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ARIES: impulsive temper

Falling in love is a very happy thing, but it is also a matter of worrying about gain and loss. Some people always have no sense of security in love. They long for the people they like to care more about them. The more insecure they are, the more they want to prove each other's love for them, so as long as there is any contradiction, they will put the breakup in their mouth and let each other keep them. Now let's take a look at all the constellations that like to use 'break up' to control each other.

ARIES: impulsive

Aries personality has always been very optimistic, cheerful and easy to get along with, but this is just in life. When Aries is facing their own love life, it will become very impulsive. They like the feeling of being held in their hands by their lovers. When they feel happy, they can say everything. But when they feel that their lovers don't care about themselves, they will immediately erupt and feel that they don't love each other. They will soon split up.

Leo: too overbearing

Leo is always domineering in life, career and emotion. They don't like people who go against their own ideas and wishes, so when their lovers are always reluctant to do things according to their ideas, Leo will use 'break up' to threaten each other. If the other party can be obedient, it's easy to say, but if not, Leo will break up with the other party directly

VIRGO: prove your charm

Virgos like to control each other by breaking up, not because they really want to break up with each other, but because they want to see each other anxious to keep them. In the eyes of Virgo, such a thing can prove how much their lovers care about them. In addition, Virgo itself is more delicate, so from time to time it will make a break-up drama. They always enjoy it, and only when they are detained will they feel charming.

Scorpio: restlessness

Don't look at Scorpio's self-confidence. In fact, they have no self-confidence and are easy to feel uneasy. As long as they encounter a little bit of small things, they will shrink back and then break up with their lovers, but Scorpio does not really want to break up, in fact, they just hope that their lovers can take the initiative to retain them, so that they can prove that they still love themselves. If the other side did not retain them, then Scorpio is really hit.