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Take care to count several kinds of meat that can't be eaten

A lot of friends can eat but some don't know how to eat. Meat is an irresistible temptation for them, but they can't blindly pursue color, fragrance and taste. They should pay more attention to the choice of meat and pay attention to health. Here's a small series of meat that we can't eat.

1、 Chicken head can't be eaten

There is a folk saying in our country: ten years is better than arsenic. Why is the older the chicken, the more toxic the chicken's head? According to medical experts, the reason is that the chicken will eat harmful heavy metals when pecking.

2、 I can't eat the flesh pimples on the neck of a pig

When eating, it is easy to remove the gray, yellow or dark red flesh pimples at the neck of the pig, which is called "meat jujube", because there are many pathogens and viruses in these places. If eating, it is easy to infect diseases and endanger health.

3、 You can't eat black fish clothes

There is a black coat on both sides of the abdominal cavity, which is the most stench and earthy flavor. It contains a lot of lipids, lysozyme and other substances.

4、 Birds can't eat sharp wings

Chicken, duck, goose and other birds have long tail feathers at the upper end of their buttocks. The scientific name is "bursa cava". It is the place where the lymph glands are concentrated. Because macrophages in the lymph glands can devour bacteria and viruses, even carcinogens can devour, but they can't decompose, so the bird's tip wing is a "warehouse" that can hide dirt.

5、 Can't eat chicken neck

Don't eat the skin or the windpipe. There is a lot of high cholesterol in it, so it's better not to eat these parts.

It is also called hoof white bead, which is generally round bead shaped and stringy granular. It is a kind of tissue with pathological changes in sheep hoof.

The hanging tendon of sheep, also known as hoof white bead, is generally round and granular, which is a kind of tissue with pathological changes in the hoof of sheep.

6、 The animal's three glands cannot be eaten

Thyroid gland, adrenal gland and pathological lymph gland are three kinds of 'physiological harmful organs'.

7、 Rabbit can't eat

The subcutaneous mouse glands on both sides of the back of the external genitalia, the brown mouse glands next to the mouse glands and the rectal glands on both sides of the rectum are extremely smelly. If they are not removed during eating, the rabbit meat will be difficult to swallow. Patients with kidney deficiency should also pay attention.