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Shijiazhuang's 20 best places to visit in autumn

Baiguo Temple

Also known as Xiangshan Puji temple, it is located in niujiazhuang village, Qianxian Township, northwest of Yuanshi County, with a history of more than 1000 years. There is a ginkgo tree in the temple, which has been more than 1000 years old. The tree is 28.1 meters high, 1.82 meters in diameter at breast height, and the trunk is erect, which is very spectacular. In late autumn, the golden leaves of the trees sway with the wind, which exudes the unique charm of the ancient trees.

Address: niujiazhuang village, Qianxian Township, northwest of Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City

Transportation: take you 2, 311, 328 to Tongye in Shijiazhuang, take Tongye 323 to the south entrance of Liangzhuang, go up the mountain on the right hand, and turn right to the Baoquan Temple site. After Wufeng mountain and pigsty, we arrive at Baiguo temple.

Botanical Garden

Shijiazhuang botanical garden should be regarded as the most scenic spot for planting ginkgo in the provincial capital, and also one of the most beautiful places to enjoy ginkgo. There are more than 10000 ginkgo trees, forming different landscape, including Ginkgo Street Trees, ginkgo forest, and ancient ginkgo trees, which are distributed in the ginkgo dike, Huanhu East Road, celebrity tree planting area, Xishan and other scenic spots.

Address: northbound at the intersection of Botanical Garden Street and outer ring road, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang

Transportation: you can take bus No.1, No.5 and No.11 in the city.

Hebei University of economics and trade

Campus autumn always has the most beautiful scenery, pure and romantic. Ginkgo biloba of the University of economics and trade has attracted countless photographers to take pictures and enjoy it. Ginkgo forest with beautiful women, has also become a sign of Hebei University of economics and trade autumn, but also become a permanent school memory of students.

Address: No.47 Xuefu Road, Shijiazhuang

Bus route: 112, 118, fast 118

Chang'an Park

Chang'an park is not only the earliest Park in Shijiazhuang, but also a large comprehensive park. It can be said: cherry blossom in spring, lotus in summer, ginkgo in autumn and snow in winter. The ginkgo forest in Chang'an park has become one of the deepest memories of autumn in the provincial capital.

Address: 205 Zhongshan East Road, Chang'an District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Transportation: No.1, No.5, No.10, No.30, No.45, No.60, No.68, No.106, No.116, No.132, No.3 night sightseeing, No.131, No.519, No.43, No.18, No.21, No.41, No.92, No.112, No.89.

Yuxi Park

Going to Yuxi park to enjoy gingko is a must for Zhuangli people in autumn. Every late autumn, the Ginkgo biloba in Yuxi park is very attractive, attracting many people to visit. The planting of Ginkgo biloba in Yuxi park is relatively scattered, and it is planted near the southwest corner, North Square and sports ground.

Address: eastbound at the intersection of Zhongshan West Road and Yuanxi street, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Bus routes: 1, 10, 15, 24, 325, 38, 39, 57, tourism 5.

Xiqing Park

The trees planted on both sides of the roadside of Xiqing park are ginkgo trees, which has become a great beauty of the park in autumn. When the ginkgo leaves are dyed golden, many photographers gather here to take pictures of the strong autumn.

Address: intersection of Hongqi Street and Yuhua Road, Qiaoxi District

Bus routes: No.10, No.14, No.59, No.2 night sightseeing, No.317, No.11 tourism

Ginkgo Avenue

Ginkgo biloba are also planted on some streets in the provincial capital, such as the section from Yuhua Road to Huaizhong road in Jianhua street. The ginkgo trees here are quite tall.

1. Huaian Road West 2nd Ring Road to West 3rd Ring Road

2. Yuhua Road Jingguang railway to Weiming Street

3. Yuhua Road West Street to Huaqing Street

4. Jianhua Street Yuhua Road to Huaizhong Road

5. Jianshe Street Yuhua Road to south 2nd Ring Road

6. Minxin Hexi line Xinhua Road to Ziqiang Road

galsang flower

"Gesang" is in Tibetan,

It means "good time" or "happiness.",

So every autumn,

Gesang flowers bloom all over the grassland,

Happiness is everywhere.

