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Which part of the male god is most attractive to the 12 constellations? A review of the male god in

Who said that only men have a goddess in their hearts, and there is a standard for a goddess. Women also have a standard for a prince charming, and a standard for a God. Which part of the male god is most attractive to the 12 constellations? Please take a look with, and check the male god in the heart of the 12 constellations.

Aries girl: Grandma's mouth

Like a simple and direct way of expression, natural to see people first look at sexy lips. The so-called grandma's mouth is the representative of thick and sexy, which makes the white sheep girls all want to rush up and nibble.

Taurus woman: long legs

Taurus is always step-by-step, diligent, like the old cattle, step by step. So, her focus is on her legs. The man has a pair of slender legs, nine head body, which is the best of Taurus.

Two children: danfengyan

A pair of Danfeng eyes, with sexy frown, and beautiful smile, it's hard for their children to escape the pair of electric eyes. There are not a few of the most popular Korean flower beauties.

Cancer woman: warm big hand

Unlike virgins, cancer women like long, powerful fingers. Think that a man has a pair of warm big hands, will support a day, a home for her.

Lion woman: biceps brachii

The lion woman advocates the sense of strength, and naturally also the muscles of men. The 'moderately strong' men are most favored by her. For her, the body muscles of men are just like the beautiful tail feathers of peacocks.

Virgin: slim fingers

Pay great attention to details, pay great attention to the maintenance of their hands, so they will also care about whether the men's hands are good-looking. Usually, a pair of beautiful and slender hands of a man can easily capture her.

Libra woman: face

Libra women look at people's faces first. If the whole face is not as good as her mind, it will be useless in other aspects, because she will not pay attention to it at all and will ignore it.

Scorpio woman: Mermaid line

Scorpio, who pays most attention to sex, naturally sees different places. She would find the male's Mermaid line super sexy, but this kind of thing can't be seen often.

Sagittarius female: golden ratio

Sagittarius women see people as a whole. The overall image is very important to her, so the golden ratio of body can meet her aesthetic, catch her eyes at once.

CAPRICORN: big eyes

Capricorn girls love big and divine eyes, bright as a clear spring, especially with a slightly silly and cute appearance, like a pet that only needs the owner's pet. When I meet such a boy, I want to take him home directly.

Water bottle woman: nevus

The hobby of water bottle is a little special. She thinks that the mole of a man will be particularly sexy if it grows in the right place. For example, some men have moles of tears, and some men have moles between their necks. In a word, it depends on which moles poke her sprouting point.

Pisces female: thin lips

The preference for thin lipped men is that men are not bad, women do not love, men are thin lipped and single hooked, and they have another kind of evil spirit, which makes the little fish feel very excited and immediately be fascinated by meat and vegetables.