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Three benefits of walking for women

Old people like to go out for a walk after dinner. In fact, for those women who want to lose weight but don't have the will to run, regular walking is also a good way to control their weight. Let's take stock of the three benefits of walking with

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Improve mood

Even if you walk for 10 minutes, your body can become energized like a charge. If you want to regulate your mood and seek happiness, you can exercise in the following two ways.

Feel the land with your feet. First, pay attention to your feet and feel the process of treading on the ground from heel to toe for at least 2-3 minutes; then turn your attention to breathing and stretch your body up as much as possible, as if someone is pulling you up to enhance your lung function; imagine breathing in new energy while breathing out tired and sore. Take a walk like this for at least 10 minutes to relax the tense mood.

Take a walk in the woods. Being close to nature for 5 minutes can boost your mood and bring positive energy. Go hiking in the suburbs on weekends. There is less interference in nature. It's better to improve your memory and attention than walking in the city.

Strengthen and prevent disease

Most people walk at random pace and posture, which has little effect on improving muscle and endurance, while the continuous high-intensity fast walking is a heavy burden for the elderly. If you want to strengthen your body, you can try a method recommended by Professor nengshibo of SHINJU University, Japan. It can not only enhance muscle strength and endurance, reduce three highs, and promote sleep, but also help the elderly to prevent motor organ syndrome, which is not easy to be attacked by inflammation.

The method of interval walking: slow walking and fast walking are changed every 3 minutes, and the cycle is carried out. When walking fast, keep the speed about 70% of the personal fastest pace, that is to say, the degree that the body feels slightly labored. Take a walk with your back closed, and look at the front 25 meters; take a big step, with your heel on the ground first; bend your elbow 90 degrees, and swing it back and forth. Do it 5~10 times a day, lasting for 30 minutes ~1 hour in total; do it more than 4 days a week, lasting for 5 months. Gou Bo, a professor in the Department of health science of Xi'an Institute of physical education, reminded that the elderly with weak legs and feet are prone to unstable center of gravity and poor balance ability. When walking, you should shake your arms away and walk with great strides, from slow to fast, step by step. You can change the fast walk from 3 minutes to 2 minutes, divided into several times a day.