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Top ten key middle schools in Henan Province

Zhengzhou No.1 Middle School Zhengzhou No.1 Middle School

Zhengzhou No.1 middle school was founded on March 5, 1949. It was formed by the merger of the then municipal No.1 middle school, No.2 Middle School, No.3 middle school and the high school Department of private Mingxin middle school in Shuyuan street. In 1959, it was identified as the "key middle school in Henan Province", in 1980, it was identified as "the first batch of key middle schools in Henan Province", in 2004, the first batch was determined as "Henan Province demonstration ordinary high school", and in 2005, 2007 and 2009, it was rated as "China's top 100 middle schools".

The training goal of the school is "all-round development + personality specialty". Comprehensive development refers to: (1) paying attention to the development of each student; (2) promoting the overall development of students; (3) considering the lifelong development of students. Personality specialty refers to: (1) respecting students' individual differences; (2) tapping students' individual potential; (3) cultivating students' personality specialty.

School running philosophy: wide sea and wide sky, flying fish and birds: wake up the sense of self-determination, improve the ability of self-determination, and strengthen the spirit of self-determination; let students learn: self-service in life, autonomous learning in homework, self-management in organization; let teachers do: work freely, study freely and actively, and live freely and actively.

Henan experimental middle school Henan Experimental Middle School

Henan experimental middle school is a school directly under the Department of education of Henan Province. It was founded in 1957. It was formerly called the high school attached to Zhengzhou Teachers College, and later it was affiliated to Zhengzhou Teachers College, Zhengzhou University and Zhengzhou No.40 middle school. In 1979, as a basic education experimental school and experimental garden in Henan Province, it was officially named Henan experimental middle school.

The main honorary titles of the school include: China's top 100 middle schools, national green schools, national traditional sports schools, schools with socially recognized characteristics and successful education, national advanced scientific research and teaching reform experimental school, overseas Chinese education base school run by the State Council, provincial civilized units, school management standardization in Henan Province, safe and civilized campus at the provincial level, excellent parent school at the provincial level, and he The experimental base of basic education in southern province, the first batch of demonstration high schools in Henan Province, and the teacher development school in Henan Province. The school has established friendly and cooperative relations with dozens of educational institutions and large and medium schools at home and abroad, which has become an important window for the opening up of basic education in Henan Province.

The leading group of the school closely unites the majority of teaching and administrative staff, makes concerted efforts, comprehensively implements the scientific outlook on development, and strives to improve the school running strength and level. The school has further clarified the school running ideas, clarified the school running direction, and put forward the management requirements of "professional and effective", We should adhere to the standard school running, adhere to the coordinated development of education and teaching, adhere to the deepening of teaching reform, actively carry out effective teaching, steadily promote the new curriculum reform, pay attention to scientific research and service teaching, continuously improve the level of school education and teaching management, and compete with each other in the characteristics of general education, competition education, international education, art and sports education, and all work is vigorous.

Kaifeng high school Henan Kaifeng senior high school

Kaifeng senior high school in Henan Province was evolved from "Henan University" and "Kaifeng Fuzhong school" in the late Qing Dynasty. Henan University was founded in 1902. It was changed into Henan Higher School in 1903. In 1913, it was renamed the No.1 Middle School of Henan Province.

Kaifeng High School adheres to the tradition and pays attention to innovation. With the purpose of "comprehensively promoting quality education and cultivating top talents for the country", Kaifeng High School has trained a large number of outstanding graduates and sent them to various colleges and universities. In the past ten years, five provincial top students in the College entrance examination, namely Li Gang, Le Xiang, Zhou Jianmin, Liu Chao and Meng Jin, are all Kaifeng high school students. The school pays special attention to the cultivation of high-end talents. The results of the competition have been among the best in Henan Province. From 1992 to 2005, 700 people won the first prize at the municipal, provincial and national levels. Among them, Shi Changchun won the gold medal in the 23rd International Physics Olympic competition, Wu Weishu and Zhang Weifen won the first prize in the national physics competition for middle school students and the first prize in the national middle school student mechanics competition. Every year, a group of excellent students are admitted in advance by Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities. Great achievements have been made in the cultivation of high-end talents. Students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhongguancun, Harvard, MIT, and Silicon Valley are all active.

