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Take stock of the six mistakes in tonic, and pay attention to make your body more tonic

You may think that eating some health products and tonics will be good for your health. However, if you don't get it right, your body will become weaker and weaker!

Blind faith in advertising

Advertisements often exaggerate the "magic" and "effective" effects of various supplements.

Health products are different from food and medicine. In foreign countries, this kind of health food is called 'functional food'. It can neither be effective for a certain disease, nor make you stronger on the basis of original health. It can only make your sub-health state return to normal health state.

Misunderstanding two tonic is equal to health care

Only people with physical problems need tonic. People with adequate nutrition, disease-free and painless need not take tonic. It's like mending a broken garment. Clothes that are not broken, not short, not broken and not pierced need no mending. In the past, many long-lived people, who lived in the mountains and forests, were still strong and healthy. On the other hand, from Qin Shihuang's unification of China to the Qing Dynasty, there were many short-lived emperors who loved tonic.

The dialectical supplement of three errors

Even if your body is empty, you can't take tonic blindly. There are many kinds of body deficiency syndrome, each kind of deficiency syndrome, there are targeted tonics, not only ineffective, sometimes side effects.

The medication of the older generation of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners is very rigorous. Even if it is a ready-made tonic or tonic cream, it should be based on the ingredients of the prescription and then used dialectically. Therefore, how to supplement and recuperate according to each person's physical constitution and functional condition, and which kind of tonic is more appropriate and more effective, should be carried out under the doctor's diagnosis and guidance.

Mistake 4: replace three meals a day with tonic

The human body's intake of nutrition mainly depends on three meals a day, not only on nutritional supplements. The emperor's Canon of internal medicine clearly points out that tonics can only be used to recuperate the weak constitution, and the nutritional supply of the body has to give way to the diet necessary for daily life, such as grains, fruits, livestock and vegetables. Modern nutrition has proved that only a balanced diet of three meals a day can make your nutrition balanced.

Five misunderstandings: replacing exercise with tonic

Medical experts advise people: "life needs exercise, only with the necessary physical exercise, nutritional supplements can play a better role.".

Because whether the normal intake of nutrients, or the absorption and utilization of nutritional supplements, must rely on the healthy digestion, absorption and utilization of the human body. Some people are lack of exercise, weak constitution, poor gastrointestinal digestive function, low metabolic utilization rate, and can't digest and absorb well even after taking nutritional supplements. They may even have side effects or reactions due to weak constitution or improper supplement.

Myth 6: the more expensive the tonic, the more effective it is

Most of the high price supplements are added with some expensive Chinese herbal medicines, such as tortoise shell, turtle shell, saffron, Cordyceps, etc. However, there is no targeted medication, generally will not show special effects. What's more, how many turtles can there be in tonic? Therefore, the drug price does not fully represent the advantages and disadvantages of curative effect.