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How many cigarettes have you seen in Inner Mongolia in those years

Big green hill! This is the most classic in my memory!

The first cigarette in the youth pocket???

When I was a child, I didn't understand what the relationship between the [steel flower] and a watering pot was, ah!

This is the most local characteristic cigarette. I haven't seen it before. But what the hell is this filter? This is also called cigar?

I have no impression. It seems that all of Dongsheng's friends have seen it?

[Zhaojun] how can you not remember that beauties are always unforgettable!

In addition to China, I remember that there was a kind of cigarette with the monument to the people's Heroes printed on it. Sure enough!

Steel flower! Forgive me. When I was a child, I still didn't understand why flowers in flowerpots should be called "steel" flowers! I. Q. in those days~~~

OK, I see. As long as you are good enough, you can order cigars!

Popular science: cigar (English: cigar), a kind of cigarette, is made of dry and fermented tobacco. When smoking, one end of the cigarette is ignited and the other end is smoked by mouth. The main producing countries of cigar tobacco are: China, Brazil, Cameroon and Cuba????

Oh! Perhaps I am ignorant of it? The following please the majority of netizens looking for old memories one by one

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