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Top 10 walking cities in the world

Just as birds fly, human beings walk. Enrique penarosa, a former mayor of Bogota, Colombia, once said: "God made us walking animals - pedestrians. Deer, birds, to survive, but to swim, not to swim But the concept is not true everywhere. Take cities with motor vehicles as the center, such as Houston and Jakarta, for example. As Jan Gehl, a Danish designer and urban planner, agrees: cities serve people, not cars. Here are 10 cities in the world that are suitable for walking

First. Paris, France

Paris, with its tree lined streets, cobblestone alleys, roadside cafes, promenades along the Rhine River, and the isolation zone, is a city for walking experience.

One popular route is to start at Sacre Coeur Cathedral, through Montmartre, where you can experience a weekend market for artists and products. If you're interested in palaces, gardens and historic buildings, take a walk along the right bank of the Rhine, with winding trails leading you to Champs é lysees and Concorde square.

However, not all cities are suitable for walking. If you do live in an environment suitable for walking, and you are not sure of the value of walking, I hope you will give up your car for a month and find the significance of walking, such as more disposable income, less pressure and more social activities.

Second. The scenery of New York City

Take a walk in the rush hours of a weekday afternoon, and you'll see crowds in fashionable, sneakers. New York is a paradise for walkers, and the web streets are clearly marked, so don't worry about getting lost. Instead of setting up a specific route, you can experience the scenery of New York City through its prominent blocks. The most popular human scale blocks are many, and some of the best are village, Cheshire, SOHO, Upper West, East Village and Central Park!

Third. London, UK

London is a collection of interesting neighborhoods, and it has many striking promenades, including the Jubilee walk, the London loop and the Thames Path. Several companies offer guided, themed tours such as architecture, historical events and ghosts. London's Regency is the best place to take a walk because it is located along London's internal canal system. The perfect combination of parks, historical attractions and natural amenities makes London a walking dream.

Barcelona, Spain

Rambla Boulevard is a wide, tree lined pedestrian mall in the heart of Barcelona. Here, you will find shopping malls, street performances, vendors and restaurants, a place worth walking. Take a walk along the Barcelona harbour pedestrian area to Barcelona's Catalonia square. If you want to find historic buildings, go to the Gothic District, where there are 15th century churches and squares.

Budapest, Hungary

The Danube runs through Budapest, and both sides show historical features. Starting from the Hero Square, there are a lot of hero monuments. Then go to andrash street and stop at the baroque style saicheni hot spring to visit Budapest's bath culture. In the evening, take part in a series of bar activities and visit the city's pubs, such as? Tkert or szimpla Kert, where you can find out what Hungarian parties look like.

Sixth. Prague, Czech Republic

Royal Boulevard was named after the coronation procession of the king of Bohemia. The journey starts from the gunpowder tower at the original gate of the ancient city, followed by silver arrows on the sidewalk along celetn á street. Throughout the journey, you can see the wonders of the black house of Notre Dame, the first three-dimensional building in Europe. Follow this route to the old city square to experience the astronomical clock.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

As you set out from the airport, Buenos Aires looks like a sprawling metropolis on the plains of Eastern Argentina. However, you don't have to worry, because the central city has set the walking schedule. When you're walking, it's hard to miss the presidential palace and the cathedral, the spontaneous tango and the business. But the Buenos Aires community caters to all the needs, especially on Sundays in santamo, where there will be a lively, bohemian market with shops, street shows and artists. If you are in the mood to enjoy more elegant scenery, be sure to go to Palermo, which is full of cobblestone areas, boulevards, boutiques and shops.

Ottawa, Colombia

Ottawa is a dense city with convenient public transportation and a network of pedestrians and bicycles. Take a stroll along the beautiful Fuk Creek coastline Promenade to Granville Island with views of public markets, shops and coffee shops. Stanley Park is a vast urban park bordering on downtown Ottawa, displaying major landscapes, inner city beaches, public art and other natural facilities.

Ninth. Sydney, Australia

Sydney has great weather all year round and is a great place for people to walk. Start at the rocky area on the edge of the city center, then head to the circular pier and Royal Botanical Garden. Famous attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and the harbour bridge can be seen throughout the journey. If you're curious about the beach, start at Bondi Beach and walk two kilometers to Bronte, where you'll be immersed in the cliffs surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Stop at Manley or Tamarama beach and watch the visitors.

10th. Boston, Massachusetts

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, there is no doubt that Boston is one of the most suitable for walking. Whether you're a history buff or an adventurer, walk down 2.5 miles of Liberty Avenue and discover 16 ancient cities. If you want to see the scenery, walk along Harborwalk and you'll find public art, parks and cafes. Bijiashan community is also the best place to walk because it is distributed along the road of freedom.

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