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Inventory only love not marriage constellation Gemini heart pride

Finding the doomed TA, deepening their understanding of each other in love, and finally deciding to join hands for a lifetime to become their most loyal partner -- a beautiful love and leading to a happy marriage are many people's ideals for love, but the reality will not always be as beautiful as imagined. For example, some constellation people do enjoy the sweetness of love, but they are unwilling to enter the world anyway marriage.

No1: Aries

Aries loves the feeling of love, especially the feeling of lovers in love. Unfortunately, the infatuation period will always pass. When it turns from infatuation period to insipid period, Aries will fall into confusion. Is not enough love will be like this, the other side is not changed, is not their own change. And naturally like to get pleasure from the outside of Aries, it is easy to start a new relationship at this time.

NO2: Gemini

In fact, Gemini thinks that he is special from the bottom of his heart. He thinks that he can't find a perfect match with himself. So Gemini's love is almost good, make do with good love, although the surface appears beautiful, the heart is empty. And emptiness and lack of self will let Gemini to seek new people to fill.

No3: Libra

It's not accurate to say that Libra looks at her face. If it's OK, Libra also wants to be distracted. However, Libra doesn't know where her heart is. Everything follows the standard pattern of love. However, Libra wants to hide his feelings from the bottom of his heart, and doesn't want to let unfamiliar people know his feelings. Even when he has an object, he always hides his feelings from his friends, because Libra never determines his heart and goes to marriage? Find your heart first.

No4: Pisces

Pisces won't refuse everyone's kindness, but confine them to the area of friends with high Eq. Further can become lovers, step back is passers-by, Pisces can control them in a dilemma, there is always hope in the heart. Pisces and they can both be friends and lovers, but Pisces is still waiting for the best, because Pisces knows that she has been improving and deserves the best. So unless one day Pisces thinks you really deserve him, don't think about it.

No5: Sagittarius

Sagittarius eyes, the immediate happiness is the real happiness. As for what responsibility, what after, what marriage, Sagittarius never want these. It's hard for them to understand the love in the eyes of ordinary people. How can they love only one person all their life? Life is so long, of course, will change, ah, only love one person, only get along with one person, for Sagittarius, it is too boring. Unless he does find true love.