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Enjoy these ten beautiful sceneries on both sides of Pujiang River

1. Wusongpao Taiwan wetland forest park

At the junction of the Huangpu River and the Yangtze River, you can see how the Huangpu River flows into the Yangtze River and then slowly into the sea. The original site of the park is the Yangtze River beach, which was backfilled with steel slag in the 1960s. Its southeast corner is the famous Wusongkou, which was used to build naval fort in history, so it was named Pao Taiwan. The environment of the park is particularly good. You can see the Yangtze River Estuary when you walk to the riverside plank road. You can see the international cruise terminal and many cargo ships from a distance.

Address: 206 Tanghou Road, Baoshan District

2. Riverside Forest Park

Binjiang Forest Park is located in the northernmost part of Pudong. It is the country forest park with the highest forest coverage rate in Shanghai. It is opposite to Paotai mountain across Huangpu River, and faces Hengsha Island, Chongming Dongtan and Jiuduansha across the Yangtze River. Facing the Yangtze River Estuary in the north and facing the Huangpu River, it occupies the unique geographical position of "three parallel flows" of Huangpu River, Yangtze River and East China Sea in Shanghai. When the weather is clear, you can clearly see the beautiful scenery of three parallel rivers.

Address: No.3, Lingqiao high beach, Gaoqiao Town, Pudong New Area

3. Fuxing Island Park

Fuxing island belongs to Yangpu District, separated by Fuxing Island canal in the middle and independent on Huangpu River, facing Huangpu River in the East, South and North, and Fuxing Island canal in the West. As the only island on the Huangpu River, Fuxing island seems to be isolated from the world and maintains its independent tranquility. The old workshop is densely covered with Parthenocissus tricuspidata, and time slows down here. The park is not big and has few people. It looks like a paradise. Green foundation is good, covering with green shade all year round.

Address: Gongqing Road, Yangpu District

4. Old wharf Creative Park

"Old wharf" is the original sixteen shops, with unique historical and cultural tourism traces. The unique old Shanghai Architecture and the old warehouse of Shanghai tycoon radiate new charm under the polishing of time. The former of the old wharf square is the former Shanghai grease factory, the former boiler room, staff bathhouse, dilapidated Workshop Now it has become a special bar, leisure club, theme restaurant, personalized retail, creative workshop, pioneer address: waima Road, Huangpu District

5. Shanghai International Fashion Center

The international fashion center used to be the 17th cotton textile factory in Shanghai, with Fuxing island in the East, Yangpu power plant in the West and Huangpu River in the south. The old red brick workshop and warehouse of Shanghai textile industry history are still preserved here, and they are transformed into a Fashion Plaza integrating shopping, culture, creativity, tourism and leisure. Large brand boutique stores, sports factory stores, brand outlets, leisure catering and other facilities make tourists in an endless stream. If you want to know more about the signs of the budding development of China's industry, there are also China's first water plant and power plant on Yangshupu Road. The 105 meter high chimney is also worth looking forward to.

Address: 2866 Yangshupu Road, Yangpu District

6. North Bund riverside green space

Before liberation, relying on water transportation, the North Bund gradually formed a densely populated business district. After liberation, the North Bund became one of the most important residential areas in Hongkou District. Recently, after more than ten years of development, new roads and tunnels, rail transit line 12 and North Bund transportation hub have been built in the North Bund. The international passenger transport center has been built along the river, and many commercial buildings have been gathered. The overall appearance has been completely changed. And the North Bund riverside green space has become another good place for citizens to relax. There are trees in the shade. Sitting in front of the water is an open water walking path. The boats passing by slowly move forward. The high-rise buildings of Lujiazui in Pudong are unfolded in front of us, and behind them is a piece of green.

Address: Hongdong Road

7. Binjiang Avenue, Xuhui

Along the West Longhua Road, Dongan Road and Fengxi Road, the Binjiang River in Xuhui District is known as the "second bay" on the Huangpu River. You can either drive along the Longteng Avenue, which is the only one you can drive to see the Huangpu River, to enjoy the broad river scenery; or you can ride your bicycle slowly along the bicycle lane beside the river; you can also step on the wooden plank road to watch the waves shot by the riverbank. Xuhui Binjiang used to be dominated by logistics and storage, coal terminal, airport and other storage industries. The old plant site and old industrial equipment were scattered on the Bank of Pujiang River like pearls. At present, a large number of industrial remains are left here, such as the old steam engine of Nanpu Railway Garden, the tower crane of Beipiao wharf, the coal conveyor belt, the pre equalizing warehouse of cement plant, etc.

Address: Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District

8. South Garden Riverside green space

South Garden Riverside green space is located in the South extension of Huangpu, the other side is the Expo site; one side is Lupu Bridge, the other side is Xuhui riverside. Here, once used to be the material transportation wharf of the tunnel company, Dapu Road tunnel passes through below. In the riverside landscape belt, there are still some marks of the industrial age. In the place near the river, the original gantry on the wharf is still retained. During the day, people can enjoy the cool here. At night, the light here reflects with the rainbow shaped Lupu Bridge nearby.

Address: Dapu Road, Longhua East Road, Xuhui District

9. Expo Park, Houtan Park, Mu Zhongshan Water Park

These three parks will continue to be open to the public free of charge after the Expo, with a broad view of both sides of the Pujiang River. The Expo Park and muchong landscape garden have collected many creative sculpture works from artists from all over the world. Houtan park shows the wetland ecology and becomes a good place for leisure and walking. Usually, there are not many people here. On holidays or weekends, adults and children are always in a group, even camping.

Address: Expo Avenue

10. Minhang Hanxiang Water Expo Park

Shanghai Hanxiang Water Expo Park is a water ecological garden built by 3000 villagers in Pengdu village, Maqiao Town, Minhang District to protect the safety of Shanghai drinking water intake. It covers an area of 400 mu and is adjacent to Huangpu River. It is not only a museum of ancient bridges, but also a protected area of ancient trees and trees. It is also a rare classical garden with water, bridges, pavilions, platforms, buildings, pavilions, trees, flowers, grass and trees. Nearly 50 ancient bridges and imitation bridges are gathered or scattered in every corner of the park. Each bridge has a history and a story, which makes people accompany history and walk with the ancients in the garden.

Address: no.3805, Jiangchuan Road, Minhang District

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