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Check the way to relieve women's irregular menstruation, keep the spirit happy, avoid excessive tens

Suffering from irregular menstruation in life makes every female friend confused and affects everyone's normal mental health. Many female friends want to know more about the remission methods of irregular menstruation, so what are the remission methods of irregular menstruation?

1、 Keep the spirit happy, avoid mental stimulation and emotional fluctuations. Don't worry too much about long-term irregular menstruation. It's normal for some people to have lower abdominal distension, backache, breast distension, mild diarrhea, fatigue, drowsiness, emotional instability, irritability or depression during menstruation.

2、 Pay attention to hygiene and prevent infection. Pay attention to the sanitation of external genitalia. Never have sex during menstruation. Keep warm and avoid cold stimulation. Avoid overwork. Those with more menstrual blood should not eat brown sugar. Doctors suggest preventing excessive dieting, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction. Pay attention to your diet structure, eat more lean meat, Cereals, dark green leafy vegetables and calcium rich food, should not eat raw and cold. Keep in a good mood. Strengthen exercise and improve physical fitness.

3、 Medication. In traditional medicine, the method of tonifying kidney and spleen, regulating qi and activating blood circulation is used to make Qi and blood harmonious, Yin generates Yang, spleen and stomach healthy, and essence and blood flowing freely. Xiaoyao Tiaojing paste is applied externally to make the medicine flow through the blood and reach the affected area. Through tonifying the kidney, spleen and liver, women's uterus is full of vitality. At the same time, through the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, removing cold and dampness, the plaster can accelerate the blood circulation of women's uterus, make menstruation smooth and make menstruation return to normal.

Based on the description of the above article, we should have a better understanding of the remission methods of irregular menstruation in women. We hope that the above introduction can help more female friends. We must pay attention to hygiene, reasonable diet and correct drug treatment under the guidance of doctors.