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Check the five Internet red food. Don't move the food you haven't eaten yet

Wanghong hot pot, wanghong milk tea, wanghong ice cream, wanghong moon cake, and countless eaters brought out all kinds of wanghong delicacies in 2018. Every month there are new patterns, so that eaters line up a long net red.

Some are short-lived, some are long-lasting. No matter what, they are the most real memories of taste buds. Let's take a look at the online red food we ate in 2018. If you haven't eaten, you might as well try it when you're not in line

1. Shop name: Xicha

Coordinates: multi City

Comments: in 2017, the famous online red milk tea shop, which set off the trend of queuing in the milk tea industry, just launched, queuing for four or five hours in order to drink a cup of milk tea can be said to be the most normal thing, the ancestor of online red tea shop queuing! At one time, it gave birth to the equally popular take out of tea

Recommended products: low fat cheese Jinfeng tea / super fruit cup sijichun / full cup red pomelo

Per capita: 28rmb


2. Shop name: Master Bao

Coordinates: multi City

Comments: from red capital to magic capital, Hexi tea is known as the two wonders in line! However, master Bao's minced meat and scallops are really delicious. Now, master Bao has opened many branches all over the country, and there is no need to queue up to doubt life.

Recommended products: seaweed and minced scallop / minced beef scallop / local pineapple crisp

Per capita: 48rmb

Master Bao's long line

3. Store name: Line friends Cafe

Coordinates: mordu

Comments: with a room full of bears and rabbits, this coffee shop seems to be more suitable for taking photos to satisfy the strong maiden heart of fairies!

Recommended products: milk latte / macarone / Brown Cupcake

Per capita: 76rmb

4. Shop name: Lele tea

Coordinates: multi City

Comments: Fruit Cheese tea and fruit and vegetable soft European bread are pioneers. Fruit and vegetable soft European bread is often sold out as soon as it comes out of the oven. Durian bread and pitaya bread are also original and characteristic varieties,

There is a new popular dirty bag.

Recommended products: D24 durian bread / pitaya bag / cheese red strawberry

Per capita: 35rmb

Pitaya bread

Lecha tea

5. Store name: Lady M

Coordinates: Shanghai

Comments: Limited sales of super expensive cake, New York lady's favorite dessert shop, the originator of the queue like tea to be downwind, want to eat lady m need not line up, but line up to shake!

The cake shop called Lady M opened in early September, and is located in LG2-22, IFC's gold center in Shanghai, and is also the only Lady M in Chinese mainland. Less than 72 hours after opening, the queue was too hot, which caused out of control. The police once asked to suspend

Recommended products: Matcha Melaleuca cake / original Melaleuca cake / Rose Melaleuca cake

Per capita: 115rmb