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Bangkok street food dishes, every kind of super delicious!

corner store

However, Bangkok is so comfortable and comfortable that I just want to degenerate. There are countless delicious food, cheap horse killing chicken, fresh shops on the street, big and small brands in shopping malls, and convenient shopping. In this popular tourist city all over the world, I don't want to know about any history and cultural attractions, but I just indulge in sensual indulgence and pleasure Therefore, my experience of Bangkok is very shallow. Only the delicious food impressed me deeply.

Street food

When we arrived in Bangkok, the first thing we did was to go straight to the street. In Cambodia, we were able to give full play to spring rolls, Khmer curry, fried rice and amork. When we came to Bangkok, we had a full recovery of appetite, and the street was full of delicious food.

Shaomai in bamboo basket

It's our ultimate goal in Bangkok to order wheat in bamboo cages, pour in sauce and sprinkle with coriander. The delicious food is contradictory. If you want to have another one, you can't put the snack stand next to you. Eating all the way is our ultimate goal in Bangkok.

Street rice noodle stall

An old woman selling rice noodles on the street speaks fluent English. Bangkok is indeed a big city.

Delicious rice noodles

80 THB rice noodles, with seafood, vegetables and sausage, the old woman's skillful hand mixed, tasted, and Tao Chai "holding hands to see each other, tears, actually speechless choking", immediately regretted that only two days had been reserved for Bangkok. If it was not for the limited holiday, I would like to change the ticket and stay in Bangkok to eat the haisai.

I love Thai Food

Thailand has such charm, friends around. However, few people who have been to Thailand say "they don't like Thailand". This charming country has such charm. It has convenient life, rich materials, and friendly people. It thinks Thai food is the biggest reason for tourists to this country to be unable to resist Thailand.

Busy night market stalls

At night, during the day, the tourists who travel in every corner of the city seem to concentrate on the food stalls all at once. The air is permeated with the aroma of food, forming an invisible magnetic field, which makes people unable to refuse, intoxicated and degenerated.

All kinds of kebabs

I've had a round of street snacks before, including roast wheat, rice noodles, meat kebabs, juice But, how can we let go of a serious dinner.

Stir fried crab with garlic

Every shop seems to be full of temptations. At last, we have dinner in a restaurant opened by Hong Kong people. On the menu, there are tempting buttered prawns, fried crab with garlic, and so on. Just like Cupid's arrow of love, the spirit falls down and salivates.

Fish in tomato sauce

Fried crab with garlic is so delicious that I have no friends. However, the fish in tomato sauce failed. I didn't expect it was fried. A good fish was fried beyond recognition. It was just a riot. This night, there was no other but to eat.

Pig's feet rice stall

Early in the morning, from a bowl of pig's feet rice, I do not know how, the street stalls, two roasted spray fragrant pigs attracted me to it.

The simple and delicious food can't wait to order. The simple landlady brings pig's feet rice, cuts an egg, some vegetables and a bowl of soup. It's just right. I just want to say that it's not an accident to meet a food that brings people a delicious sense of happiness. It's more like a fate.

Street desserts

The streets and alleys of Bangkok are full of delicious food, including sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Most of them are affordable, no more than 50 baht, that is, less than 10 yuan, you can eat delicious snacks that make you feel like dancing.


All kinds of fruit shakes can be found in every corner of the city, so that you can get a cold and refreshing stimulation at any time in Bangkok, a hot city where angels may sweat.

From Cambodia to Bangkok, after enjoying a week's spiritual life and cultural shock, my vulgar heart still yearns for delicious food. Up to now, what I miss most about Bangkok is not the Grand Palace, nor the four sided Buddha, nor the bars around papeng and cowboy lane, but the food on the streets. In my opinion, that is the worldly complexity of Bangkok China is also the biggest reason why I intend to return to Bangkok again and again.

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