique charm. Exquisite scenery, delicious barbecue, bring vision and taste of the double subject, let a person thoroughly intoxicated. In addition to oysters, other things in rural kitchens are also worth mentioning. Secret baked chicken, fresh roasted abalone, and iron plate shrimp are highly popular, almost every table must be ordered, and they are very popular every night.

Per capita: 50-80 yuan

Signature: roast chicken with oysters

Jingyi Teahouse

The teahouse is located on the left side of Xihu Hotel, covering an area of more than 1300 square meters. The decoration of the teahouse has a unique style. The fusion of classical and modern, Eastern and Western culture reveals the elegant, simple, leisurely and comfortable style everywhere. There are nine private rooms in the teahouse, each with its own characteristics. The teahouse is full of exquisite pottery, paintings and calligraphy, and the garden is deep with lush flowers and trees. At the same time, there is a considerable performance. You can also learn to make pottery, or draw with a brush

Per capita: 20-50 yuan

Signature: cheese sweet potato soup chicken pumpkin soup cheese sweet potato

timber wolf

The decoration of the wolf's nest in this city is really out of our minds - the dim lights, rough earth walls, solid wooden chairs and wolf murals are wrapped in a rough feeling; the box is called "bridal chamber" and has a lot of old newspapers and photos pasted on it. The restroom is known as the liberated area. Even if you don't want to get rid of it, you have to visit it. The menu is also deliberately made in the shape of bones. The name of the dish is strange and the style is northwest style. "Jinwucangjiao", "undercover", "colorful" are very good

Per capita: 60-90 yuan

Signboard: chivalrous and tender

Kitchen manufacturing

The kitchen has a very modern layout and landscaping. The design of the restaurant is alternate between high and low, with the combination of strong light and shade contrast. From the colorful red dress at the entrance to the 70 meter long corridor with lights and mirrors at the end, to the Yingge pottery lamp with stars in the transparent room, people can't help but be dazzled.

Per capita: 80-120 yuan

Signature: Curry Crab foie gras sashimi

Lanmahe Restaurant

Quality and fashion are the essence of Ramah. No matter the elegant environment or exquisite dishes, every detail is the epitome of the most fashionable and in food culture. The white dining space is natural and simple. It is outlined with gold thread, revealing graceful elegance and low-key luxury. When night comes, the flickering candle in the red candlestick is so bewitching, which is most suitable for lovers to whisper and relatives to get together.

Per capita: 100-120 yuan

Signature: Classic Caesar Salad blue Maher special rib eye King French mushroom soup with soft heart

Xiangshe Club

Walking into Xiangshe club, you feel like you are in the dream street of Paris. Here you can enjoy the original print works of Picasso, Matisse and Dali, the installation works of famous contemporary artists for Xiangshe club, the sculpture works of Chinese concept artists, the oil paintings of famous contemporary artists and the precious antiques collection from Europe and America. In addition, the Chinese and Western restaurants managed by famous teachers, private cigar rooms, professional wine cellars, gorgeous private cinemas, art shops and high-end member clubs all reflect the unique business philosophy and noble taste of Xiangshe club.

Per capita: 100-300 yuan

Signature: Abalone Sauce, leg antler, fresh tofu, hot and soft heart, chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce, Braised Abalone wings, thyme roasted Australian lamb chop

Happy kitchen

Happy kitchen, the cafeteria on the 32nd floor of Shenzhen Grand Hyatt Hotel, tells you that happiness is a wonderful scenery. If you eat here, you can not only enjoy the blue sky and white clouds, but also enjoy the prosperous and bright confusion. When the night falls, watching the lights of every family light up gradually, is it night lights or stars that twinkle? Beautiful scenery is the first meal offered by Le kitchen. "LECHU" has four open kitchens, which make Japanese cuisine, traditional Western food, classic Chinese food and chilled seafood on site.

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