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99% of people don't know where to take photos in Shenzhen

No.1 baguang Village

Reasons for recommendation:

Baguang village is the most beautiful primitive ecological village in Shenzhen. The whole village, with its back to the mountain and face to the sea, has a unique scenery. There are many mangroves and egrets flying in the forest. The volcanic landforms along the coastline attract many photographers to take pictures. Especially in the village, although more than 100 old houses have been deserted, they are still intact, which makes people full of vision and imagination of the old time.

Transportation Guide: you can take bus to Nan'ao Island in Shenzhen City, then change the local bus, take bus 987, get off at the bus stop of "baguang community", and walk about 362 meters to baguang village.

Admission: No.2 OCT Creative Park

Reasons for recommendation:

This is a good place to practice photography! You can see graffiti on the wall, roadside shops and coffee shops everywhere. This is a gathering place for literary and art youth in Shenzhen. Take your camera and go to OCT together on a sunny weekend. Slow down and let time stay here for a while.

Mode of transportation: get off at Konka Group, north of Shennan Road, and walk inside. You can see the creative park of City Inn and walk inside. Subway Qiaocheng east station, exit a, go north to Enping street. No.3 Guanlan Print Village

Highlight: Guanlan Print village, a famous Hakka village, is a pure land hidden in the city's bustling depth. People call it "the most beautiful village in Shenzhen". The village is picturesque, with a strong cultural atmosphere and artistic atmosphere. The old house in the field is quiet and serene. It's rare to keep this elegant and simple in Shenzhen, a modern city famous for its speed. Suitable for shooting: Minqing ancient costume, dark environment portrait, high-profile field scenery portrait. Mode of transportation: No.312 bus goes directly to niuhu printmaking village, or go to Guanlan bus station and turn 771 to printmaking village No.4 rose coast

Reason for recommendation:

There are many beautiful artificial landscapes on the beach, including church and fairy tale cabin in the woods, which are suitable for shooting sunset.

Suitable for shooting: sea view, scenery environment portrait, wedding dress

Transportation mode: take bus b755, M207, m357 and m362 to rose coast. No.5 green world

Reasons for recommendation:

Qingqing world is the first resort farm with the theme of agricultural sightseeing and leisure in Shenzhen. With quiet environment and fragrant flowers, the park is very suitable for short weekend vacation. At present, there are four seasons melon orchard, Butterfly Valley, horticultural Museum, fishing pool, farmhouse style restaurant, open-air barbecue square, wooden house villa, fitness center, swimming pool and other facilities in the park, which are suitable for 1-2 day tour.

Transportation Guide: take bus no.369 or B819 in Shenzhen, get off at the "Nantou Qingqing world" bus stop, and then walk 129 meters to reach Qingqing world scenic spot.

Admission: 60 yuan, No.6 window of the world

Reasons for recommendation:

The window of the world is a series of local business cards, such as world wonders, ancient and modern scenic spots, folk culture, historical sites, etc., which are imitated and built in the park according to a certain proportion. When visitors enter the window of the world, they can instantly shuttle through the historical time and space as well as the world region, and feel the beauty of the exquisite miniature architecture.

Transportation mode: take bus 42, 43, 66, 70, 72, 392, 392, m425, N1, n24 in Shenzhen, get off at the "window of the world subway connecting station" bus stop, and then walk 343 meters to the window of the world scenic spot.

Admission: 160 yuan

Note: there are a lot of people in holidays, and there are many people who take photos. Because of the dense scenic spots, it is difficult to have the space for telephoto to play, and it is unlikely to make a big scene film. No.7 mangrove

Reasons for recommendation:

The coastal scenic line in the urban area stretches for more than ten kilometers in Shenzhen Bay and is rich in vegetation and birds. The coastal ecological park in the East is relatively mature and the trees are luxuriant. In the west is the newly-built ecological coastal greenway for the Universiade. You can rent bicycles and ride. The trees are not fully grown, so you can take photos of the Shenzhen Bay Cross Sea Bridge.

Suitable for shooting: landscape portrait, night scene, coastal scenery, sunset, animals and plants

Transportation mode: you can take No.8 Dutch flower Town at No. J1, 76, 80, k113, 229, 231, 305, 317, 322, 337, 382, k204, K105

Reasons for recommendation:

The northern European architectural style scenic spot of Shanzhai version is not big in place and has many angles. It's hard to be a planner to photograph some exotic scenery without going abroad.

Suitable for shooting: Environmental portrait, COSPLAY

Mode of transportation: the nearest platform of Dutch flower Town is Nantou bus station, which can be reached by 201, 223 and b813. When you get to Nantou bus station, you can go out and walk 100 meters to the left.

No.9 Vientiane City

Reasons for recommendation:

Vientiane city is the shopping and entertainment center of China Resources Center. It is the largest indoor shopping center in Shenzhen, the best in South China and the most exemplary in China. It seems to be the only place to take photos of Shenzhen People's street, but it ignores a sunken square with flowing water and green trees on the side. In fact, it can better capture the sense of hierarchy between the characters and the city, and make the characters more fashionable

Suitable for shooting: shooting some new clothes and street shooting

Mode of transportation: Grand Theater exit C No.10 sea garden

Reasons for recommendation:

Ocean garden is the most famous farmhouse entertainment and leisure villa in Shenzhen. The whole villa, located beside the lake, is surrounded by green trees and fresh air. It has a series of leisure facilities, such as happy farm, water cabin, farmhouse restaurant, ecological science popularization area, fitness club, chess and card teahouse. You can take photos and play at the same time.

Transportation Guide: take bus No. 337, 338, 652, 779, m331 in Shenzhen City, take bus No. 1 and 2 to the scenic spot.

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