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Apple announced top 10 app artifact of the year


Prism is a photo editing application, which can accurately convert modern photos into retro style through artificial intelligence, imitating the artistic style of Van Gogh, Picasso, Leviathan and other painters. Medly

Medly is a music production application, which supports the decomposition, picking, moving, deleting, sorting and other operations of songs, as well as the performance of various musical instruments. Users can play epic music through it. Pin

Pin is a clipboard extension application, which supports recording the clipboard data, copying in the notification center, and using icloud platform for synchronization. MaxCurve

Maxcurve is a powerful image editing tool for professional photographers. It supports curve adjustment similar to Photoshop on PC, and also supports adding layer mask. It costs 25 yuan in app store. Nike+ Training Club

Nike + training club is a sports app developed by Nike. It supports the development of sports plans, records many sports and activities including basketball, and shares sports records with members of the Nike + community. VUE

Vue is an innovative video shooting and editing tool, which supports real-time filter, dynamic beauty, multi shot editing, sticker animation and other functions, making it easy for you to shoot blockbusters. Taoka Baoka: Toca blocks

Taoka Baoka: Toca blocks is an educational application that allows users to build their own world and share it with good friends. The app sells for 18 yuan in the app store. A master of Chinese

There are enough English learning apps, but now Chinese learning has become another focus for schools and parents. Youdao language talent is an app for Chinese learning. It supports the query of Chinese characters, words and idioms. Folioscope

Folioscope is an app that can create animations. It can draw animations with simple tools, share with community members, participate in theme competitions, etc. TaoMix 2

Taomix 2 is a sleepless killer app. With it, users can easily fall asleep. It supports playing a variety of immersive music and scenery. The app itself is free, but some sound packs need to be purchased internally. Most of these ten apps are multimedia tool applications, such as prism and maxcurve, Vue, medly and folioscope. Of course, there are also some very practical applications in daily life. For example, taomix 2 can hypnotize, and Nike + training club is a sports application. There are also such things as "to cards" and "to blocks".

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