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An inventory of the world's top ten famous racetracks

1. The reason why Maidan Racecourse must go: the most luxurious Racecourse in the world

The Maidan Racecourse in Dubai is the most luxurious and spectacular Racecourse in the world. After three years of construction, the racecourse cost 3 billion US dollars. Its luxurious facilities are shocking. It not only has a grandstand that can accommodate 60000 people, 400000 square meters of business box, two kilometers long horse tunnel, double deck parking lot that can accommodate 10000 cars, etc., but also has urban park, five-star racetrack Hotel, solar crescent roof, and the world's largest and longest household External LED screen. Today's Maidan Racecourse is the most luxurious Racecourse in the world. It is not only a new benchmark for Racecourse design, but also a new landmark of Dubai after the caliphate and Atlantis Hotel.

2. Moscow Central Racecourse

Must go reason: Europe's oldest racetrack

Built in 1834, Moscow Central Racecourse is the oldest Racecourse in Europe and one of the largest in Russia. Although the racecourse was built early, its conditions meet international standards. Therefore, almost all major domestic or international events in Russia are held here. It is also the only Racecourse open all year round in Russia. The racecourse covers an area of 42 hectares and can accommodate more than 1200 horses. There are four sets of racetracks with curves. There are also 36 separate training grounds for trotters. Every summer, there will be 15 to 20 separate horse racing training grounds to better meet the training needs. Today, this 170 year old Moscow important Racecourse has become an indispensable part of Russian national culture.

3. Cheltenham racecourse, UK

Must go reason: Britain's most famous racetrack

Cheltenham racecourse, located in the suburb of gercheltenham, is known as "the hometown of National Hunt". Britain is the birthplace of modern equestrian, and as the most famous Racecourse in Britain, Cheltenham Racecourse occupies an irreplaceable position in the world racecourse. The racecourse can hold 67500 spectators, and there are two regular tracks, old and new. Among them, the terrain of the new track is more complex, and there are more racing obstacles than the old track. Another feature of the new track is that most of the hurdles are set at the beginning of the race, but there are also two barrier bars at the end. In addition to the regular track, there are also cross-country tracks here. It will be a very intense and exciting carnival for cross-country racing here.

4. Shatin Racecourse, Hong Kong

Must go reason: one of the world's top racetracks

Shatin Racecourse is the second Racecourse in Hong Kong and one of the top racetracks in the world. Shatin Racecourse is located in Sha Tin District in the eastern part of the new territories. It was opened in October 1978. There are grass and mud tracks in the racecourse. The width of the grass track is 30.5 meters, the circumference is about 1900 meters, and it can accommodate 85000 people. The world's top horse races are often held in the world. The equestrian events of the 2008 Olympic Games were held here.

5. Tokyo Racecourse

Must go reason: own the world's largest TV screen

The most famous Racecourse in Japan is Tokyo racecourse. The racecourse is located in Fuzhong City, Tokyo, Japan. It began to open to the outside world in 1993. With the increasing demand, the racecourse has been rebuilt several times. In October 2006, the world's largest TV screen was built, with a total area of 667.09 square meters. There are 13750 seats in the racecourse, which can accommodate 223000 spectators. When there are no events, the horse racing museum is open to the public. Inside the venue, you can also see the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji.

6. France Chantilly Racecourse

Must go reason: fairy tale kingdom rising on the sea

Chantilly is one of the most important and popular raceways in France. It is mainly used to hold horse racing on the ground. It covers an area of 65 hectares and has about 3000 horses. It is close to chantier forest. Every July, the French horse racing prize and the Diana Emmas Prize are held here.

Through the forest next to the castle, you can see the horse Museum, which was built in the 18th century and converted from a stable. Everything about horses is on display here, from riding equipment to paintings and sculptures made for famous horses in the past.

In the late autumn, walking through the woods, the maple trees on both sides of the sermon are also stained with autumn color, all eyes are yellow, green and scarlet, and suddenly you hear the formation of horseshoes. Do you think that it has come to the Middle Ages when Knights fought bravely.

