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Nine most suitable campsites for summer in Shenzhen

1. Orange fishing sand Camping: a perfect Crescent Bay

Suitable crowd: family self driving, junior campers

Judiaosha is located on the Bank of the charming orange hook Bay. It is a seaside tourist destination in the east of Shenzhen. From the map, the whole beach is like a crescent moon inlaid in the blue sea and blue sky. Here the trees are whirling, the sea breeze is gentle, the sand is very white and fine, and the whole bay stretches for one kilometer.

Address: Nan'ao street, Longgang District, Shenzhen;

Camp highlights: surrounded by green hills on three sides and sea and sky on one side. Clean and safe, perfect service facilities;

Transportation tips: m274 (Dapeng Station - yangmeikeng, Nan'ao, the original 967 Road) / take E11 in the city;

Consumption: 15 yuan for admission, 30 yuan for each tent for orange fishing sand camping; 45-60 yuan for a bed in a hotel with wooden houses, and a double room to n-room.

2. Malian mountain camping: silent mountain and the largest waterfall in Shenzhen

Suitable crowd: small team

Maluan mountain has the largest waterfall in Shenzhen. There are many rock shapes in the valley, and the stream is clear to the bottom. On both sides of the valley, there are rich vegetation, vines, wild flowers, birds and insects, which make it more quiet. There is a reservoir on the top of the mountain for fishing. The simple village and quiet mountain of Malan mountain are very suitable for camping. The open area under the plum Pavilion is convenient for camping. Address: Malan village, Pingshan Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen. Camping highlights: the difficulty of crossing is not high, you can watch the sea and mountains at the same time, but also the lakes and waterfalls; transportation tips: you can take No.103, 360, 364, 365 bus to Xiaomeisha station, and then cross Yanba expressway interchange to the north to see the "diecuihu" reservoir, and the route starts from here; consumption: there are many small shops in Malan village, which provide farm dishes, and the average person can eat well for 20-25 yuan, and walk on the ground chicken for 50 yuan- 70 yuan / piece, duck 60-80 yuan / piece, goose 140-160 yuan / piece, vegetables 10 yuan / plate. 3. Sanmen Island Camping: picking up sea urchins and diving. Suitable crowd: small team

Sanmen island has a winding coast with blue sea and white sand. There are five bays with a radius of more than 300 meters (one of which is a wonderful stone beach). It is very suitable for carrying out various marine activities, such as windsurfing, water skiing, water motorboat, surfing, diving, mountaineering, fishing, beach volleyball, etc. The main peak of Sanmen Island, the highest scenic spot in Daya Bay, is 298 meters above sea level. With beautiful mountains and sea, sea eagles flying, sea and sky in one color, the magnificent scenery of Daya Bay can be seen from afar. Address: Dapeng Bay and Huizhou The meeting place of Daya Bay; camping highlights: Island camping (overnight), picnics, swimming, river climbing and diving on the island; transportation tips: first to Nan'ao, which can be reached through Dongshan Village wharf, Langqi Yacht Club wharf, deep water group resort wharf, Nan'ao port wharf and Huizhou Aotou; consumption: Beach motorboat 200 yuan, speedboat 50 yuan, oven 80 yuan. 4 The largest camping base, the longest beach suitable crowd: team, family, individual get √

Xichong beach, with a total length of five kilometers, is the longest beach yet to be fully developed in Shenzhen and the largest camping base in Shenzhen. Because there are more people coming to camp, there are also advantages of being busy. You can hear excited laughter very late. It's the holy land for lonely star people to clock in. Address: the confluence of Dapeng Bay and Daya Bay in the eastern sea area of Shenzhen; camping highlights: Long Beach, more campers and higher safety factor; transportation tips: take bus to Nan'ao - transfer to Zhongba to Xichong: E11, 833, 364 / Nan'ao to Xichong line: m232; consumption: about 80 yuan / person for round trip. 5. Camping in dalugang: there are streams and craggy rocks on the beach. Suitable crowd: family self driving

Dalugang is the cleanest, pollution-free and fresh water beach in Nan'ao, Shenzhen. White sand is better than snow, the sea is blue, and the scenery is infinite. It is located in a remote place with few visitors. There are many reefs near the shore, such as pomfret and stone dog. Holiday often has "the donkey friend" camp here, in the morning also may lie on the strange stone to watch the sunrise. Address: West of Xigong village, Nan'ao Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen city; camping highlights: on both sides are egong Bay and heiyanjiao, with two beautiful beaches, one big and one small, with streams leading to the sea (for drinking and cooling); transportation tips: you need to go to Nan'ao first, and then transfer or charter a car to go there; consumption: if you want to go to the pure coastline from Xichong to dalugang, the local villagers' speedboats can help them not move My friends. Generally, the charge for sending people back to the village is 50-100 yuan / person. 6. Large / small La Jia Island Camping: relatively hard, original ecology suitable crowd: team and family self driving, middle and senior donkey friends get √

Located in Daya Bay, big and small Lajia islands are far away from the land, with beautiful scenery and original ecology. There are many seafood and shellfish on the island. Pry open the oyster shell and suck it with your mouth. It is plump and juicy. There are crabs crawling around the reef and cooking a pot of crab porridge. It's delicious! Dalajia island is a haven with calm and transparent sea water, but there are many reefs. Xiaolajia island is very small, with two beaches not far away from each other for camping and swimming. Address: opposite to Daya Bay nuclear power station; camping highlights: very primitive, fishing and shell picking will surprise you, but the cost is relatively high (need to go to the island); transportation tips: take a bus to yangmeikeng, and then take a boat to go there; consumption: take a speedboat from yangmeikeng to Dala Island 450 yuan / 6 person boat for about 20 minutes. The owner of xiaoladao camp charges 10 yuan and 30 yuan for Dalai island. 7. Dongchong Camping: the bluest sea and beautiful coastline in Shenzhen