"All for the students, for all the students, for all the students." The school attaches great importance to the all-round development of students, and carries out large-scale campus cultural and art festivals, science and technology festivals and argumentation contests every year; foreign language corner, Kaigao broadcasting, various interest groups and other activities are carried out throughout the year to create a platform for students to show their talents; the school also creates more than 30 social practice bases, laying a good foundation for students to go to the society. In order to cultivate students' specialty, the physical education teaching reform has attracted the attention of the Ministry of education and has been promoted nationwide. The youth amateur Party school has been open for more than 20 years, and the youth volunteer service has been maintained for 24 years. Rich and colorful activities provide conditions for the overall development of students. The comprehensive quality of graduates is recognized by the society and is well received by all walks of life.

Luoyang one high, Luoyang one high

Under the towering mangling mountain and the rippling Luohe River, there is a famous Chinese school with a history of one hundred years, Luoyang Yigao, which is known as "Tsinghua University in western Henan". This is a school with profound historical and cultural heritage and creative vitality. In 2004, it has just gone through a century's glorious journey; in 2010, with the completion and operation of the new school, he will paint a more magnificent and dazzling historical picture in the Central Plains.

For more than 100 years, no matter whether it is ups and downs, or achievements and glory, Luo Yi Gao has experienced the ups and downs of the classics, always breathing with the motherland, sharing the fate with the nation, and highlighting the demeanor of education for the people! In 1959, it was named as the first batch of "provincial key high schools" by the provincial government. In 1990, it was listed in China's "education dictionary". In 1992, it was selected into the list of 300 famous middle schools in China. In 2005, it was named the first batch of "provincial model high schools" by the provincial government.

The first-class campus environment, first-class education and teaching facilities, together with the first-class faculty, have consolidated the foundation for the rapid development of Luoyang No.1 high school. Luoyang No.1 high school has entered the fast lane of modern education. We firmly believe that all the teachers and students of No.1 Normal University carry forward the spirit of "unity, diligence, enterprising and innovation", develop in an all-round way and forge ahead with determination. With a brand-new look, the school will become a knowledge palace for thousands of students at home and abroad to ask for knowledge, exercise their physique, understand life and achieve their dreams.

Zhengzhou foreign language school Zhengzhou Foreign Language School

Zhengzhou foreign language is one of the 16 foreign language schools with the qualification of recommending students determined by the Ministry of education; it is the director School of the National Foreign Language School Work Research Association; it is the national foreign language teaching quality education experimental base; it is the first batch of demonstration high schools in Henan Province; it is the first batch of high school backbone teacher training base in Henan Province; it is also the "overseas study talents" of the state study Fund Committee of the Ministry of education The school has been rated as the advanced unit of education in Zhengzhou City, the advanced unit of general high school education and teaching in Zhengzhou City, the advanced unit of subject competition in Zhengzhou City, the advanced unit of general junior middle school education and teaching, the advanced unit of education and scientific research in Zhengzhou, and the advanced unit of target management in Zhengzhou.

In order to maintain the consistency of training objectives and teaching coherence, Zhengzhou foreign language school has set up a six-year system of junior high school and junior high school, which can effectively cultivate students' ideological awareness, moral sentiment and learning habits, and promote the continuous improvement of subject knowledge and learning ability, as well as the healthy development of physiology and psychology. The exchange and integration of junior and senior high school teachers will avoid the separation brought by the separate establishment of junior high school and senior high school, and make the teacher's education to students more systematic, scientific and efficient. According to the particularity of foreign language schools, the Ministry of education stipulates that foreign language potential test can be carried out in Junior Middle School of foreign language school. In this way, Zhengzhou foreign language school has an excellent student group, "classified guidance" and "according to material" "Teaching" can be truly implemented.

