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A review of the top ten charming cities with British style

Top1, London

It's one of the most international cities in the world, and people from all over the world are pouring into London. Live, study or work here. There are countless landmark buildings and beautiful scenery here. Ranking first, don't say much.

Top2, Edinburgh

Immersed in the noise of the middle ages, the narrow alleys of the old city echo the elegance of the new city. Edinburgh deserves her reputation as one of her most fascinating cities.

Top3, bath

In bath, rest has become a key word, charming but simple history, simple lifestyle, quiet Gallery Museum, affordable food. Life is a theme.

TOP4, York

Few cities in the world can match the history and characteristics of York. The picturesque riverside city, surrounded by ancient walls, is a great Gothic church. Its history can be traced back to more than 2000 years.

Top5, Manchester

Here, whether it's the International Film Festival, the Premier League football match or the high-profile musicians, you can always find their shadow. This is a noisy city.

Top6, Oxford

Oxford blends the charm of the middle ages with the noise of the modern city. Every part of the city comes from the famous entries in the dictionary. And people always associate the city with the University.

Top7, Brighton

You'll never get bored in this slightly eccentric City, where unexpected things always happen. For example, yoga classes facing the sea, surfing, beach Hippie market and so on.

Top 8, Liverpool

Liverpool is the friendliest city in England and the people are very talkative. In Liverpool, marine historic buildings, world-class museums and cultural attractions allow you to enjoy the beauty.

Top9, Glasgow

Glasgow is the second largest city in the British Empire. It is famous for its shipping, industry and commerce. Now, it has become a palace of music, art, drama, design and food.

Top10, Cambridge

Cambridge is smaller, more beautiful and gentler than Oxford. Here you can enjoy the leisurely view of the students, visit the Fitzwilliam Museum, and take a leisurely walk in Kate's yard.

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