Hutuo River flower sea

Hutuo River, as a city card of Shijiazhuang, has become more and more beautiful in recent years. This year, more than 3500 mu of wild flowers have been planted along the Hutuo River from Zhonghua street to the east of Taihang street. More than 10 kinds of flowers, such as Yu Meiren, cosmos, Zinnia, cyanidia, blue flax, Echinacea purpurea, Verbena lanceolata, and Dutch chrysanthemum, will open in succession, and the flowering period will last until the middle of November.

Address: North Bank of Hutuo River, east of Taihang street; South Bank of Hutuo River, east of Zhonghua street

Driving and cycling routes: 130, 177, 131, 132, 148, 164, 138


A TV play in my childhood

Let many people have a deep memory of romantic lavender

The purple sea of flowers in Provence has also become a dream land for many people.

But autumn is coming

Shijiazhuang is also covered with purple blankets in many places.

Forest river Quna theme park

If you want to say that the largest Lavender viewing place in Shijiazhuang is Linlin hequna park. Located on the South Bank of Hutuo River, Zhonghua North Street, and the west side of Hexin Island, forest river Quna theme park covers an area of more than 2000 mu, with purple love holy land, lavender manor, many challenging outdoor sports development projects, and various high-grade, multi-level and all-round leisure experience projects.

Address: west side of Hexin island of Yunlong bridge, Hutuo River scenic area, Zhonghua North Street, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Bus: take bus No.117 and get off at Forest River Park Station of Hexin Island, then follow the direction indicated by the road sign.

Zihai xiangtian lavender manor

This is an idyllic tourist attraction with lavender as its theme. The piano, music score, swing, thatched cottage, Huatian wooden bridge, cute cartoon Donald Duck and spinning windmill in the flower sea seem to live in a fairy tale castle. Lawn wedding square is a place where new people hold weddings. All kinds of decorations here are full of romance and happiness.

Address: 7 km westbound at the intersection of Youyi North Street and Xuefu Road (formerly Wuqi Road), Shijiazhuang

Bus: take bus no.113171 in the city to get off at the Vocational College of Finance and economics, and there is a free shuttle bus to the manor.

Ziyun Xiangshan lavender manor

Ziyun Xiangshan lavender manor is a famous leisure and holiday manor in the suburb of Shijiazhuang, where we can enjoy lavender, pick lavender and enjoy popular science.

Address: opposite to No.1 Xishan, Shanqian Avenue, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang

Bus: from Shijiazhuang to Ziyun Xiangshan lavender manor, you can take bus No.304 from Xiwang to Xishan No.1 or Lingdi Xikou. Or take No.3 tour bus from Luquan and get off at Xishan No.1.

West Evergreen Lavender Garden

This is the lavender manor planned and constructed by the Changqing resort in the west of Shijiazhuang. It is located in Liushugou, the core scenic spot of Changqing in the West. There are few people here, but the scenery is good.

Address: Changqing tourist resort, southwest of Luquan City

Transportation: from Shijiazhuang city to the West Changqing lavender garden, you can go from Huaian Road westbound to Xinzhuang, turn right, from Luhua thermoelectric bridge Xiafu road to Xingyuan Road, turn left for 4km to reach the West Changqing scenic spot; from Luquan district to the West Changqing lavender garden, go southward to Shijiazhuang new zoo, cross the highway tunnel bridge, turn right from qiaoxiafu road to Xingyuan road for 4km to reach the West Changqing scenic spot.

red autumnal leaves

Autumn leaves,

It's a journey of color.

Red leaves all over the mountains,

It is the most magnificent natural scenery in autumn.

Tiangui mountain

Tiangui mountain is a beautiful forest park in the hinterland of Taihang and the nearest "Red Leaf City" to Shijiazhuang. It has rich cultural heritage and natural scenery. It is a good place to see red leaves in autumn. On the mountain, Cotinus coggygria, Quercus, Catalpa bungei, oak and red maple trees turn from green to yellow, from yellow to red, until the mountains are all red, and the forests are all dyed.

Address: located in Pingshan County, 90 kilometers northwest of Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province.

Bus: Shijiazhuang north passenger station to Tianguishan main stations: Shijiazhuang, Pingshan, Wentang, Guyue, Beiye, Tianguishan.

Self driving: (North Railway Station) - Pingshan County - Tianguishan.

