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Food paradise! Top 10 food cities with the most characteristics in the United States

1. Cocktail City New York City

In the 20th century, the United States was in the age of cocktail made of vodka and soda water. But in 2000, Sasha petraske opened a cocktail bar, milk honey, in Manhattan, New York. Seats are limited and advance booking is required. It is as famous as PDT, employees only, and death Co., the most famous bars in New York. It is these pioneers that opened up the cocktails. There is no menu in the bar. Everything is adjusted according to the mood and intuition of the bartender.

2. The city of beer Portland, Oregon

Portland is the best beer city in the United States, with more than 70 breweries, and several more opened in 2014. If the beer house and beer bar are surrounded, it will take 15 minutes by bike. The quality of beer here is comparable to that of any other city, and more cinemas will serve beer this year.

3. New Haven, Connecticut

New York and Chicago may have the largest number of pizza chains, but new haven is the real pizza kingdom. The pizzas here are not attractive with fancy decorations or technical ingredients, but with the old-fashioned carbon roasting technique. The crust is hard and crisp, the sauce and cheese are even, and the taste is incomparable. Sometimes clams are added to the pizza.

4. The city of Hamburg -- Chicago, Illinois

Although California has In-N-Out hamburgers, there are no more famous hamburgers than those in Chicago. This is the hometown of Au Cheval and the location of Kuma's Corner / butcher the burger. Chicago has always been more famous for Hamburg, not only in the past, now, and even centuries later.

5. The city of seafood Portland, Maine

Alaska is home to well-known marine animals, and California's fish tacos are also famous, but none of them can match Maine's seafood, especially Portland. Just take a look at the salty coast and the people here, and you'll know how much the people in port love seafood. Lobster rolls are famous all over the United States, and even stingy New Yorkers can't help coming here for a bowl of clam chowder. The oysters, flat sharks and COD in Portland are so tender that they can't be compared!

6. City of ramen San Jose, California

Before San Jose can quit America's largest food city, Silicon Valley has begun to compete in the Ramen game. After all, there are so many noodle shops in San Jose. Orenchi, santouka and Halu are also good places to visit.

7. The city of tortillas -- San Francisco, California

American tortillas can be found everywhere, but no city can match San Francisco's. There are not only mission tortillas, but also Mexican restaurants specializing in tortillas, as well as mixed pancake fillings. San Francisco has been on the "America's best taco" list many times.

8. The city of coffee -- Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a city of coffee, which is inseparable from coffee. It rains for half a year in Seattle. People always stay indoors, so sitting in the coffee shop and looking out of the rain window is an essential sight for Seattle. It is also the birthplace of coffee culture. Slate cafe has sprung up like mushrooms, and Seattle's best and Starbucks also originated here.

9. The city of food trucks -- Los Angeles, California

Most of the poor people in Los Angeles roam the streets, where the climate is warm and suitable for the poor to wait in line for hours to get a meal. But Portland couldn't, because it was cold and no one wanted to stand outside to get relief. So Los Angeles is a good place for food trucks. There are not only traditional food tacos on the food truck, but also Korean rolls, fried chicken, lobster rolls and so on.

10. The cheapest city for eating and drinking -- Detroit, Michigan

Before the economic crisis, Detroit people were particularly thrifty, and they are now. If you don't want to spend more and you want to eat good food, come to Detroit. Detroit once invented a hot-n-ready pizza for just five dollars. There are 24-hour hotels in every block here. It used to be a place where people from all over the world pursued the American dream. It was a food gathering place for the United Nations, but it was cheap. People here share weal and woe.

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