Dongchong beach is fine and soft with gentle terrain, facing Sanmen island at a distance. In addition to the sandy beach, you can also play mountaineering, crossing, diving, gliding and so on. Generally speaking, there are many places to play. But I think the overall camping environment is not as good as orange fishing sand. Address: Dongchong village at the foot of Qiniang mountain, Nan'ao town; camping highlights: the most classic and beautiful coastline on the peninsula, the beach is flat, you can also play across; transportation tips: you can charter a car to go to Nan'ao town; consumption: pack a car, which can accommodate 4-6 people, 40 yuan for one way. 8. Dongjiawan Camping: beautiful and quiet, can catch seafood. Suitable crowd: family self driving

Dongjiawan is a beautiful and quiet bay on the Nanao peninsula. When crossing the orange fishing sand coastline, we passed through this mysterious place, leaving a very good impression on the team members. Dongjiawan has a good small beach, which has just been developed and has complete supporting facilities. It can be used for swimming, camping, fishing, barbecue, rowing and other activities. Address: Nan'ao Peninsula, Longgang District; camping highlights: sea urchins, crabs, oysters can be picked (gloves and drivers must be useful), there are trees to set up tents; transportation tips: walking from Dongshan wharf or taking fishing boats; consumption: 8-10 people / boat, 150 yuan; 9. Hongpaijiao Camping: looking at magnificent red stones and taking photos; suitable crowd: those with experience / physical strength are preferred

Because of its unique scenery and few people, hongpaijiao has attracted many outdoor enthusiasts. It is a challenging hiking route with intensity and difficulty. The reason why it is called hongpaijiao is because of the red reefs all over the beach. Reefs also increase the difficulty of the line. With the tide fluctuation, the difficulty and danger degree of the line changes. Address: the easternmost tip of Dapeng Peninsula land; camping highlights: few people, along the way to eat Dapeng kiln chicken, also drunk; traffic tips: self driving line for Shenzhen City → Yantian → Kwai Chung → Jinye road → Kuiba road → Jingxin reservoir → baguang, about 60 km / bus, you can take bus no.360 or 364 to Kuiyong Town, and then transfer to bus no.987 (five buses a day) to baguang village; consumption: Yaoji about 70 yuan per capita. Outdoor barbecue strategy without barbecue camping, in addition to cooking utensils, these small things can not be forgotten

Outdoor barbecue commonly used kitchen utensils can not be less barbecue, that is, in the nature to make a meal, eat a meal. Therefore, more and more utensils for cooking and eating are better, so it is not convenient to use them. In addition to pots and pans, there are also seasoning boxes, various sauces, knives, plates, chopsticks, paper towels, paper cups and so on. Of course, it would be wonderful to bring an air stove and cook some wild vegetable soup. How to select the right drill rod

It is very important to choose a proper drill rod for barbecue. It should be long and flat. The longer drill rod can ensure that the holding part of the barbecue is not scalded by charcoal fire. The best choice for barbecue fork is wooden handle, which can avoid being hot. Refrigerated meat, etc. need not be ablated

When barbecue, you don't have to melt and roast the frozen meat. Many people will melt the meat kebab and bake it in advance when barbecue in the wild. Actually, it is not necessary. Because there is no obvious difference in taste after barbecue. For the sake of outdoor hygiene, the meat should be kept frozen and refrigerated. When everything is ready, roast it directly. Barbecue food can be mixed

To barbecue food to do a match, baked food more delicious. When barbecue in the field, the onion and meat are roasted together, which can not only remove the smell of meat, but also make it easier to turn over and take it from the shelf. The use of marinade and marinade seasoning can also soften the meat and is good for health: it helps to reduce cancer caused by carbides.

Also, put the food neatly together, will appear your barbecue technology is very professional! But try not to eat with potato chips when eating barbecue! Otherwise, it is easy to affect the absorption of intestines and stomach, resulting in obesity. Before you start BBQ, eat some green vegetable salad. Tips for not scorching meat

The best way not to scorch the meat is to roast it on the other side of the charcoal fire. When barbecue in the field, it is very important to master the temperature. If the fire is not strong, it is not cooked. If the fire is too high, it is easy to scorch the food. A good way to do this is to burn charcoal on one side of the stove and barbecue on the other side. In this way, while preparing charcoal, you can barbecue. If the fire is weak, you can add burning charcoal at any time, so that the meat will not be scorched. Precautions for outdoor barbecue, while enjoying delicious food, pay attention to safety first and fire prevention

Special attention should be paid to fire prevention when choosing the barbecue site. There should be no shrubs or too many trees around the barbecue site, and there should be no inflammables around the downwind. Choose a place close to the water source and prepare water in a bucket container by the oven, just in case. Once there is any hidden danger, it should be put out with water in time. Anti scald

In outdoor barbecue, the fixed condition of the oven is poor. So don't play in the barbecue area. The oven itself is very hot, do not touch it. Being burned by some medicine is also a good preventive measure. Keep children away from fire. Prevention of poisoning

For things exposed to the air for a long time, it is necessary to carefully confirm the freshness, and then decide whether it is suitable to eat, so as to prevent food poisoning. At the same time, do not choose caves, rooms and other closed places barbecue, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

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