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The top ten special food and snacks in Guangzhou are delicious. If you miss them, you will lose them

I believe most people have been to Guangzhou, but they may not know about the special snacks in Guangzhou, and they may not have eaten all of them. Xiaobian will take you to know about them and try them in Guangzhou next time. 1. Crispy egg tart

Custard tart is a kind of jelly made of milk, eggs and sugar. Chinese people call it egg, and the sound of custard is the same. This kind of egg tart appeared as early as the middle ages, but it will look very different from today's egg tarts. According to the current practice, the skin will be very soft. In the middle ages, there was neither a mold nor a gear cutter for making egg tarts. The skin of the egg tarts had to be pinched by hand, so the skin of the egg tarts was very hard. Eating the egg tarts in the Middle Ages was actually eating egg juice instead of skin. Another reason is that it takes a lot of sugar to make egg tarts. In the middle ages, sugar was very expensive, so sugar was only added to the egg juice. As for the outer shell, it was given to the poor and beggars to eat or throw away. The Chinese know that the egg tarts were ceded in Hong Kong. When the British egg tarts came to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong people began to imitate them and even did better than the British. In addition to egg tarts, egg tarts also sell two other things: milk tea and coffee. At that time, egg tarts were two or three times larger than those of today. Even for a while, a big egg tarts and a cup of coffee or milk tea became the standard breakfast for Hong Kong people. In the 1960s, when Hong Kong gradually became rich, people in Hong Kong began to add bird's nest and abalone to egg tarts to make up for it. But after a few years, this kind of egg tarts disappeared.

2. Shrimp dumplings with thin skin

Also known as shrimp dumplings. It is made of cooked starch (also known as Chengfen) dough as skin, fresh shrimp, pork puree, tender bamboo shoots, etc. mixed well as stuffing, wrapped into dumplings and steamed. Thin white skin, translucent, soft tough and cool, delicious and mellow, known as the "three unique" by peers in other provinces. Because of its shape like curved comb, it is also called curved comb dumpling. The skin is thin and soft, the color is white, crystal clear, and the stuffing is faintly visible; the stuffing is delicious, and the shape is exquisite. This product is the first creation of a family style small teahouse in Wufeng Township, Wucun, Henan District, Guangzhou in 1930s. At first, the material and shape were rough, but because it used fresh shrimp just caught from the river as stuffing, it was very delicious and loved by early tea market diners. Later, it was introduced into the major teahouses and restaurants in the urban area of Guangzhou, which was widely spread and lasted for a long time. Dianmian, which is decomposed from flour, is used for making dim sum. At present, it is only used in Guangdong Province. The powder is soft, with little extensibility and great plasticity. By taking advantage of its characteristics, dim sum makers have gradually transformed into many kinds of exquisite dim sum, such as chenglongzhu dumpling, Fengyan dumpling and Baihua dumpling, with various and novel styles. Guangdong dim sum. Also known as shrimp dumplings. Starch (also known as Chengfen) dough as skin, fresh shrimp meat, pork, etc. mix well, make dumpling shape, steamed. Its shape is like curved comb, so it is also called curved comb dumpling. The skin is thin, soft, white and translucent. The stuffing in the dumpling is visible

3. Guangzhou Barbecued Pork Bun

Guangzhou barbecued bun is one of the representative dim sum in Guangdong, and one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" (shrimp dumplings, steamed dumplings, barbecued bun and egg tarts) of Cantonese morning tea. To cut into small pieces of barbecued pork, add oyster sauce and other seasoning into stuffing, wrapped with flour outside, steamed in a steamer. Generally, the size of barbecued bun is about 5cm in diameter, and a cage is usually three or four. A good barbecued bun is made of barbecued pork with moderate fat and thin. After steaming, the foreskin is just soft and smooth. It is slightly cracked to expose the stuffing of barbecued pork and exudes the fragrance of barbecued pork. It is also said that the standard requirement of traditional barbecued pork bun is: "high body, bird cage shape, big belly, big mouth and only slightly exposed stuffing". Put the flour on the table, put down the powder and a small amount of water, and knead the flour until it is soft and moderate. Cover it with a semi wet towel and let it ferment for about four or five hours. When the flour is fermented to a certain extent, pour in the sugar, alkali water and lard together, and then knead well and wait for use. Fat, thin barbecued pork cut into small pieces, stir fry with dry onion, and then add seasoning will be cooked into barbecued pork stuffing. Next, divide the dough into two halves, place it in the palm, and knead it into a concave shape in the middle. Then put in a proper amount of stuffing, and fold and knead it at the opening, so that the stuffing will not disperse

4. Lotus flavored glutinous rice chicken

(3-4 persons) 3 fresh lotus leaves, 500g long grain glutinous rice, 500g chicken wings, 10 mushrooms, 3 tbsp oil, several pieces of onion and ginger, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 star anise, 100ml water and 1 tbsp salt. Method 1. Soak glutinous rice for more than 2 hours in advance. Then drain the water, steam it in the pan, break it up and let it cool. 2. Chop chicken wings in half, soak in cold water for a while, wash blood, blanch in a pot, remove lotus fragrant glutinous rice and wash chicken. Sliced mushrooms. Heat the oil in the pan, add onion and ginger, add chicken wings and mushrooms, add soy sauce, stir fry well, pour in 100ml water, add star anise, simmer over medium heat until the soup is thick, almost dry, and let cool. Mix the steamed rice and fried chicken wings with 1 teaspoon salt. 3. Wash the fresh lotus leaves or blanch them for half a minute (I use them directly). If the lotus leaf is big, divide it into two parts and remove the old stem in the middle. Lay the lotus leaf flat, first lay a layer of rice, put chicken wings in the middle (pay attention to the end with the bone facing in, avoid exposing and pricking the lotus leaf). Cover it with rice and wrap the lotus leaf as shown in the picture. A total of 5-6 bags can be made. 4. Put it in the steamer and boil for 30 minutes. You can steam more. (* the viscosity of long grain glutinous rice is smaller than that of round grain glutinous rice

