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The most proud of Sanshui

Guangsan railway the earliest double track railway in China

The section of Guangzhou Maoming railway connecting Sanshui in the past century is called Guangsan railway, which is the earliest double track railway in China. It closely connects Sanshui with Guangzhou and Foshan, and carries more than half of the passenger volume of Guangdong Railway at that time.

Although less than 50 kilometers, the Guangzhou San railway connects the West River and Beijiang River shipping on one end and Guangfo on the other. It crosses the Pearl River Delta with dense population, abundant products and developed industries. Together with the convenient water transportation, Guangsan railway has become the famous logistics town of Hekou. A large number of goods were transported from Guangzhou to Sanshui for transshipment, and then shipped to various places along the river, such as Jianlibao and Rongsheng refrigerators.

Kuigang Wenta

The oldest existing cultural relics in Sanshui

The oldest existing cultural relic protection unit in Sanshui is the Kuigang pagoda at the mouth of the river. After more than 400 years of vicissitudes, it has accumulated four cultures. I don't know if it's a coincidence. After the completion of Wenta, there are many scholars of three fruits, and there are many scholars and scholars in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Sanshui old customs building

The earliest customs building in Guangdong

As early as more than 100 years ago, before there were roads and railways in Guangdong, the British people fully realized the important value of Sanshui's geographical location, traffic arteries and goods distribution. They designated the estuary as a trading port and built the earliest customs building in Guangdong in 1887.

Wumiaogou outdoor stage

Sanshui people's earliest "theater"

Sanshui people's earliest "theater" was the outdoor stage at the entrance of wumiao. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were people who set up sheds and sang big operas (Cantonese Opera) around the entrance of wumiao. Later, the theater began to move to an indoor hall at the junction of Renmin 2nd Road and Renmin 1st road. This open space, which can accommodate more than 300 people, has become the prototype of Sanshui theater.

People's Theatre

Sanshui people's earliest formal cinema

In 1950, Sanshui government built the Great Hall of the people at the location of the old Chinese medicine hospital along Renmin 1st road. Soon, it was officially renamed as the people's theater, becoming the first formal theater in Sanshui, integrating functions of theater, cinema and conference hall.

The people's theater is a brick and wood tile house with only one hall, which can accommodate nearly a thousand people. Every day after noon, two or three films will be shown. At that time, Sanshui had performances by song and dance troupes, Cantonese opera troupes, quyi troupes and acrobatic troupes from other places. There were several theatrical performances to watch every month.

Southwest Hotel

The first luxury hotel in Sanshui in 1980s

The Southwest Hotel, built in the 1980s, is six stories high. In Sanshui City at that time, the six storey building was already standing out from the crowd. Southwest hotel was the most advanced hotel in Sanshui at that time. At that time, there were not many people who put wine in the Southwest Hotel, but many people sighed about tea. Like Mingxiang teahouse, it is a place where tea customers gather. A dish of vermicelli competes to eat, and "sausage powder" has become a veritable "powder snatcher".

Sanshui Lotus World

The largest lotus scenic spot in the world

The world's largest and most abundant variety of resources, set architecture, sculpture, Dutch, mobile games, hotels, restaurants in one of the lotus viewing tourist attractions.

Now when you mention Sanshui, what you can most associate with is Sanshui lotus world. The lotus world has become a new business card of Sanshui!

Sparrow flower of jiudaogu

The largest group of wild sparrows in South China

In the blooming season, sparrow flowers hang in clusters and grow directly on the vines. Each string of 20 or 30 flowers is connected by a small green vine. When it is in full bloom, the old vine trees are covered with sparrow flowers, just like thousands of sparrows perching in the shade of the forest, which is a spectacle.

Jiudaogu green water village sparrow flower stepped into the green water village sparrow flower kingdom, saw the tangled ancient vines, hanging on the vines in clusters of "sparrows". From a distance, I thought it was a group of sparrows hanging on the vines, just like the perch of thousands of birds. It was amazing.

Baini Fengguo Village

Ancient village in the southernmost part of Sanshui

From Baijin Avenue in the east to Xiqiao science and Technology Park in Nanhai, from Fengguo avenue to Hexi Village in the south, to Xijiang side of Jiefang shalianwei in the west, and Fuwan bridge of Guangming Expressway in the north. Fengguo village is located in the east of the Xijiang River. From Sanshui to Baini, along the Baijin Avenue, Fengguo village is located at the southernmost end of Sanshui.

When you enter Fengguo village, the hillside stands erect, surrounded by clear water, and the paddy fields are covered with pits. There are many ancient banyan trees in the village. The naughty children are playing under the banyan trees. In the pond surrounded by green shadows, the villagers are working with small boats. The idyllic scenery is in full view.

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