Taishan cents

Xiantai mountain is located in the east foot of Taihang Mountain, Xinzhuang Township, northwest of Jingxing County, 80 kilometers away from the provincial capital Shijiazhuang. This is a comprehensive scenic spot with beautiful natural scenery and cultural landscape. The main species of red leaf is Cotinus coggygria, and there are Acer truncatum, persimmon, Rhus typhina and other tree species.

Address: Xiantai mountain is located at the east foot of Taihang Mountain, Xinzhuang Township in the northwest of Jingxing County, at the junction of Pingding County in Shanxi Province.

Take a bus: from Xiwang passenger station on Xinhua West Road to Jingxing Great Wall Hotel, take a bus every five minutes and transfer to Xiantai mountain bus at 8:00 and 10:00.

Self driving: ① Shijiazhuang Xibaipo Expressway donghuishe exit South Xiaozuo town right Xiantai mountain. ② Shijiazhuang - Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Expressway - Jingxing East Exit - mining area - turn left after Xiaozuo town - Xiantai mountain.

Wuyue Village

Wuyue village in early autumn is colorful and beautiful. Surrounded by autumn flowers and trees. Showing a sense of vitality. The colors of green, red and yellow are all over the lofty mountains, which are as beautiful as an oil painting.

Address: wuyuezhai tourist area is located in the Northwest Mountainous Area of Lingshou County, Hebei Province.

Take a bus: get on the bus from yunyunqiao bus station in the urban area. There are buses in the morning and afternoon. The ticket price is 21 yuan.

Self driving: you can drive from Zhengding to Lingshou, or from Shijiazhuang city through Shijiazhuang Taiyuan expressway, turn right along Shiyan highway and baichigan to Lingshou County, and then follow the North Ring Road northward from Zhengding Nanying highway to wuyuezhai.

Mimishui air gallery

On the endless mountain, the lush yellow cots and red maple trees, together with the ornaments of waterfalls, lakes, streams and ancient courtyards, make the autumn scenery more unique. From early autumn to frost, the leaves change from green to yellow, orange to light red, then to deep red, and finally to dark red.

Address: located in Pingshan, mimishui, Shijiazhuang, is a national 4A scenic spot.

By bus: take a bus from Shijiazhuang north passenger station.

Self driving: ① Shijiazhuang Beierhuan Shiyan highway baichigan Pingshan Wentang Guyue left turn (19km) - mimishui; ② Shijiazhuang Xibaipo Expressway Wentang (downhill) - Guyue left turn - mimishui (about 2 hours)


The green mountain has become a colorful ocean, which seems to be a gift from nature. Look at the hillside, bright red, purple red, yellow flowers and trees, like a burning flame, in full swing, dazzling.

Address: located in Zanhuang County, southwest of Shijiazhuang (52 km to Zanhuang county)

Take bus: take bus No.30 (the first bus time is 5:30, the last bus time is 21:30) and No.35 (the first bus time is 6:00, the last bus time is 21:00) in Shijiazhuang city to Nanjiao passenger station, take Zanhuang bus (6:00-17:00) to Zanhuang passenger station (ticket price is 15 yuan) and transfer to Zhangshiyan bus (ticket price is 15 yuan).

Self driving: Take Beijing Shenzhen Expressway from Beijing to Yuanshi exit, take yuanzan highway, pass Zanhuang County, then go along zanxi highway to yecaowan and turn left until Zhangshi scenic spot.

Camel beam

In autumn, the sky in Tuoliang is high, the clouds are light, the layers are emerald, the forest is full of waves, the secluded gorge is picturesque, the waterfalls are in groups, the sea of clouds is frequent, the climate is pleasant, and thousands of scenery are fascinating everywhere. Maple, birch, Aspen and other colors are different.

Address: Tuoliang is located in the east of Wutai County and the northwest of Pingshan County.

Take a bus: take the train to Shijiazhuang station, and then take the shuttle bus from Shijiazhuang to Tuoliang: Shijiazhuang north passenger station - Tuoliang morning: 7:00 8:00.

Self driving: Shijiazhuang - North 2nd ring shangshiyan highway - Pingshan - changyuling turn right to Xibaipo direction - Sujiazhuang turn right to national highway 207 to Chenzhuang direction - turn left to wuyuezhai direction before reaching Chenzhuang direction - wuyuezhai - turn over the mountain to reach qiandadi