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Take stock of the ten unsolved mysteries that shocked the world: there is a gap in the origin of hum

The earth has existed in the vast universe for 4.6 billion years, while human beings have only spent 5 million years in the mysterious territory of the earth.

Pure human beings think that with the technology level developed in just a few thousand years, they have become the master of the planet. But the following ten weird mysteries shocked the world and gave the arrogant human a blow: the world is far from as simple as they think!!

1. Prehistoric mural figures -- are they astronauts?

In 1933, French Lieutenant Brennan, stationed in the Sahara, led a reconnaissance team into an unknown Canyon in the tarrisi mountains. A large number of murals have been found on the stone walls of the desolate canyon.

In 1956, people made a special investigation on the murals, and found that the pictures described the scene ten thousand years ago. Many of the paintings are "round head" portraits. The people in the paintings have a huge round head, heavy and clumsy clothes, two eyes, but no mouth and nose.

In the past, I didn't understand the meaning of these paintings until after the invention of the spaceship. These round headed figures are strikingly similar to the astronauts who are wearing space helmets and suits.

There are some strange murals in the Arnhem highlands of Australia. The people in the paintings are dressed like today's spacesuits, with helmets on their heads, an antenna like thing on them, zippers and tail decorations on their clothes.

This is the image of today's astronauts! And such murals have been found in other parts of the world.

Can primitive people think of clothes, shoes, socks, even helmets and spacesuits when they lived in caves in prehistory? What is the basis of their paintings?

2. Human origin - why is there a gap that cannot be fulfilled?

Darwin's theory of biological evolution points out that man evolved from the ancient ape. Combined with the results of modern archaeology, the schedule of human evolution is: the ancient ape (14-8 million years ago), the Australopithecus (4-1.9 million years ago) and the ape man (1.7-2 million years ago).

From this point of view, there is a gap of 4 million years between Australopithecus and Australopithecus, and there is a gap of 200000 years between Australopithecus and Australopithecus. So far, no transitional fossil has been found in the key stage of evolution. Therefore, scientists have a mystery about the origin of human beings.

Hardy, a British man, put forward the "sea ape theory" in 1960, pointing out that 8-4 million years ago, the ancient ape once went down to live in the sea and then returned to land.

The evidence is that human skin is naked without thick body hair, subcutaneous fat, lacrimal gland secretes and excretes salt, sweat and sexual behavior physiological mechanism is similar to that of aquatic animals, while primate body surface has thick body hair without subcutaneous fat, its physiological mechanism is quite different from that of human. There is no pain in giving birth in water. Babies are born to like water. When diving, people react like seals.

But the theory can't explain the lack of fossils for 4 million years. So far, we haven't found the fossils of marine apes.

Other scientists have suggested that in the 4 million year gap, there is no evidence for the gene recombination between archapithecus and some marine organisms, that is, the theory of "sea land biprotic complex".

Other scientists believe that the ancestors of human beings were the combination of aliens and earth females.

In a word, the mystery of human origin has not been settled.

3. Tungus explosion -- meteorite fall or spaceship explosion?

On June 30, 1908, there was a big explosion in Tunguska area of Siberia, Russia. A dazzling fireball crossed Eurasia, hit the ground and exploded at low altitude.

In a flash, 6000 square kilometers of the original forest fell around in a radial manner, with smoke rising as high as 20000 meters. The huge sound was transmitted to 1000 kilometers away. It is estimated that the power of the explosion is 1000 times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Due to the lack of people at the site of the explosion, it was only in 1921 that an investigation team came to the scene for investigation. So, what in the world caused this catastrophe? Is it meteorite, nuclear explosion or antimatter?

Scientists have calculated that the speed of fireball flight is 2400-3600 km / h, while the speed of meteorite comet entering the atmosphere will not be less than 40000 km / h, so it is suspected that it is a human creation.

In addition, the observation results of scientists on the trajectory of the fireball are also quite different. Some think it is from east to west, some think it is from south to north, and there are reliable evidences. Therefore, it is speculated that the fireball had changed its direction in the middle of the fire.

In a word, the Tungusic explosion is beyond the known conventions of human beings and cannot be explained by known natural phenomena and human factors.

4. The explosion of Wanggong factory -- why is the scene so strange?

On May 30, 1626 A.D. (the sixth year of Tianqi in Ming Dynasty), a strange and huge catastrophe happened in the area of wanggongchang, Beijing, causing huge casualties.

A loud noise, a strong wind, dark sky, people and animals, trees, bricks and stones were involved in the air, and fell with the wind, tens of thousands of houses were powdered, more than 20000 people were killed and injured, which made people tremble and shocked.

After the disaster, both men and women were naked, and clothes, jewelry and utensils all floated to the west mountain.

Three thousand craftsmen outside the Forbidden City who were repairing the walls fell off the scaffolds and made meat bags.

The emperor Tianqi, who was eating breakfast, survived the case of Longshu.

What's strange is that the explosion center doesn't burn inch wood and there is no trace of burning. It's difficult to solve the problem of explosion with powder magazine or disaster caused by earthquake.

For a time, there were different opinions, anger and resentment. Emperor Tianqi had to issue an imperial edict to forgive the world. This was recorded in the official history of the Ming Dynasty by the eunuch.