5. Wonton noodles

Wonton noodle, or wonton noodle, is a typical Han snack in Guangdong Province. Wonton noodles are generally divided into noodle soup and noodles. It is a very common food in China. Take the cooked wonton and egg noodles, add the hot soup and serve. Guangzhou people like to eat wonton noodles. For a bowl of excellent wonton noodles, there should be 'three stresses': first, noodles must be made of silver thread made of bamboo; second, wonton noodles should be made of thirty-seven pieces of fat and thin pork, and the meat flavor should be preserved with egg yolk; third, soup should be made of thick soup made of ground fish and pig bone. Little wonton noodles are rich in local elements. Eat wonton noodles also have to pay attention to, do not think that a few wonton noodles with soup is called wonton noodles. Genuine wonton noodles need to be "Three Stresses": one stresses noodles. Authentic noodles should be made from flour and eggs, and the most important thing is not to use any water. It depends on eggs. The noodles cooked in this way have a little toughness and are very crisp in the mouth. Second, talk about wonton. The key lies in the stuffing, with fresh shrimp balls, is also a bite off the 'peel'. Three talks about soup. The soup made from the shell of firewood fish and shrimp should be delicious and clear. Adding monosodium glutamate is taboo. There is another way to distinguish wonton noodles: leeks must not be missing (authentic Cantonese wonton noodles only put leeks, not vegetables). Even noodles on the table also have to pay attention to: the bottom of the bowl generally put five shrimp wonton

6. Glutinous rice porridge

People in Guangzhou call boats "boatman". Boatman porridge is the porridge products run by these small traders who make a living by boats and specialize in supplying customers at the waterfront and on board. It is mainly concentrated in Liwan and xihaokou of Dongdi. During the reign of Emperor Guangxu, the "boating boat" (rowing boat) began to be popular in Litchi Bay. The boat wore the shadow of trees, and the boat was vertical and horizontal. There were porridge boats among them, which provided special fish porridge for tourists. If the tourists on the shore or another boat need it, the owner of the boat will sell the porridge bowl by bowl, which is very popular. Gradually, even the snack shops on land also sell this kind of porridge called Liwan congee. The main ingredients of congee are minced fish, lean meat, shredded fried dough sticks, peanuts and scallions. Pig skin, jellyfish, minced beef and squid are also added. Congee is famous for its smooth, soft and fragrant taste. At present, in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and even overseas Guangdong congee shops, congee is a necessary food. As for the origin of congee, there is a saying that a poor man in Xiguan, Guangzhou, bought a small boat and made a living selling congee in lizhiwan. Fried peanuts, shredded squid, fried rice vermicelli, shredded lettuce leaves, shredded jellyfish, shredded pork tripe, etc. are used as porridge materials. When the guests want to eat, they put the porridge materials into the bowl, temporarily add fresh fish fillets, and pour in boiling porridge (this kind of porridge is mostly chicken porridge)

7. Steamed and roasted

Dry steaming is one of the most popular traditional breakfast in Guangzhou. It is steamed with the meat stuffing wrapped in thin flour, which is delicious in color and not greasy in taste. All teahouses and restaurants are for sale. There are two kinds of dry steamed pork and beef. Among them, the history of beef roasting is 70-80 years. The production method of beef roasting is as follows: remove the tendons and collaterals of beef, chop it with a knife, mix it with pork, ginger juice, wine, etc., beat it until gelatinous, and squeeze it into balls one by one. Two for each dish, put them into the steamer and steam them. Now, there are some refreshing ingredients, such as horseshoe and bamboo shoots, to make it more delicious and delicious.

8. Steamed vermicelli

A kind of rice products, also known as Bula steamed vermicelli. Vermicelli, also known as rolled vermicelli and pork sausage vermicelli, are now available in snack shops, teahouses, restaurants and hotels. It is the rice paste placed in a special multi-layer steamer or cloth steamed into thin skin, respectively put meat, fish, shrimp, etc., steamed roll long strip, cut on the plate. It is as white as snow, as thin as paper, shiny and delicious.

9. Shahe powder

Shahe powder: it is a special flake powder. Produced in Shahe Town. The product is white and transparent, thin and pliable, smooth and delicious, and easy to cook. It can be used not only as street food, but also as staple food for dinner. It can be soup, fried, or mixed with seasonings. If it is mixed with shredded meat, its taste is better.

10. Pantang horseshoe powder

Pantang horseshoe powder is produced in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Horseshoe is water chestnut. Guangzhou is rich in horseshoe powder with unique flavor. This kind of horseshoe powder can protect liver in spring and summer and nourish yin in autumn and winter. It has certain effect on treating mild dysentery and hepatitis. It can be used as eye medicine, can remove heat and inflammation, and eliminate eye diseases caused by strong light burns. Pantang horseshoe powder is pure and white. The horseshoe cake made from it is soft, smooth, refreshing, transparent and elastic. With this horseshoe powder and brown sugar, and then boiling water to make horseshoe powder sugar water, it has the effect of clearing heat, relieving heat, clearing liver and improving eyesight.