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CAPRICORN: easy to be shy

Many people think that if they like one, they should express it instead of dodging in front of their loved ones and hiding their true inner thoughts. However, there are a few constellations, they often love each other, but do not let each other see, and even deliberately show that they hate each other.

Aquarius: pretend indifference

Aquarius people sometimes really are not self-confident, obviously care about each other, but show cold as a stone. They are worried that if they show too much love, they will lose the initiative. For this reason, they would rather keep their sincerity in their heart, and then wait for each other to show their love first. And often the heart is seriously different, you will be hurt by his words, so he will regret it, but it is difficult for him to get rid of this problem.

CAPRICORN: shy easily

Capricorn is very thin skinned, especially love feel embarrassed, clearly love you very much in the heart, but how can not say warm words. In their eyes, kissing me and whispering in my ear really gave them goose bumps. When they see that you are injured, they often show that they don't want to do anything any more. In fact, their hearts have already gone through the sea. They want to go over and hold you and comfort you.

Leo: face is No.1

Leo is a person who loves face. Face is always the first in his eyes. So even if they like you again, they should take one on purpose, and even hurt you with stinging words. In fact, in their faces, we can see whether he likes each other. When they are still hesitating whether you are really the right person for them, they often show that they hate you.

VIRGO: mischievous

Virgo is a very loving and hateful sign. They clearly have feelings for you and like you very much, but what they actually show is that you just want to beat them up. Because they are good at provoking the person he likes to be angry with. The more he likes you, the more he likes you, and makes you feel that he is tired of you. He will make all kinds of pranks to deal with you. So when this Virgo is in front of you, you may be his sweetheart!

Gemini: the most important thing is family

Gemini is a typical person with two sides. In terms of feelings, this inconsistency is more obvious. Although this constellation gives people the impression that they are amorous, and they are also good at talking and laughing with many heterosexuals, in fact, they often attach great importance to the other half of their family, and he gives his true heart to his other half. His real mind will not be outside at all, but will be left to the closest person beside his pillow.

If your lover belongs to the above constellations, I believe you must feel deeply. Now that you know what they really think, don't feel sad for their apparent coldness. They are such people. Good heart to love them, because they really love you.