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The world's top ten beauty city ready to see dazzle!

When traveling abroad, who does not expect to meet a beautiful romantic encounter in a foreign land full of exotic feelings? According to Russian media reports, the world-famous travel magazine "tourist digest" has published a list of the top ten cities with the most beautiful women in the world in the eyes of male tourists, and Amsterdam of the Netherlands ranks first.

Number one Amsterdam (Netherlands)

In Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, which is most popular with male tourists, it is a beautiful scenic spot with fashionable clothes, full of vitality and bold and open-minded beauties. The beauties here prefer to ride and walk rather than take a car, which makes the city attract more men's attention.


Tel Aviv (Israel)

Second was Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Male tourists interviewed think that the beautiful women here light brown and light green eyes are the most attractive. "Israeli girls over the age of 18 are serving in the army," the magazine's experts warned. If you want to betray her, be prepared to deal with unpleasant things. It's risky, but exciting! "

Second runner up

Montreal (Canada)

Montreal is the third city in Canada. There are many beautiful women with French charm. Many people can speak French, the most suitable language in the world. Because there are many universities in the city, there are beautiful young and fashionable women everywhere. Therefore, it is suggested that men traveling to Montreal must learn one or two sentences of French in case of emergency.


Caracas (Venezuela)

Venezuela is famous for its many Miss World laureates, which shows that there are so many beautiful women here, especially in Caracas. Venezuelan beauty is not only beautiful, but also very easy to get along with.


Moscow (Russia)

Women in Moscow, the capital of Russia, also attract men. Tourist Digest magazine points out: "Russia is the motherland of the most beautiful women in the world, and the number of beautiful women in Moscow Metro alone is much more than that in the United States."


Los Angeles (USA)

Los Angeles is also a beautiful city, and all of them are concentrated in Hollywood, which is only 1 square kilometer.


Varna (Bulgaria)

The city of Varna in Bulgaria is a place where many men's dreams come true. The natural scenery here is very beautiful. The beaches, spirits and beautiful women are very attractive.


Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Most of the Argentinean beauties live in Buenos Aires, the capital. The beauties here are beautiful, fashionable, elegant and generous.


Copenhagen (Denmark)

Denmark has the most beautiful and enthusiastic beauties, especially those living in Copenhagen, whose personality charm is incomparable.


Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is also known for its beauty. Swedish beauties are hospitable, cultured and sociable, and know how to enjoy their partners.

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