7. Churchill garden racecourse, USA

Must go reason: the most famous Kentucky Derby venue

Churchill garden Racecourse is located in Central Street South of Louisville, Kentucky. It is the venue of Kentucky Derby. The first Kentucky Derby and the first Kentucky oak race were held here in 1875. Churchill garden has also hosted eight breeder Cup World Championships, the latest in 2011, which is the annual U.S. horse racing event. The design of Churchill garden Racecourse is mainly composed of clay track in outer ring and grass track in inner circle as auxiliary part. The terrain of Racecourse is flat and there is no obvious fluctuation of raceway. The length of the final straight road of the mud track is about 380 meters, and that of the grassland is about 350 meters. The material used in mud track is unique traditional real mud, so it will turn into mud ground every rainy day, which is a great obstacle for some horses who are not good at racing in wet mud. 8. Wuhan Dongfang Racecourse must go: the most dynamic Racecourse

When it comes to horse racing, it used to associate with Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia, but now "Wuhan" has become a hot word in the industry. In recent years, Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival, as the host of Wuhan Municipal People's government expected, has set up a landmark banner of the development of China's modern horse industry. More importantly, it has achieved the leading position of Wuhan in the process of Chinese horse racing. As the so-called "vitality shines in the central region, a horse moves the Yangtze River", "China Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival" is not only an art festival of horse culture, but also a blend and collision between Wuhan and the whole country, China and the world, sports and culture, tourism and economy. It has high internationalization, wide participation, strong professionalism, and distinctive charity and public welfare characteristics. Dongfang horse city, the driver of all this, is a large-scale comprehensive project of Dongfang Shenma industry (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. It covers a total area of more than 1 million square meters and is the only Racecourse with international standards in Central China. According to the concept of "2-day race, 5-day show and 365 day happy field", Oriental horse city is planned to become a world-class modern racecourse. 9. Reason why Xilingol Racecourse must go: the most ethnic Racecourse

Known as the first standardized Racecourse in northern Beijing, Xilingol Racecourse in Inner Mongolia is one of the largest racetracks in Asia and has hosted the first games of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is located in the northern suburb of Hohhot, covering an area of 260000 square meters. It is now an important tourist attraction in Inner Mongolia. The racecourse, built by Inner Mongolia Yuanhe group according to international standards, presents a semi open scene and can accommodate more than 7000 guests at the same time.

If we travel to Inner Mongolia, we have never been to Xilingol racetrack to enjoy the "Nadam" grand event, which is equivalent to not having been to the grassland. The racecourse has launched a series of special tourism projects such as "tiantiannadam", "folk song and dance", "equestrian performance", "bonfire party" and "national costume photography" to welcome the guests. At the same time, in the annual tourism season, Xilingol Racecourse also launched large-scale equestrian events with national characteristics and various professional events.

10. Sichuan Wenjiang Racecourse

Must go reason: the largest scale and the most perfect facilities in China

In the early 1990s, Chengdu racecourse, as famous as Guangzhou racecourse, was stopped by the government after a short period of commercial horse racing glory, and then fell into decline. Fortunately, although it is also in a state of loss, the old Racecourse in Chengdu has not been forced to switch to "sidelines" such as parking lots, restaurants, and golf courses as those in Guangzhou, Nanjing and other cities.

In September 2011, a grand Chinese Equestrian festival was held here, which once again experienced a brief resplendence in more than ten years. At a time when the national Racecourse is generally in deficit, Wenjiang District of Chengdu has invested a lot to build the top domestic Golden Horse Sports City. Wenjiang District plans to invest 68 billion yuan in 10 years to build a "new city with characteristics of sports service industry", integrating international sports events, characteristic sports activities, sports experience and sports leisure tourism, so as to leverage the whole sports leisure industry chain.

Under this framework, the racecourse of Chengdu Jinma international sports city is designed and constructed in accordance with international standards, with a total planned investment of about 1.5 billion yuan. It has facilities such as racetrack, grandstand, Equestrian Venue, Central Park, customer service center, distribution square, etc., which can meet the needs of 50000 people in the initial stage and 80000 people in the long term.

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