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Taurus, the most influential Horoscope by her predecessor, says that a love can ruin your life

The twelfth Gemini Gemini, the prodigal son, always forgets his predecessor in a flash. If the ex dares to mess around, Gemini will be ruthless, even can turn his face and refuse to recognize people. The extent of the influence of his predecessor can be ignored. Because no matter in life or emotion, Gemini is completely independent. If you say goodbye to someone, it is a complete demarcation line.

The eleventh virgin asked herself, which one of them would not have been picked out of love with the virgin king. Optimizing lovers is the specialty of virgins. Although it is not good, virgins have been working hard and never give up. Even if we break up, the fear of being dominated by virgins can't get rid of for a while. Save him the influence.

Libra's means of love is a pattern of slapping and one sugar. People who engage in love hate and desire can't do it. Everyone who falls in love with Libra is deeply hurt! If you don't be influenced by Libra, you will have succeeded, affect Libra? Sorry, such a person has not been born yet!

The ninth shooter, the big shooter's mentality, that is one of the best. Every time I break up with my lover, others are crying and dying. Archer is a deep sigh of relief, this unfortunate feelings can be counted, and finally can restore their previous tease forced form

The eighth Aries and archer's big tease force - Aries, is also the first second to break up, the second can be everywhere happy. Forget your predecessor's shadow completely? No problem!!!

Whether the seventh lion will be influenced by his predecessor is hard to see. The lion, who usually likes to beat a fat man with a swollen face, will pretend to be calm after breaking up and try to erase all the shadows of his predecessor. But it's not really erasable. Only he knows.

There is no doubt that the sixth Pisces and Pisces are infatuated, and it is reasonable to be influenced by his predecessor. But Pisces, whose EQ is so high as to burst his watch, will not let his successor see any weakness. Look at Ta a pair of affectionate face, you can't help it, trust TA.

The fifth Capricorn is a person who is not good at showing his inner feelings, while the cold people often use deep feelings. What you say is Ta, what you think in your mind is Ta, and what you are worried about in your heart is ta It's TA, it's TA, it's TA, our hero, little Nezha (CAPRICORN: be serious, baby is suffering_ ←)

Nostalgia is one of the characteristics of cancer. Old pens, old watches, old jewelry Will treasure up, old feelings are no exception! Every feeling is stored in cancer's ventricle, can not erase, wipe out. Under the influence of various emotions, the cancer has been created. Whether you accept it or not, that's what ta is like.

The third Scorpio, the deep Scorpio, has endless stories in his heart. If you want to hear it, you can't finish it for three days and three nights. Or forget it. If you finish listening, it will become one of the stories.

The second Aquarius Martians also have the troubles of the earth people. The natural and unrestrained water bottle can only pass the love! Although the unforgettable love can not be said, it is difficult to let go. Always from time to time to turn up TA love to read books, turn on Ta love to watch TV, do some TA love to eat things, silk miss, heartbreaking.

The first Taurus, everyone who dare not let go of love, must have loved deeply! Niuniu is like this. Break up the injury, cattle will never be able to heal, intentionally or unintentionally, will look for the taste of TA. How long a snack bar, such affectionate cattle, if you conquer, how beautiful!

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