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Check out the 12 constellation lover's eccentricity in love, what behavior will the 12 constellation


In front of lovers: a 3-year-old child who is capricious and unreasonable

Although some Aries look more babyish, but in love, they will really make a lot of childish to no good behavior, this is in front of others will never appear in the situation! For example, I like to talk to you in childish baby voice, stare at you giggle when you are free, or ask you what to do helplessly? What should I do? Even some people will become like children, insist on doing something immediately, and lose their temper on the spot when they encounter a situation that doesn't suit them. They don't see where they are and whether they are suitable for such a thing. You can't help but wonder whether you are in love or taking care of your neighbor's children?


In front of lovers: a gentleman becomes a fool

Usually Taurus looks like a model, but in love, they can't help showing their erotic nature and like to have more intimate contact with each other. To put it bluntly, Taurus has the courage to express love in front of the public. To put it bluntly, even if the relationship between two people has not yet reached that level, Taurus' body movements will It's a faster step. From holding hands, shoulder to waist, to hugging in public, playing kinship, and even more restrictive actions, they may feel a little disgusting in the eyes of others, but they are very happy with it!


In front of lovers: Super blind aliens landing on earth

Gemini people are usually quick witted and eloquent. However, in love, they often become illogical and illogical, and even act as mentally retarded or idiotic. The most common situation is that you ask him questions, he answers you, or repeats old jokes that have been told countless times. They often hope to please each other in a funny way But too deliberate behavior will be like a super blind alien, often do strange things at inappropriate times, regardless of the image of the performance is often counterproductive, even if you ask him to be serious, Gemini is still very difficult to be like a normal person.


In front of lovers: live show of talent and beauty

Cancer itself is introverted and shy, but in love, they often become super literary youth and creative genius, humming different songs all the time, sing love songs to you when you are free, and even adapt the lyrics themselves, hoping to please you. Some people will write love letters or love poems to you every day. Maybe at the beginning, they will feel very happy If songs and love poems appear every day, after a period of time, you will feel that it is a very terrible thing. If you don't respond enthusiastically to his performance, then he will probably become worse and send more love songs and love poems to you every day.


In front of lovers: a tyrannical and despotic King

Usually, Leo people are natural and generous, as if they don't care about anything. However, in love, Leo often becomes very fussy and wants to control everything about each other. If you have something that doesn't follow his will, or conceals and doesn't want to let him know, after he finds out, of course, he will inevitably have an emotional complaint, and even break his mind every day Until you surrender, it can also be said that when the Leo lover is not free, he is like a king or queen holding you tightly in the hand, if you can not accept this absolute dominant relationship, then the two people's feelings may be in jeopardy.


In front of lovers: the lovely leader suddenly appears in front of you

In general, Virgo always maintains a stable and reliable image. However, in love, Virgo is a master of cute clothes. He not only deliberately creates a lovely atmosphere by dressing up, but also won't answer you positively when you ask him something. Instead, he will make you happy with some cute reactions such as crooked head, baby voice, innocent and so on Eye, other such as the tone of speech, gestures, and even the logic of thinking make you think that he is a character coming out of a cartoon or cartoon. He is so cute that he is very impractical. But if he is not with his lover, he will immediately change back to his original rigid appearance.


In front of lovers: Super Sticky super glue

The most terrifying feature of Libra in love is to become particularly dependent. As long as there is no lover to act with him, he doesn't want to go there. He is not interested in anything, and he will become very lazy to finish a thing by himself. Instead, he will want the other half to help him to do more, and even completely rely on the other side, hoping that the other side can do a good job You can take a free ride and do nothing. Of course, becoming dependent doesn't mean that you have no idea. Libra people will still insist on what they want. They just try their best to save effort or use each other to achieve their goals. What they do often cling to their lovers.


In front of lovers: Super frugal and economical model governor

In general, Scorpios don't value money very much, but in love, they often become money loving ghosts. Not only do they save money by themselves, but even if lovers want to spend money, they will want to manage it. This is mainly because they think that the money of two people is common. If I spend money, you will feel distressed. If you spend money, I will be more distressed. Therefore, it is better to save all the money for preparation It's not necessary, but when two people go out, they will become very difficult and can't enjoy a good material life. Who teaches Scorpio to be more spiritual? As long as two people really love each other, even eating toast with boiled water will feel great!


In front of lovers: love, gambling, childish and hot prodigal son

One's impression of Sagittarius is that they are free and informal, but in love, they love to be angry with their lovers. They will have a lot of good reasons for their lovers and suggest them to do a lot of things. When the other party does not accept their good intentions, it is easy to get angry with each other. Although they say that they are good for each other, they have a strong style To make the other party feel like an order, will make people unconsciously want to resist, and on the other hand, Sagittarius temper is very hot and terrible, so if their lover can not obediently listen, they are likely to often fall into the middle of the unexplained quarrel.


In front of lovers: there are always crows flying by

Although Capricorn is usually more serious and calm image, but in love, they are the most love to tell a group of cold jokes, Capricorn self righteous humor is often very difficult to understand, said jokes are often cold to the penguin to freeze to death, but they never admit this thing, some people even insist on telling a few jokes to each other every day, hoping to train Practice each other to understand their sense of humor, this time when their lovers become very hard, it is very difficult to laugh jokes, but also hard to laugh out, if unable to cooperate with the performance, he may also strengthen the practice, such a cold way only Capricorn can do.


In front of lovers

Aquarius people will become super serious in love. They will face all things seriously. Even if the other party is just joking, they will also think very hard to find out whether there is any mystery or significance. In ordinary chatting, if you don't pay attention to environmental protection, social welfare and other things which are based on sentient beings, Aquarius will start to face lovers Preaching, from how to save energy and garbage classification to why to donate invoices to ask for vegetable people, is like a short social education video. If you have different ideas from your lover in these matters, you may quarrel or even break up. Why are you so serious in love?


In front of lovers: Invincible pathetic wretch

Although Pisces people usually look weak, but in love, they are super smart! They are very good at using their lovers to accomplish their own things, which can be said to be standard two faced people. They may pretend to associate with a person in order to make use of him, but after using them, they will abandon each other ruthlessly. Even if he really likes a person, he will actually squeeze out all the available values of the other party, including threats, inducements and disguises Poor, innocent, and so on are the best of Pisces, when their lovers have to constantly pay to keep their hearts, in love is a cruel role.

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