Xinxiang No.1 Middle School Xinxiang No.1 Middle School

Xinxiang No.1 middle school has two predecessors: one is the Xinxiang Middle School of Henan Province established by the national government. It was founded in Nanyao village, Jiyuan County in 1940. During the national disaster, it moved to Xingyang, Luoyang, Luoning, Lushi and other counties. Its teachers and students have been involved in the anti Japanese flood for many times and relocated in 1945. The first is Taihang public Xinxiang Middle School of Shanxi Hebei Shandong Henan border region government in the liberated area. It was founded by the Communist Party of China in Linqi town of Linxian County in October 1945 to train revolutionary cadres and complete the liberation task. After the merger of the two schools in July 1949, the name of Taihang public Xinxiang middle school was adopted. After that, they were renamed as Pingyuan provincial Xinxiang middle school, Henan Xinxiang middle school and Henan Xinxiang No.1 Senior High School. In 1958, it was named the No.1 Middle School in Xinxiang City, Henan Province. It is one of the first batch of key high schools in Henan Province. In 2005, it passed the acceptance of the provincial "model ordinary high school". The university has two campuses, the old campus is in the center of the city, covering an area of 125 mu, with a construction area of 58000 square meters; the new campus is in the Development Zone, covering an area of 362 mu, with a construction area of 150000 square meters. Is a national first-class garden, ecological, digital school.

For 70 years, Xinxiang No.1 middle school has formed the school motto of "seeking knowledge, truth, health and beauty", the school spirit of "respecting teachers and loving students, people-oriented, integrity and rigorous, erudite and innovative", the teaching style of "educating people with sincerity, learning with erudition, teaching with truth, educating people with morality" and the study style of "erudite and good thinking, learning for application, seeking truth and innovation, and all-round development". Xinxiang No.1 middle school, a famous school in the Central Plains, which has experienced 70 years of trials and hardships, will keep pace with the times with a brand-new attitude in the new historical journey, show a more beautiful appearance and style, and create more brilliant achievements and glory with the goal of "Henan leading, Central Plains first-class, national famous school".

Huaiyang middle school Henan Huaiyang middle school

Huaiyang middle school in Henan Province is called "Huaizhong" for short. It was founded by Liu gengshou, the son of Liu Mingchuan, a famous general of the Huai army, in 1903. It was first named "Chenzhou Fuzhong school". During the Republic of China, it was renamed as "No.3 middle school in Henan Province" and "No.4 Middle School in Henan Province". It is the third famous school in Henan Province in the history of its establishment. The former director of the naval Political Department of the national government, captain of Zhongshan warship, Li Zhilong, the first general conferred by the Communist Party, Xu Yunuo, a poet of the Republic of China highly praised by Lu Xun, Huang qiaosong, commander of the Red Army, Yan Tuge, famous Anti Japanese general Zhang Zongheng, Wang Fuzhou, a world famous mountain climbing general, and Fang depeng, an oil expert, who participated in the Taierzhuang campaign. Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, there have been more than 60000 students here, flying to the whole country and the world. In 1978, Huaiyang middle school was officially identified as one of the 24 key middle schools in Henan Province by the Provincial Department of education; in early 2005, the school was selected as the "Henan provincial model high school"; in May 2007, the school was officially approved by the Provincial Department of education as the undertaking school of "Hongzhi class". Huaiyang middle school takes "modernization, high quality, characteristic and first-class" as its school running goal and abides by the school running thought of "fine management of teaching and professional development of teachers". All teachers, students and staff stress unity, compare contributions, pay close attention to management, work hard, let the facts speak, make a comprehensive breakthrough in all aspects of school work, and take on a new look. For many years, there has been no safety accident in school management, which has created a miracle of high school education management.