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Top 10 cafeterias in the world

1. Bacchanal buffet, Caesar Palace, Las Vegas

Investors have spent tens of millions to build a bacchanal buffet at Caesar Palace, which provides more than 500 self-service dishes a day. Not all the dishes provided in the restaurant are popular dishes in the incubator. There are also dishes ordered by the guests themselves and dishes packed separately. From fried chicken to waffle, to mini beef fillet and even the top rib, the menu is very delicious.

2. Al hadheerah restaurant, bab al shams Desert Resort Spa, Dubai

The layout of Al hadheerah restaurant is as amazing as Arabic cuisine. The dining area is designed in the sand dune castle of BAB al shams Desert Resort Spa. During the meal, you can enjoy Eagle training, camel performance, equestrian performance and song and dance performance. In the cafeteria, you can find any Arabian food and taste a variety of cold and hot dishes, such as halloumi and ROMI cheeses, lambouzi and kunufa desserts.

3. Cafe Fleuri's chocolate bar

Cafe Fleuri's chocolate bar is a paradise for sweets. This is like Charlie's chocolate factory. The restaurant provides more than 100 kinds of chocolate desserts. You must not miss this place if you are flowing with chocolate blood. Immerse yourself in a chocolate fountain, make your own ice cream sundae, and taste the real Boston cream cake. Parents must know: children under the age of four come here for free!

4. Les Grandes buffets, France

You may not think of French food when you think of the cafeteria of "all you want", but this cafeteria in Narbonne, France, boasts itself as "the largest cafeteria in the world". In this restaurant, you will find mountains of food beckoning to you. French baked snails, French bread, foie gras, all kinds of cheeses and platters of macarone cake, enjoy it!

5. Sterling brunch, Las Vegas

Sterling brunch is easy to indulge in its sumptuous cuisine. Once you're sitting around the table, the champagne flows along with the oversized bacon lettuce tomato sandwich and the Gruyere cheesecake. The champagne with the dishes is the best Perrier JOUET and can be refilled at will. There are countless American sturgeon caviar.

6. The Nordic Lodge, Charles Town, Rhode Island, USA

People often spend 20 dollars (about 123 yuan) to eat a poor lobster roll. At the Nordic Lodge, however, for just $91 (558 yuan), you can eat whatever you want until you can't eat it. At the same time, there are high-quality ribs, filet mignon, French fries, fried chicken wings, barbecue steak and various snacks. There are also various kinds of fresh and sparse salads. Of course, since you are here for self-help, it seems inappropriate to eat too many vegetables.

7. Buffet chef's table, Baile palace, Las Vegas

The cafeteria of bailegong hotel is absolutely the top catering place with high-end atmosphere. Only 8 to 18 customers can be reserved for the restaurant's dedicated service, from 3:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. You will be treated by the chef and enjoy special dishes and special dining experiences, such as barbecue at the table.

8. Swedish cafeteria of Grand Hotel in Stockholm

If you want to taste all of Sweden's traditional delicacies, but you're afraid that your expensive dishes won't suit you, come to the Swedish cafeteria at Grand Hotel! The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Swiss dishes with detailed instructions. First try a variety of fish dishes: anchovies fried eggs, smoked salmon, marinated salmon, etc., with boiled potatoes and dill pickles, as well as sour cream and chives dip. You can also taste fish with Swedish crispy cheese bread.

Another kind of potato casserole is also very delicious. It is stewed with potatoes, onions, anchovies and cheese. The local people call this dish natural Jason natural \'s temples. Or try smoked eel. Then you can try some cold cuts, like sausages and ham. Then there are hot dishes, such as braised meatballs with blueberry juice, roast beef and roast spareribs. Ham is the main course of the restaurant during Christmas. If you don't mind eating Santa's Mount, try smoked reindeer.

9. Oceania cruises wharf cafeteria

Self service on cruise ships has always been excellent, but it is far from the wharf cafeteria on Oceania cruises. Here, the chef cooks in the open kitchen. You can order lobster, steak, prawns and sushi. You can taste it.

10. Sunday brunch, Shanghai Westin Hotel

Shanghai's Westin Hotel's Sunday brunch is a world-famous restaurant where guests can enjoy performances by DJs, dancers and acrobats, while enjoying free Taittinger champagne. The food in the restaurant is even more excellent, such as caviar, foie gras, Canadian Lobster and Alaskan crab. These are just a small part of the menu. More delicious food is waiting for you to taste.

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