5. Bermuda Triangle -- why are hundreds of ships missing?

Bermuda Triangle is located between Bermuda and Florida islands. Since the 16th century, hundreds of planes and ships have disappeared in this area, which is called the death triangle.

On March 4, 1918, the U.S. warship, the one eyed dragon, and more than 300 people on board disappeared. Even the SOS signal could not be sent out. In 1925, the Japanese freighter, the leifumaru, disappeared. It was on the radio. Hurry! The death was right in front of us. Hurry to save our lives.... It just stopped.

On December 5, 1945, five American Avenger attack aircraft disappeared, and the command center received a signal: now the location is unknown and the direction is lost. Five minutes later, a PBM seaplane went to search, and soon disappeared.

The situation was so serious that the United States mobilized more than 600 aircraft and hundreds of ships to search for nothing.

In 1991, explorers said that five Avengers were found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to one central fault, four others were in good condition. Scientists put forward different hypotheses: magnetic field theory, undersea cave theory, UFO theory, hyperspace theory and so on.

However, there are also pilots who pass through the sea area every day and have worked for more than 30 years without any accidents. I hope this mystery can be solved soon.

6. The mystery of savages -- just a legend or something?

In many parts of the world, there are many legends about savages. Over the past 100 years, people in North America have witnessed savages and called them Bigfoot monsters. They are like people. They walk upright, swing their arms, are hairy, 8-9 feet tall, and can't speak.

Experts believe that this may be the progeny of the ancient great ape, which is still in the observation stage.

Coincidentally, in the Himalayas of Tibet, on the banks of Baikal Lake in Siberia and other places, there are still Snowman legends.

In 1951, the first clear footprints of a snowman were taken by hippton, the British leader of Everest mountaineering, which finally convinced the scientists. The length of footprints is 31. 3 cm, 18 wide. 8 cm, thumb large and outstretched.

In Shennongjia area of Hubei Province, many witnesses have seen "savages". People describe their characteristics: eyes like people, long face, protruding mouth, thick limbs, no tail, forearms and hind legs, brown red hair all over.

In 1995, China's State Environmental Protection Administration and China Association for scientific exploration organized a scientific research team to visit Shennongjia and collected some hair.

Maybe, in the near future, the secrets of savages will be revealed.

7. Ancient map of Turkey -- who has looked down on Antarctica?

In the ptokabi palace in Istanbul, Turkey, there is a map drawn by rice, the commander of the Ottoman Navy in the 16th century. From 1513 to 1528, rice wrote in the postscript: 'in order to draw this map, I refer to 20 ancient maps...... '

Experts are surprised to find that these maps are absolutely accurate, from the Mediterranean Sea to the dead sea, from South America to North America, and even the mountains and rivers in Antarctica.

However, according to historical records, Antarctica was not confirmed to exist until 1820, and most surprisingly, the mountains on the map were not discovered by scientists until 1952.

Today's Antarctica is a land of ice and snow. There are no rivers or bays. However, people actually found glaciers hidden under the ice and snow from the river bay position marked by the map of Antarctica drawn by oronkey and middot Firth in 1532.

Experts speculate that these maps should be drawn in the years when the Antarctic continent was not covered with ice and snow, 6000 to 15000 years ago.

In addition, the experts also found the chart of Jamie five world in 1502. The Sahara desert on the map has become a fertile land with many lakes and rivers. Modern technology has proved that the ancient Sahara is indeed what it looks like on the map.

The coordinates of these maps are very accurate. Scientists speculate that these maps should be taken from high altitude with precise geodetic instruments, initially drawn by a navigation developed nation in ancient times.

But who is the nation with advanced navigation?

8. Easter Island giant stone -- who built it? Why?

In 1772, the Dutch discovered the nameless island in the South Pacific Ocean on Easter day, named Easter Island. The island is surrounded by stone statues, the highest of which is 22 meters, 400 tons, with an average weight of 60 tons, totaling more than 1000.

The statue has a peculiar shape, deep socket, no eyes, a high nose, closed lips, long auricles, wide eyebrows, hands on the belly, serious expression, standing side by side at the seaside, like looking out, like thinking.

There are also statues lying on the road and in the quarry on the mountain.

According to records, the earliest native people on the island came from Polynesia, about the end of the 12th century, but the stone statues already existed at that time, which was determined to be around 600-700 A.D.

People have a lot of questions: who carved these stone statues? How to transport them to the sea? Why and how to finish the carving? Why did the carving suddenly end? Where did they go?

Some people think that there are stone steps under the giant stone statue, up to 3 meters high. It should be a tomb below. The giant stone statue is a simulated image of the patron saint or the dead.

It is also believed that there is an ancient continent in the South Pacific that suddenly sank. The residents of the continent once created splendid civilization. Easter Island was originally a mountain top, a corner of the ancient land left on the sea level.

However, the existence of ancient land has not been confirmed, and it is impossible to find out how the sculptors carried these giants in the extremely primitive times.

Perhaps, it will be the eternal secret left by a lost civilization.

9. Nasca map of Peru -- how to draw it? For whom?

In Peru, there is a 350 square kilometer Nazca wasteland. Standing on the ground, it looks desolate. There are many 0.9 meters deep and 15 cm to several meters wide scattered on the ground