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The top ten most interesting places in Tibet

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1. Potala Palace (Lhasa)

The night scene is sacred and shocking. You should pay attention to rest when climbing more than 200 steps at the beginning of bugong. It's easy to get high reaction.

2. Zhashlunbu Temple (Shigatse area)

Located in Shigatse area, it is very big and has the fourth Panchen pagoda, which is famous for the residence of Panchen masters in Wuxi. It's like entering a small town. It's quiet and peaceful.

3. Mount Everest (Shigatse region)

Rizhao Jinshan of Mount Everest, the starry sky is super beautiful. Mount Everest, 8844 meters in the world.

4. Sangye Temple (Shannan area)

The temple is a regular temple with Buddhist fire, Buddhism, Buddhism and monks. During the meeting, lamas chanted sutras with the host, occasionally accompanied by gongs, drums, bells and horns.

5. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (Nyingchi area)

The forest vegetation is lush, and the river water is also very spectacular. However, 290 yuan is too expensive to see the Grand Canyon, so you can only charter a car to walk, take the dirt road to Gala village, and take a turn in the Yarlung Zangbo River.

6. Namco (Lhasa)

Beauty, special beauty, lake water, snow mountain, shock, absolutely wash the soul of the place. If you go there early, you can still see people turning around the mountain.

Tips: don't shoot cattle, Tibetans will pester you to charge.

7. Yangzhuo yongcuo (Shannan area)

At first sight, I like the blue sky, white clouds and blue lake.

8. Drepung Temple (Lhasa)

It is the largest temple in the world. It is recommended to see the Sutra after lunch. Recommend highland barley and wheat flavored ice cream in the snack bar.

9. Sera Temple (Lhasa)

You can touch the pedestal under the statue of King Ming of Matou, and you can also watch the Sutra debate and the grand ceremony of basking in Buddha. Bring the children, pay homage to the horse head Ming king, and protect them from being harassed by demons.

10. Ma Pang Yong CuO

You can see Tibetans coming around the lake in the car. In the morning, mapang yongcuo can freeze people into dogs, but it's so beautiful to see the sunrise. There's nothing to complain about.

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